Non disclosure of positive toxic cough syrup analysis

Hendricks County Sheriffs Department - Non disclosure of positive toxic cough syrup analysis
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The Hendricks county sheriffs office investigations department still refuses to tell me what the heck this assured tussin DM cough syrup bottle contained,that some one inside the manufacturer Bio-pharm inc located in Levittown,Pennsylvania carried out an intentional,deliberate federal crime of filling up Dollar tree inc/greenbrier international assured labeled cough syrup bottles SKU#851888 with concentrated water and light reactive toxic highly corrosive liquid fluorine poison gas,some kind of acid,and a self luminous radioactive material,microscopic amorphous dark particles and fibrous particles that the FDA forensic chemistry center's forensic chemical analyst identified by stereo light microscopy.dionne pass at this FDA forensic chemistry center whom I was given her phone number to contact for information on the names of all toxins that poisoned me,since this is the sheriffs department investigation who I turned this toxic cough syrup over to for forensic testing,they told me it would take at least three months,so I waited...mind you that I had no time to waste,I kept calling this office for the positive forensic chemical and toxins analysis,so I contacted Dionne,pass and asked her what was the names of the toxic chemicals,she says the detective didn't tell you ? I said no.she said I can't believe he didn't tell you what it was,because they definently tested it positive for chemicals,he the detective is the one who should've told you,since they were the first ones that had chain of custody of this assured cough syrup,I don't know why he told you that he was waiting for a call from me,I have no intentions of ever calling him again ,because I already turned your case over to FDA office of criminal investigators. She told me that this was a serious federal criminal act that someone inside the manufacturer Bio-pharm inc carried out this act of terror that they did this intentionally and deliberately and the FDA agent went inside bio-pharm inc to apprehend suspect(s)along with the FBI and police in Levittown,Pennsylvania where bio-pharm inc is. She says the tampered assured cough syrup bottle contained an exotic mineral isotope chemical compound.i want the Hendricks county sheriffs department and the FDA involved in my case to grant me the right to know what poisoned and seriously destroyed my life and has caused me terminal blood cancer and continues to destroy my internal organs by eating at my tissues .i don't deserve to be treated like this by anyone ,I'm the victim but the FDA continues to protect bio-pharm inc and Dollar tree inc from lawsuits to grant me compensation,anyone should've called me immediately with concern for my health,knowing what these toxic substances were and knowing exactly the kind of pain it was causing me,but no one gave a damn to tell me so I could get an antidote or the correct doctors care to save my life.all I received was a blocked phone from FDA agent McKenna from the lisle,illinois office district for the state of Indiana .who bullied and threatened me and told me not to contact Dollar tree inc or bio-pharm inc again for compensation and don't tell government officials about this.he told me to cooperate and do exactly what he tell me to do and shut my mouth up and stop interrupting him when he's talking.he says the FDA wasn't going to tell me anything that he was protecting bio-pharm inc because he cared about the company,he's on their side.he said he was sending his men to come to my home and they wasn't coming for nothing,that once he had them on their way it would be to late for me,because he wasn't going to call them and tell them to turn around ! He said I would be on his accord placed not in a jail because that was to easy,that instead I would be placed amongst hardened criminals to harm me,that they would show me no mercy in a state prison to do what ever that came to their minds to me and I'd spend a long hard time in this prison,that I could forget about the easy life I was having now,that it would be no more ! That when it came time for my release,he'd still be around to make sure that didn't happen ! This agent mentally abused me,I was trembling afterward from his fear tactics,looking around me every time I went out side,so I put up security cameras,next thing I know theirs a sheriff deputy at my door for a well being call asking me was I still contacting bio-pharm inc. I've done nothing wrong ! I need for someone to tell me the truth about the case against bio-pharm inc. umakant C.Shah,sureka shah CFO of Bio-pharm inc need to be liable and take responsibility and compensate me for the life it's about to take from me with toxin and radiation induced terminal blood cancer and kidney failure.why did the FDA allow this agent McKenna to threaten my life with retallitory comments against me,telling me I should be ashamed of my self,a person like me wanting to sue Bio-pharm inc the company he stands by,telling me I'm nothing,that I'm poor,that they are rich prestigious people who have every thing like yachts,country clubs,golf clubs ect. When I asked him on the phone"why was he treating me like a criminal and I have done nothing wrong and what about the person inside bio- pharm inc who poisoned the assured cough syrup I purchased at a dollar tree store #739 in Plainfield Indiana that poisoned me,he said don't worry about who did this inside bio-pharm inc.dont tell me how to do my job,I've been doing this job for twenty years or so,he says forget about who did this, its all about you trying to sue this company and ruin their prestigious reputation and you think I'm just supposed to just walk on in to this company and investigate your case I'm not going to do that because if I did,I'd be helping you in a monetary lawsuit and I'm not about to let do that ! He says " let me tell you what your going to do,your going to get into your car,get on the enter state and meet me in Hammond,Indiana and don't tell no one and come alone.of course I refused. He says I'm giving you a choice"no I'm not letting you choose,tell me your going cooperate with me or else and do what I tell you ,I'm the one doing the talking you just stop interrupting me,you just listen and answer my questions ! This FDA agent McKenna ,I was told by the Hendricks county sheriffs departments on board CSI analyst who did forensic chemical testing on my assured cough syrup and deemed a tampered consumable product told me a while back that this FDA agent came their in person around August 25 of a certain year and was given all of my product evidence,he took it to the FDA forensic chemistry center to be tested by Mr.Crockett and other chemical forensic analyst Dionne,pass there told me it was definently adulterated and contained chemicals,but a while ago she called me to recant what she told me,telling me it wasn't her I was speaking to,I know I spoke to her I'm not stupid,just dying from a terminal illness caused by a very water and moisture from the air ,highly corrosive acidic carcinogenic,mutagenic to the bodies blood cells in which caused my plasma cells to disentegrate. why does this office still refuse to tell me the names of all of the contaminants they tested inside thie assured cough syrup bottle that gave me a death should not go into a dollar tree store to purchase cough syrup to sooth a cold and end up buying a chemical weapon! The FDA and Mr.Jon or John Deal owner of Dollar Tree inc/ greenbrier international and Bio-pharm inc CFO sureka shah never recalled this product.but the detective who worked my case at the sheriffs office did contact Dollar tree store #739 in Plainfield Indiana and requested the manager at the time Jennifer mayo to remove all of the bottles off the shelf and check for leaks.
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you've got to be kidding me. unfortunately I'm sure you're not. the problem isn't what's in the bottle of cough syrup. the problem is the chemicals in the brain of the person that wrote your comment.

no offense mr. bat *** crazy man but what you're describing is a delusion and troubled person . I hope the police department was able to put you on some kind of watchlist because you're obviously a danger to society.

they need to make sure you don't have any firearms before you end up on the news as committing the latest mass shooting. you've abrogated your right to bare arms (and your right to arm bears) through your delusional thoughts.

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