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Updated by user Aug 25, 2016

We never had listing agent's vested interest. She called us 'The most rudest people she'd ever met' when we were looking out for our best interest as she was not.

We were asked what we were hiding.

Called dishonest. She was always saying, 'Well, the buyers, the buyers..'

Original review Aug 24, 2016
I will write this review in a timeline 6- 1 – Signing of listing. We informed her at that point we were not putting any more money into this house as we’d already put new windows, flooring, siding. She said she understood 6- 8 – Someone drove up to see property. Showed without agent, but did tell Dianna 6- 15 –People from the 8th came back with agent 6- 17 – Potential Buyer (Scott) called Heartland to see property. Was told there was an offer pending. We had no offers to us at this time. He was a full price, all cash buyer $219,000. 6-17 – Dianna calls with offer, but said us not that good. Came over we countered 6-20 - Finally accepted offer from and e-signed with 8-1 closing, contingencies of the Septic and Flood insurance. 6-22 – Five point inspection. *** and tube. Fails 6-25 – Dianna’s told Greg she will get an electrician to look. He came on a Saturday, surprised us. said would get back after he saw a copy of inspection report. 6-27 – Still no answer so we called one. The electrician looked at inspection report, told Dianna and Mike the house was fine. 6-28 – Dianna, we assume, called her electrician, he confirmed. 6-29 – Home appraisal, but still nothing scheduled for septic contingency. 7-3,4 – Garage sale. Met Scott, told us about the full cash offer we lost on the 17th. He was told there was a pending offer. We had no contract at that time. 7/8 – Greg calls Dianna to find out about the septic inspection. She told him they were waiting on the Appraisal and that takes 2 weeks. He reminded her that was not in the contract. Her reply, “Well the buyers are waiting.” 7-8 – I called Dianna to ask what this hold off was on septic inspection. She states, the buyer are waiting for appraisal to do septic. I told her the appraisal was not part of the contingencies. Only getting flood insurance and septic inspection. She told me, an appraisal is always a contingency of an FHA loan. I reminded her that they were not getting an FHA loan. And they would have to come up with the difference between what the offer was and the appraisal. She told me, “Well the buyers don’t have that kind of money.” I asked, “How would you know what they can and cannot afford? Who are you representing here Dianna, them or us? Someone needs to be calling a septic inspector.” Talked to her about the lack of representation on her part, that we were ready to cancel everything. Her reply was, ‘Well, you can do that, as you and Greg seemed to be hiding and lying about things involving the house. You were very dishonest on the disclosure.” I asked her what she was talking about. We answered to the best of our knowledge. We land contracted the house in 2007 and purchased in 2012. We didn’t need a septic inspection and we’ve never had problems. 7-9, 10 – Another garage sale and 3 other people told me they turned away on 6-8 and 6-9, do to pending offer. 7/11 – Buyers call Septic Company after receiving appraisal 7/14 – Septic Inspection at 6:30p, Fails 7/15 – Inspector calls state 7-17 – Termite inspection fails. See below on 9/9 for details. 7/17 – According to Dianna; “The State wants us to dig up yard and look at Septic.” Greg relays concerns about doing that as we didn’t want trees and yard disturbed and then the buyers back out. And we are left with dead trees and no grass. But to remind her from day one we said we were not paying for anything else. She told him, “Well the buyers can’t afford $8000. He told her, “We can’t either”. Then asked, “How would you know what their money situation is.” In return to that our realtor told him we were the rudest people she’s ever known. He said, “Why? Because we are looking out for our best interest, and you aren’t?” 7-17 – Called Heartland and requested to speak to the broker. Randy Carroll called back. I told him my concerns. He would talk to both Dianna and Mike and call me on Monday. 7-18 – Calling Terminix and Orkin on termites. 7/20 – Called John J. to ask him why no one has followed up on my complaint. He said he was sorry, Randy went on vacation. So I filled him in on what was going on. Told him we didn’t want Dianna to represent us. Asked why they turned down 3 offers before we received anything. One being cash. Let him know Dianna called us rude, liars, dishonest. 7/21- John and Randy call. They told me the buyer’s inspector’s finding were that there used to be termites but are gone now. But said we would still have to mitigate. Told them we would and were getting estimates 7-21 – Digging up yard for septic inspection, 7/21- Email about Termite mitigation. 7-26 – Yard not filled in yet. Inspection fails,. Contacted Randy. 7/29 - Cancelling contract 8/1 – Closing passes. 8-2 – Greg called Buyers agent, Mike to see if they were still interested. Greg has told Mike and Randy we shouldn’t be charged 6% commission as no one has represented our interest since 6/27. Randy just said, well it’s in your contract. At this point that contract is no good. 8-5 – Back on track (we think) – No new contract but closing on 8-15 and new addendum. $8500 estimate to replace a working septic. Buyer will pay $3500 we pay $5000, but have to escrow $9250. Still stated we shouldn’t have to pay the 6%. They turned away a full price cash offer. We settled for a $19,000 drop in price, $12,000 commission, Estimate $1600 mitigation, and $9250 for septic. Again, Randy states, “It’s in the contract.” 8-9 – While having termite appraisals done found out we only have to treat the garage not the house. The house has been previously treated and doesn’t need it again, only the garage roof. (Garage base is cinder block) Greg calls Mike to tell him about the termite treatment findings. Mike asked if we had the original inspection, Greg said, “No, you have it?” He said, “No, as the inspector refused to give us one.” and then told Greg, “I don’t know what happened over there, but he said the inspector was too mad to give it to us and didn’t charge the buyers, but verbally told us you had termites. So, we relayed that to the bank. And the bank wants it taken care of.” Greg asked how the bank is going forward with the loan without the written inspection. He said, “Because you are getting one.” So Greg said, ‘You’ve known this since July 19th?” Details on Termite Inspection The termite inspector couldn’t get to our house on the 7/14 as my husband was on a conference call and didn’t want our dog barking the entire time he was there, so they scheduled for Sunday, 17th. The inspector was there on a Sunday, 7/17 but late for the appointment. He was not in a good mood when he got to our house. I jokingly said, “Guess if you find anything, I’ll have to go to Orkin and question them, huh?” (And laughed.) He looked at me and said, ‘You want to open your garage?’ I said, ‘Sure’. I went back into the house. He came in the house, looked around the kitchen under sinks and asked where the basement was. When he was in the basement, he asked if they treated for termites. I said, I think so but will ask my husband as he’s home when they come. I started back up the stairs when he stated, “No one has ever treated this property. There would be bore holes in the cinder blocks.” I said, Oh? I don’t know anything about that. But there are some outside in on the sidewalks, and, had always wondered about them.” When he left he asked if I would have my husband send him the bills from Orkin. I said yes. He left. Dianna, later, emailed Greg to say he found evidence that we once had ants or termites but they were not there anymore, but he failed it anyway. We would have to get a company to say different. Later that evening, he, my husband and I were sending emails on what he needed to see from Orkin. 8/9 – (PM ) Called, both John J and Randy Carroll over the lack of a termite inspection, an important detail not given to us, but yet we were to mitigate. In the voicemail I asked if they thought we wouldn’t find out. Informed both we were filing a complaint with the Board of Realtors. Told John J. , Greg has discussed the commission with Randy. Randy told Greg he would talk to him, but you were on vacation. Now I’m talking. Someone needs to rectify this newest piece of hidden information. They have done nothing to help us. 8/10 - Greg having garage done Giving paper to Mike. Billing Heartland for the inspection. 8/10 – No communication from Heartland. 8/11- Asked for a reduction in Commission as we had no realtor. Jason James stated “It was a string of bad luck” and gave us $1000 off the commission. 8/14 – Was called by the buyer’s agent asking for more money. NO This is 3 days before closing. 8/16 – Signed our papers
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Preferred solution: To let the Iowa Realtors Commission decide

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