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Heartland Patrol and Investigations - UNLAWFUL STOP
Heartland Patrol and Investigations - UNLAWFUL STOP - Image 2
THIS IS A HORRIBLE Protrol unit WITH CROOKED COPS. The police officer in the following pictures approached my boyfriend and i while we were inside our viechle OUTSIDE OF MY APARTMENT. he then proceeded to say my boyfriend had to leave and then walked me to my apartment, he luaghed at me because i didnt have shoes on and i was in my robe(because i was just going down quickly to get some food my boyfriend bought me but then we started talking and fell asleep) and when i told him why ,he continued to laugh and said if thats the story your sticking too. he had no right or probable cause approach our veichle and his whole energy and damiener after my boyfriend left made me feel , disgusted, unsafe , and wierd. Ive also seen him on multiple occasions hitting the boxing bag inside of my guy in a very irratic manner at high speed(almost like a crazy person or someone going through a mid life crisis) . i hope he is retrained or assigned anger management classes.
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Joel G Vvc

Bad company to work for

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I used to work for this company. They promised me a patrol position after 1 month and never kept their word. Saying they had complaints on me. Their officers would fall asleep while on duty in their cars. They don't even come check on their post officers and make up a lie saying they have 200+ properties to patrol. Please do not work for this company.
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Heartland Patrol and Investigations.... Consumer beware!!!!!

Heartland Patrol and Investigations The things that you have read on the rip off reports are true. Heartland would like for you to believe that disgruntled employees are posting things on this site, however the information is 100% truth. Not that any x employ is mad, Its just that a person can get tired of being apart of such kaos. The reports of Heartland Private Services, now called, Heartland Patrol and Investigations misleading their clients and selling services they cannot complete is totally accurate. They sell hits and patrols as well as extended foot patrols which never actually get done. The patrol routes are to wide spread and the officers have to many properties to hit. Some routes require over 80+ hits within a 10hr shift and I'm being modest with that # less we forget the so called extended foot patrol. The hits sold can't possibly be completed in the amount of time the officers are on the streets. Patrol division requires a minimum of 5 officers on the street, that, along with call response you can barley patrol through a property let alone actually get out and spend more than 5 min on location. 90% of the properties have a 4 hit a night set up, some have more. So its not uncommon for properties to only be seen twice a day. That means the other times are made up and the client is none the wiser. I say "seen" because that's usually about all that they do is just be sure fire, flood, or blood isn't present at the time of pass through. I say that to say this. If all of that kind of lack of service happens with the minimum of 5 officers on the streets. ( Which actually covers Dallas metroplex cities, far north cities and parts of grand prairie area.) What kind of service do you think their clients have received the past 6-8 months with only having 3 patrol officers on the streets for the most part? As far as reporting false times that is so true its unreal. Some employees have flat out refused to falsify times. This company is not at all what it seems. They feed on kaos and are deceitful as the next. Companies change names for a reason. Running from or more likely hiding something. This company has seen a major decline in its reputation and image. The broke down crown vics that they drive now are totally fitting for the broke down service being provided. If I were you as a consumer or employee I would steer clear, cut bait and run like ***. So many of their clients have seen the light and canceled their contracts. I recommend that you take measures to verify every hit claimed on your property daily. Now, they will duck and dodge your calls and every inquiry but be persistent, hold the owner and his *** of a son who is the chief of operations accountable. Some clients even monitored the entry of the gate code that they issued heartland for access to their property. One in particular was supposed to be hit 6 times which is totally impossible. But in order to make appear that they were there, some officers had their spouse and friends who worked for another company go by and put the gate code in. This is the kind of deceitful service clients get.The company is in such kaos. Wrong people in important positions. They will work you like a dog for little pay no benefits what so ever and expect you to make miracles with the broke down old and unsafe equipment. If you value your money, property, customers, residents and most of all your sanity. DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY. PASS THIS INFO TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS. Heartland is the biggest rip off out there. I should have done this so long ago. If you experienced the HORROR of working with or hiring this company, I apologize for not warning you sooner. Please copy and post on as many social sites as you can. It time the *** that run this company get exposed.
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these comments are completely factual, the owners don't care about the clients or employees. The only thing they care about is lining their pockets.

They fabricate patrol times and only know how to lie when caught.

When I worked there the paychecks were bouncing and lies being told to cover their fat ***.

I hope that anyone looking for employment will avoid this sorry run company and goes somewhere else.


I worked for Heartland and they were very unprofessional. Did not communicate well at all and on certain jobs I wouldn't even fully know what all I was protecting.

I live 50 miles from their office and they repeatedly had me going out of my way for my check when they could simply mail it. They were just to lazy to mail it. They had me go up there for a jacket only for me to get up there and be told they didn't have one for me. I could go on and on with how unprofessional they were with me and the clients.

I don't like to call names but officer carrasco seemed like a *** to me also. Very *** guy. They also didn't make sure I was even at the post the majority of the time. I could have been sitting at home for all they knew.

Bottom line don't hire Heartland. They appear to be professional but they are not.


Reading these comments makes me giggle, because I used to work for this company several years ago now. And what is posted above is completely and 100 percent the truth.

We were told to drive by properties when we didn't have time to put tires to pavement and count that as a hit and we wouldn't have to stop if we didn't see any flashing lights or anything concerning. There were several times where I was the only officer working in my area and they had to combine TWO routes to mine and I would spend the night just TRYING to make it to every property once and then would get reprimanded when I was not physically able to do it due to being dispatched to a call on the other side of town.

The officers are having to keep those *** crown vics on the road..several times I advised upper management of the worn tires as we were LITERALLY driving the rubber off the tires.

ONLY AFTER the tires blowing out leaving me stranded did they do anything to resolve the issues, and that usually meant that I HAD to pay for the replacement of the tire....

So please, if your thinking of hiring this company, please rethink it. This company is a high risk company with little to no returns.


What's the Owners Name ? They caused us to loose it all for their neglagance accident they have caused and they still havnt paid for it . I need all the information I can get


Everything said in this article is the absolute truth. I worked for this company for a long time as well.

They sell all the services that officers are expected to perform in a night knowing full well that it is not possible.

They tell properties they will lock pools and other facilities at a certain time knowing it can't be guaranteed that it will happen at this time, yet guaranteeing the management that it will be done at this time. The officers might only hit a property once a night, if at all, but the report shows that it was hit the required number of times.


SI, you are sadly mistaken. I worked there for a LONG time and everything said here is the gods honest truth.

I have seen first hand what happened to a once great company due to mismanagement and pure laziness on the part of the management staff. They expect you to turn a blind eye to their deceits.

At one point they had over 14 hours of foot patrols on a route when the officer only worked a 10 hour shift. C'mon now


Give it alittle time. Their true colors will show.

Thats how they do it, all Smoke and mirrors. Excellent at deceit.

Thats about all they are good at. Just wait, You will definently get an understanding of who they are.


I have worked for this company for several months now and all I can say is man you have a vivid imagination! This is the most professional company I have been associated with, and I have worked for several in the area.

During briefings they constantly remind us their customers are #1, and really care about their employees.

I have plenty of time to complete my work nightly and would recommend them to anyone! Dude with your imagination you need to try and become a photographer or something.

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