Justin jacobs is a sociopath liar who tries to ruin women's careers lie to them lead them on beware agents

I joined healthplan markets headed by justin jacobs thinking I was an agent going to be trained and selling insurance. I was told wed be given leads etc. little did i know I was being set up to be abused and mistreated by justin and he had no intention of giving me...
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Orlando, Florida
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Poor customer service

Healthplan markets, justin jacobs..beware of this unprofessional unethical company and justin jacobs, he is a sociopath who abuses bullies and terrorizes female agents

healthplan markets 3919 rosewood way orlando, fl 32808 healthplan markets is a relatively new FMO run by its principal agent justin jacobs. at first i decided i wasnt sure about working for them because honestly, the interview was a bit shady--the way he acted was a little shady. And they actually lied about their location--yes these psychopaths even lied during the interview..they said their location was somewhere else yet it was really at the place i interviewed at. Why are they lying to agents about their location anyway? this is a scary company and i dont know what they do to other agents but i'll give my story which is so extreme and shocking and traumatic...agents need to beware on every level about these sick and disgusting people. a month or two later, i decided i wouldnt mind going with them, so i contacted justin and he said ok and began sending me information for the meetings, certifications etc. Everything seemed to be good with them...he told me they had about 10 agents which is all that showed up for the meetings. the first meeting i went to i got in there later (which later justin abused and harassed me for of course all unknown to me). as an independent agent, you are not getting paid so going to trainings is at your own discretion really--you lose out on what you lose out on and no agent gets abused and harassed for coming in late. Apparently i secretly (as he has displayed now) angered justin for coming in late to one meeting and he has held a huge grudge against me for it and apparently wanted to punish abuse and make me suffer for it as he displayed in his behavior later on. Everything seemed ok..everyone was professional at that time. I went to more trainings and meetings..and the ones justin deemed mandatory. They were with physicians groups and everyone at the groups was very nice. justin of course seemed nothing more than nice and professional..you had to do nothing but trust him b/c he came across as the nicest person you could ever meet or know. i unfortunately came to find out, he is nothing short of a sociopath and a very extreme one who sadistically and aggressively takes his anger out on random female agents for no reason and in the most horrendous evil manner you can imagine. He literally lied to me non-stop and pathologically, sabotaged my ability to sell, tried to control my efforts, wouldn't let me sell, promised me business cards and flyers that he never ordered yet claimed he ordered them many times, claimde they were even in, yet had no intention of ordering them for me. truly, it seems that justin jacobs somehow had me on his 'team' as someone he was going to abuse and control at some point while i thought i was a member of a 'team' going to get leads and out selling like every other agent...i learned a way no human should have to go through. i was abused mistreated lied to, played extreme twisted mind games by the sociopathic justin, broken down almost, it seems he really just wanted to kill my spirit, ruin my ability to sell. I dont think he was trying to get me to quit, i really think he was just trying to ruin me or make me suffer on another level. This is a sociopathic person you do NOT want to ever deal with...with the facade of being a kind sweet ethical person... again justin came across as VERY professional..i was told weeks ago he ordered my business cards. I thought ok great. Once i finally certified iwth a carrier, i received a very nice email from justin congratulating me on certifying. But that's where it all began.. he then began playing strange games with me which got worse and only worse. First, he wouldnt return my calls. Right when i would call me he texted me IMMEDIATELY stating he was doing something else and would call me back right away. I found this to be strange and felt something wasn't right. he never called me back. It felt as if he was playing games and of cousre he was but i couldnt imagine it b/c he seemed like such a nice guy and so far had been only professional. Finally he did call me back later at night, but told me that in order for me to sell i had to go on 3 shadowing appts. Ok, well i guess he's the 'boss' so he makes up the rules--yes makes up the rules for who he wants to make them up for. Because he never told me this before. Other agents got leads once they were certified assumably. There were a few other agents like me who got certified later. we were never told this was a bad thing- we were told to get certified soon. Justin never implied i was going ot be hostilely punished and abused horribly for being certified late as he did later with me. so he told me i had to go on 3 appts then just left me alone. Enrollment started and im an agent eager to sell. But as of how...justin had disappeared. No way of getting these 'appts' as he said, no way of selling, no leads no business cards. Justin just left me alone and basically screwed. I had to keep calling him for numbers...then he told me i had to call this agent and that agent..to get more and more..im thinking...wow this is a lot of work just to get 'shadowing appointments' so i can finally SELL. Justin jacobs was dangling a carrot in front of me..so i can be a slave for a week and suffer..in order to get 'leads' he had no intention of giving me. My thoughts were this is very strange and something doesnt seem right about this. So i finally went on some shadowing appts..i went on one with justin and he told me rudely to 'be there on time." i was there early and he was there 15 mins late...by this time he was already lying to be being rude, abusive in all sorts of ways and i was starting to feel very belittled oppressed and discriminated against. i asked him after the appt if i was going to get leads. he rudely said to me "WELL WE"RE NOT GOING TO GIVE U 20 LEADS"! im thinking...did i ask for 20 leads? i said we were told we would get leads once we joined a carrier. He said that he'd give me a 'few leads.' to get started. in all the emails, mailings i was told i would get leads once i got certified. so now for asking for what was promised me, justin is starting to get angry and aggressive towards me...while im wasting gas and time going on shadowing appts which are very DIFFICULT to get..and i have to keep contacting and hounding justin for these appointments. Very abusive sick person at this point. Also justin told me before this appt that my business cards and flyers were in DAYS ago. my thoughts were...and no one told me? other agents received business cards AT the meetings. I wasnt told and im having to hound him for my business cards when open enrollment has started? the sad thing is...this story is so complex and long and it only happened in the time span of a 'week'..i got screwed so badly and abused so badly by justin jacobs its beyond traumatizing...and even writing about it is a book in itself with the level of abuse and trauma ive been put through...just as an agent joining this FMO run by an angry bitter sociopath who decided to take his anger out on me...i was an agent just trying to sell and get started, market being lied to about cards, materials, being promised things falsely, lied to waiting, wasting gas time...being run around on a wild goose chase by a deranged monster justin jacobs...this extreme abuse i have never encountered in all of my life or heard of anything so extreme to a random agent person for no reason...(well apparently justin jacobs gave the reasons later for his 'anger and dissent towards me' being that i didnt show up for meetings that werent mandatory that many other agents didnt show up for either)...and that i certified later..which didnt seem to be a problem either. really he was just an angry bitter person who lashed out at a random female in the most extreme way possible to break them down make them suffer control them in ways that are shocking on another level.... so he told me my business cards were in...then i went on an appt with his colleague bud who told me that theyre at the office and we'll pick them up. i drove 20 mins out of my way to the office..after driving one hour to an appointment which i was REQUIRED to do by justin in order to start selling (which justin had no intention of happening at all--basically i believe he wanted to terrorize and abuse me as much as he could get away with until i quit and when i didnt quit his abuse got worse). I believe justin the sociopath covered his tracks by sending me appt requests finally when i began getting upset over his traetment of me to cover himself. I went to the office to get my business cards...and justin casually said they weren' t in. you could tell by his voice...he was lying/playing a game. basically showing he doesnt give a *** about me or my business cards. Then he decided..i could just take GENERIC company business cards..why? oh while they are having me waste my time, gas money driving around leading me on lying to me, playing the most extreme sick twisted mind games with me..they figure they can go the extra mile and have me to FREE MARKETING for them? oh yes...if u want to talk about unethical and evil...this guy is the devil. Here i am an agent wanting to sell...and justin telling me my cards are in having me drive around like the maniac he is, lying to me.. decides..well you can take THESE flyers and if someone calls in, then we'll give the customer to you..lol? i mean are you serious? this isnt just degradation...it is the most abusive i can even think of besides something physical. I laughed inside like...are they joking? so now the sociopaths at healthplan markets after abusing and lying to me non-stop decide they want ME to do free marketing for them after telling me my business cards are in. I guess justin just decided that there was something about me that he wanted to take his anger out on and felt justified in doing so...i would just say an immoral sociopath with no conscience..I think he just thought..hey let's just have fun with this one..let's see how low and cruel we can be to her..if you want to talk about some extremely evil and sick behavior..this is what these monsters at healthplan markets did to me..a random female agent..who did nothing but go to trainings, meetings..was nice kind..trying to sell..justin jacobs is a sadistic monster the worst ive ever encountered...all the traits of a hallmark sociopath someone so exrteme he enjoys tormenting just random female agents for sport...he even told me he ordered my business cards weeks ago! So by now...im frusrtated and upset. i talk to his colleague BUD who equally began lying to me with 10 different stories. BUD told me that 'well they give leads to the most experienced agents." I said ok so why am i here? im new? Bud was a *** arrogant narcissistic as well...Bud was laughing and acting as if...well, if you would have hung out with me i would've known where your head was. I thought..wait i have to HANG with you at a health fair for you to 'know where my head is." huh? here i am an agent...trying to get leads so i can work..and these two demented rodents are playing the most twisted extreme cruellest mind games and games with me, my career and my money? Bud then rescinded and contradicted himself by saying that NO ONE gets leads and he doesnt even get leads...he said he doesnt know who told me that. I said justin did. Bud continued lying arrogantly..and then he offered me five of HIS leads. he said "I"LL GIVE U LEADS...theyre an hour away but...it's money." he said i'll give you MY leads. i said i dont want YOUR leads, im an agent trying to get leads so i can sell...what is going on here?? the level of mind screwing going on by these two sadistic people is criminal and shouldnt be tolerated...then Bud told me that their mailer campaign didnt work well..he continued lying to me and then when justin came out...he also continued telling justin his story so justin would corroborate with him on his lies..and they wouldnt sound contradictory. Bud told me that he didnt see me at the trainings..i said what trainings? he told me they had marketing trainings. Justin told me weeks ago "i'll start inviting u to seminars." so apparently i wasnt being invited to helpful trainings...it's apparent justin had NO intention of me selling...he just wanted to keep me there to sadistically abuse me when he had the chance to it seems and break me down when i finally got certified. i said ive never been to those trainings..so now bud was insulting me for not being at 'trainings' i wasnt invited to as if i wasn't a good agent. finally they invited me back inside, and began takling about marketing materials and other things. I believe bud mentioned something about 'drinking' and then said my flyers must be a justin's house..saying his house is in altamonte. I'm thinking..i just drove 20 mins to your OFFICE adn you want me to drive to his HOUSE to get my flyers now?! Bud tlaked about how they were in a band together...and justin was the bassist..again why do i care? im trying to sell here and im being screwed lied to abused terrorized in ways that im having to write a book about to explain. Once i left, i was so confused and angry..i called justin back to ask him..am i going to get leads?! justin said..who told u u werent going to get leads...i said Bud did? justin then began getting angry and argumentative with me saying...WELLLL in order to get LEADS YOU NEED TO PUT IN AN EFFORT!! im thinking what? ive been to all the trainings meetings i got cerified...what on earth is this psycho talking about? he continued putting me down THEN saying i didnt go to the 'doctor meet and greets' and explaining the importance of them. I said im a new agent...those meetings werent mandatory and how am i supposed to know the 'importance' of them. justin also admitted that most agents DIDNT go to those meet and greets yet now he is abusing and punishing me for not going? justin continued insulting and berating me with nonsense and false reasoning for 'why im not getting leads." saying that i dont go to trainings and meetings. i said i went to ALL the trainings i was invited to and meetings. i even went to one where i was the only OTHER agent there and justin is insulting and putting me down here? justin was being sociopathic angry verbally rude to me while he is screwing me over in every way possible...attacking harassing me..im shocked of course as the kind nice professional person ive known the whole month is now displaying himself as the most malicious sociopath ive ever known or met in my life...this nutcase is taking all his anger out on ME for no reason and terrorizing me for fun.... then justin decided...and admitted...well you HAVE PUT AN EFFORT IN BUT YOU NEED TO DO THE SHADOWINGS! its like he is abusing tormenting me, confusing manipulating me lying ot me...in the most extreme twisted ways possible (how can a human even come up with that kind of mind screwery abuse scary)..then when i get upset or confused then he harasses me and then tries to calm down...and tell me MORE STIPULATIONS i need to do in ORDER to begin selling...wow...of course by this time...i wasnt just angry upste frustrated..i was severely anxiety ridden..i was starting to have nightmares, anxiety..within a few DAYS of justin jacobs extreme abuse...he is messing with my LIFE, my MONEY MY CAREER...he is torturing me for fun mentally..lying to me leading me on then verbally attacking me, his sick friend colleague BUD is lying to me too and these two clowns and monsters are the worst people ive ever met in my life...here i was told we'd be making 50,000 selling health insurance, provided leads, yet now im being not only told to jump through 100's of hoops to get leads, but im being lied to verbally harassed berated forced to drive around to get cards that aren't there, asked to market flyers with THEIR name on them, told 100 different crazy stories...how is this sociopath even in any kind of business he needs to be shut down? i thought..ok i'll see what happens after the LAST shadowing appt- though i figured that appt was not going to happen...he was probably going to find a way to screw it up. when i texted justin again on monday...about my business cards..i explained to him justin i really need my business cards and flyers..how can i market to doctors or anyone? justin texted me with "have u done this, have u set up tables, have u done that, do u have your trainings materials?" yes and in the most controlling twisted way..as if i was a child and he was babying me on what i had done and not done. most of these things no one even TOLD me i need to or have to do...and justin is saying..well HAVE U DONE THIS? i said i didnt know i COULD do that no one ever told me? then i asked him about FPG cards and justin said "contact bud for those." i said excuse me? im having to contact EVERY person for cards and drive 40 mins for business cards that aren't there...what is going on is this a game? then justin began texting me shadowing appts...and then he emailed me saying "WELL MOST AGENTS WILL SAY THEYRE GOING TO WORK AND CONTRACT SO WE DONT ORDER BUSINESS CARDS UNTIL THEY GET CONTRACTED WE"VE HAD MANY AGENTS QUIT" i said i got certified last week so why am i asking u about this and i am hounding u about working and you told me my business cards were in last week?! wth? then justin toldme that my business cards and flyers will be HAND DELIVERED to me personally....he began asking me more crazy questions..not pertaining to anything except him trying to abuse and control me.. this is crazy....i mean insane. he told me last week my business cards were in i drove to get them and they werne't there, now hes trying to say they werent even ordered when he told me they were ordered weeks ago?! i saw one man have his business cards in hand with him? justin texted me saying he receives sevearl shipments a day and will check to see where my business cards and flyers are at...i said..justin time is ticking..i really want to sell here..i cant even market without my cards and flyers. justin did everything to just lie to me waste my time as much as possible and screw me over and basically mind screw me and break me down..badly... then justin set up an appt with me and another agent...then after i asked him again what is going on he set up an appt with him. by this time...i have been abused mistreated lied to over and over..yelled at berated..talked down to belittled..told 20 diff stories..its getting worse and worse...before the appt with justin, he texted me telling me to meet him 30 mins before the appt somewhere. i found that to be rude..i believe justin knew what he was doing..after a week of mind screwing and abuse...justin knew i was finally going ot get angry and upset as anyone would be...justin didnt ask me if i had time to meet him..he told me to meet him in a very controlling mean way as he had been doing all week by being controlling abusive and rude.. i said well i would appreciate being asked to meet you ahead of time..so i can plan for it. Then, he said we can meet after too..again in a nice tone...i assume the fake one this monster presents to the world pretending he is a decent human being when he is an angry twisted monster ...i knew of course.. this was going to be a breaking point...i could feel it. he was going to try to do something to stop me from going on that third appt so he could somehow say i wasn't ready. of course he had no intention of wanting me to sell he literally just wanted to destroy me it seems..and i sensed that a week ago and as the abuse progressed...i told friends that he seems like a misogynistic sociopath who literally is trying to break me in every way possible so i can't even sell--and it was working...he angered and frustrated me to a point where i didnt want to sell anymore...he was sucking my soul out of me..everyday i was becoming sicker and more upset..at what he was doing and how he was treating me..i was getting anxiety, upset...im sure this sadistic sociopath was thrilled ot be doing this to me...he was trying to control me as well and it was scary...control appts, leads, everything...here i am dying to sell even market and justin is saying..oh yes your cards are in...oh yes more appts to go on ...making sure i have NO TOOLS to sell and nothing but his lies and abuse through texts and his mind screwing manipulation....heck he even tried to get me to do free marketing for him...he is an evil sick twisted soul evil on another level.... so then i noticed..justin had sent me a shipment notice for my flyers and cards..an hour before our appt. i believe that was done intentionally because he knew i would read that and become furious to see that justin had actually ordered my marketing materials on october the 20th! oh yes...while he told me weeks before he ordered them..he told me a week prior they were in! he had me drive to his office to get berated and lied to by his sick twisted colleague bud phillips and berated more by both of them..of course i was furious..he told me thursday they were in days ago..but by the tone of his voice, u could tell he was lying..i didnt know still that he truly was the angry twisted sociopath he really was...of course i was angry and texted justin saying..oh really my flyers were JUST ordered now? are you trying to do everything to just stop me from selling? justin called me IMMEDIATELY..of course...him being a sociopath/narcissist now FINALLY getting the reaction he wanted..he began berating me right away..insulting me..saying "LOOK AT HOW UR TALKING U SOUND CRAZY." ah yes calling ME 'crazy' for being abused lied to mind *** for an ENTIRE WEEK by this sadistic sociopathic freak...justin was abusing me again putting me down then ANGRILY saying "YOU DIDNT GO TO THE DOCTOR MEET N GREETS, YOU CONTRACTED LATE YOU DIDNT DO THIS AND THAT AND THEN U EXPECT TO GET LEADS" and insulting and berating yelling at me for things that obviously werent an issue but now he's abusing me for them...scary sick scary stuff...god seriously this is the craziest and most extreme form of abuse and bullying ive EVER encountered in my life..anywhere...justin jacobs is now harassing me for being upset for his non-stop abuse...and then abusing me more...of course he is a typical trademark sociopath..narcissist...but worse than most because his level of twisted abuse occurred in the timespan of ONE week where he went from a professional kind agent to a total nutcase...systemically abusing and breaking me down that entire week in the most twisted form of mental abuse financial abuse and job abuse possible. He even angrily said "YOU ARE NOT AN EMPLOYEE OF MINE"!!! YOU WERE NEVER AN EMPLOYEE OF MINE!! I GIVE LEADS TO THE AGENTS THAT ARE SET CONTRACTED AND READY TO SELL!! im thinking...wow...this is insane..justin continued yelling at me berating harassing me..i still hadnt even gotten a real chance to retaliate against this twisted monster from *** and yes this guy is from *** b/c who can be THIS evil? of course i was horrified traumatized..shocked...and shocked yes that he really WAS the sociopath i assumed he was...i theorized..i told him im going to be reporting him to the insurance commission for breach of ethics and violations, sexism, discrimination...he did everyhting bad he could to me..EVERYTHING...he did the worst to me..i was just an honest agent looknig to work and got abused horribly in the worst way ever by the crazy evil justin jacobs and this sick twisted company...every agent out there needs to know what this monster is capable of doing..and what he does to agents ...i texted him telling him im going to report him...i do believe he intentionally sent me that email an hour prior to the appt and set up the 'appt beforehand' knowing i was finally going to get upset..there wasnt goign to be a 3rd appt. justin jacobs calculatingly and in the most extreme twisted evil manner systemically abused me for an entire week lying to me, making up stories, promising me leads, lying and lying and LYING non-stop...getting his friend to lie, play games, mess with my head, put me down berate me...it is so extreme..so twisted...its criminal and this sicko needs to be shut down... now shortly after i hung up on him as he was yelling at me he texted me saying "and to think...i had TWO sales for you today." again..control...he wasnt going to do anything for me if he couldnt torture and control me..i doubt those sales even existed and probably a way to manipulate and mess with me more...and now using that as a manipulation tactic...i said..im not looking for YOU to get sales for me..im an agent and wnating to get my OWN sales..this is crazy..he even yelled "I GUESS I"LL HAVE TO RELEASE YOU"!! justin jacobs didn't just stop me from selling, make me wait for business cards he hadnt even ordered screw up a potential career for me..he waited until open enrollment to begin his sadistic abuse..toawrds a female agent...he waited until i could finally SELL so he could do everything in his power to make sure i DIDNT sell. he even said "you JUST got certified" as if there was a waiting period for me to start working...he had 100 excuses as to why im not receiving leads and treated me like a dog/slave making me suffer to go on appts, this that, listen to his nonsense through texting, lies...in the cruellest way possible. verbally berated me, harassed me yelled at me..put me down insulted me punished me for things other agents did and used them as excuses to abuse and traet me the way he was treating me...he was trying to control my sitaition my sales..everything. it seems he saw i had potential and did everything in his power to make sure i could never get there...its not as if he just released/fired me..oh no...justin wanted to torture me for fun...not let me sell at all, keep me waiting dangling on a string...he wanted some kind of evil twisted power/control for no reason over a random agent....he is the most sickest twisted darkest person ive ever met or known...he is a VERY sick person and he displayed his final bout of sociopathy when he had that final appt with me and sent me things intended to get me upset...justin didnt just let me go, he kept me there as part of his FMO to torment me and make sure i couldnt do anything in insurance.. again he is the sickest person out there...the worst...agents..all agents need to beware on another level of this sadistic monster...people need to know what he does to women and what kind of deranged sicko he is...i will report him to the insurance commission as he has committed ethics breaches, and abuse and bullying. Justin jacobs behavior towards me is one of the worst cases of bullying ive personally ever heard of. The amount of mental abuse done to me is extreme and justin wasn't just wanting to mess with my sales, annoy upset or abuse me, he literally wanted to break me down, screw with my head and terrorize me. as a result of his abuse my desire to sell began to wane and i began to get more and more hopeless inside whereas prior i was excited to sell, ready to sell and very enthusiastic. I think justin knew that and said..nope she isn't going to sell, im going to use her as prey to torment and abuse her. He is a very sick twisted deranged monster, truly the worst ive ever encountered in my life. He didnt just want me to quit, he wanted to destroy my spirit passion hope everything. Justin jacobs comes across as a mild mannered professional person he is nothing short of the most heinous sociopath you can know, a woman abuser, misogynistic, abusive, twisted on another level...beware agents and anyone....i am not only shocked traumatized so upset confused angry, broken down, torn, this evil sick man has messed with my life, my health, my career everything...and has done so for fun and with a chip on his shoulder. It's not that he ignored me or didn't care, he terrorized me cruelly..and with malicious and purposeful intent. I thought in INSURANCE business this would be the most unethical thing but a sociopath has no care for anyone and does what it wants to do to others...i was treated lower than an insect by justin jacobs who abused me for a week in the cruellest way possible while i was just trying to sell lying to me non-stop and playing head games promising me things he had no intention of delivering and intentionally setting me up to get upset. I have no idea why he decided to bully and abuse me, but i guess with any sociopath their targets and victims are chosen at random or even carefully and for their own sick personal reasons.. i am completely shocked traumatized and broken down from the non-stop abuse mistreatment and emotional mental abuse done to me by this deranged psychopath. justin jacobs not only has no soul is unprofessional unethical but just downright abusive to female agents or agents in general calculatingly abusing them in the time span of a week non-stop in the most extreme ways possible...his abuse worked as i am completely broken down shocked traumatized and even scared now..whereas a week ago i was excited and wanting to sell, now im shocked by the horrific traetment i received by this mentally deranged lunatic...just thinking about it makes me sick and gives me anxiety i never had before.. why on earth did this lunatic justin jacobs just decide to harass terrorize and abuse an innocent woman for no reason...and take all his sick twisted anger out on HER? who knows..but the fact that he has the ability to do this to even ONE innocent human being..shows how sick and evil he is and who knows how many other people he is screwing out there..he even lied about the number of agents he had and keeps yelling he has 39 AGENTS! then he said he had 49 agents!! only about 9 agents showed up to all the meetings..he is crazy deranged..mentally sick..evil..pathological liar..the scary thing is how nice he comes off as across..he seems so nice professional..you cant imagine that he really is this sick person who just abuses people for fun..a true sociopath and narcissist..really scary...just the thought that this sadistic monster would abuse an innocent agent like that for fun, a female, just to abuse mistreat degrade denigrate another human being so cruelly..he takes his sick twisted anger out on others and i hope every agent knows about this sicko his sick fmo run by evil trash like him and that something is done about this monster out there who abuses women.
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I've known Justin Jacobs from Health Plan Markets for over 10 years. He is none of the things you've claimed above in your "complaint".

He is genuinely a great person and would go above and beyond to help someone in need. I've worked with him in the past and he was always professional and courteous.

I think you need help "anonymous" and I hope you get it sooner than later. God bless.


He sounds like a real sicko. An abuser for sure.

You're lucky you got out.

You should report him to an upper if you can. He's probably doing that to others too


Just look how long that complaint is. She really needs help!

Justin is an amazing leader!

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