Rosanne G Hpd

Won't issue refund

Health Nutrition Limited - Won't issue refund
I would like to warn people about taking PHENGOLD made by Health Nutrition. The company is in the UK, and they will not give me my money back for any reason. I ordered the bottle of Phen Gold for 53.99. I followed the directions the first day and I started feeling acid burning discomfort, and gassiness and pain, but I wasnt sure it was from the pills. It states take 3 pills every day. So I proceeded to take the second dose the second day and thats when I realize it wasnt something I ate that caused the stomach acid burning, but it was the pills. Long story short, I explained what happened to Health Nutrition, (emailed Zain) he just said to stop the dosage and then sent me another email and said to take 2 pills instead of 3. I told him I am in so much pain, I would NOT continue to take ANY of the pills again. I wanted a refund, he gave me the runaround. Mind you I cant call them, I am located in NJ, USA and dont have international plan on my phone, I cant report them to the BBB, (Better Business Bureau) because its only for the US. Their Facebook page wont let people post any comments. After a month, Zain agreed to send half a refund but its been over a month and I have not heard back from him. So I am writing this to warn people about this company and I am a very unsatisfied customer that they dont care what happens to you when you take their product, as long as they have your money! It took 3+ weeks for my stomach to feel better taking medication.
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  • Severe acid burning in stomach for 3 weeks now

Preferred solution: Full refund

User's recommendation: You won't get any refund for side effects