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This product ( at least the one I have) is a piece of garbage.After 3 months heat exchanger rotted out and the spring on the check valve rotted out. Hayward replaced this (got lecture on water chemistry).Two months later same thing. Had been checking water weekly. Because I was not exactly at 7.2 Hayward would not cover. Got this fixed , next day get CE reading on the monitor. No fix but to buy 3 boards and check each one.My pool guy just...
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Anonymous Hayward never responded; Guess next step is to see a lawyer


HaywardPoolProducts Dear chuck7014-0_0,
Thank you for posting your review. My apologies for the difficulty you've experienced with this repair but your feedback is most appreciated. I'd like t...

It was Hayward model H400FDN. after 18 months it burned out 2 circuit boards. The pool repair guy says these units are junk. He replaces these parts all the time. A $2,000 machine will need $700 to $800 in repairs every year to a year and a half. It also has a heavy gas odor went it first starts up. These are very dangerous pool Heaters. I will never buy a Hayward product again. I rate it 0 stars. There needs to be a Federal recall on all...
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