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Management at hastings and Hastings dont know anything about running a business. It’s mainly two clueless women who hire mostly mediocre people, and the people that are super good and that they see is a good asset, they will try to tear that person down with everything they have! I bet you this business will not last long. I know karma is cooking up cooking because they are putting stuff in the dark. Well, soon, those things they are hiding will come to light!
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Everything said here is true! Idk who wrote this but they are telling the truth! Thankfully one of them was fired thank God!


hmm sounds very angry and vindictive I do know that if you don't like the service you can always stop it and go elsewhere but to continue collect the money and complain sounds very suspicious to me


This sounds like a disgruntled employee.

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Far from disgruntled! I can tell you that this person is telling the honest truth!

I worked there and those women that run the place were very nasty and chose favorites.

Thankfully, one of them, which in my opinion the worst one, has been fired. The truth hurts, but karma is worse.

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Evelynn Vlm

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I'm a client of David Shtogren. And I need help. I'm 81 years old and I'm going broke. If I had a client that is 81 years old I would keep in close contact with a person, but that office doesn't care they wont contact to tell me whats going on, the Doctors call me and want to know if Ive been contacted. they don't want to deal with Davids right hand whow thinks she is like Della Street from the peery mason show trust me she is not. I'm I'm broke I have to move from this place of 15 years, I lost my Truck and other items, I need to file Bankruptcy but know one will tell me if its ok. You people need to read your reviews. there bad, very bad Oh my nane is Donald Otteson 602459****. Please read and responsed. Thanks
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service

Preferred solution: End the case and let me file Bankruptcy

map-marker Pima, Arizona

Hastings and Hastings Law Firm Tucson and Phoenix Arizona

Since two years ago my sister was in an awful car accident at no fault of her own. She hired this God forsaken so called firm to take care of her case since American Family of course did not want to pay out in helping my sister get her life back. Since that time my sister has lost her job of over 13.5 years after never having any issues on the job for any reason up until this accident. Due to Hastings and Hastings taking for ever not getting back to her for months at at time and blowing her calls off; even blowing her off when she would stop by in person for follow up on her case! As I mentioned it has been right at three years since she hired them to "help" her. After being told for yet the 3rd time in order tomo e forward with her case she would need another doctor visit by American Families doctor and unfortunately there is a FOUR month wait for an appointment per Hasting and Hastings "paralegal and Attorney". Before she will get in to see one! All of a sudden my sisters case was transferred to another office in Phoenix!!! 3 hours away from where my sister lives!!! With no communication about this until it was done??!!! The horrible staff that sent the letter to my sister from that office; once being contacted was just as unbelievable as the one in Tucson??!! Then some so called Attorney because she was receiving customer concern starts to cut off communication because she says she was being yelled at. Well just not the case at all and this was just another tactic to prolong the duty go do her; oh I don't know..... Job? I am going to help my sister who happens to be very unexperienced in self advocating and individuals who are out to get weak people for their soft spoken hearts are going to have to explain how they justify how she's been treated. I to date have not been successful in locating a corporate head quarters however; I will figure a way to get a hold of those at the top. The staff for this company need to understand what and how to treat those paying their income. The CONSUMER. My sister happens to be one of those.
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I have been fighting for 2 years ago and I will not ever have any of my family or recommend anyone to Hastings & Hastings they don't fight for you they pro -long the law suit . They don't speak up for you they are worthless I am so disappointed with them after 2 years I am getting no money for a law suit and it wasn't just 1 car accident.

They never fought for my car so I can get for my car being totaled out! !

They are full of it! !!!


I was going to call these attornies for help with an injury case, due to their commercials and discount fees. Do not feel good about that now after reading this.

I have insurance with Am.

Family now and for years and may switch to another company as well after reading this comment. RNH


I'm not surprised by this, I worked (very briefly, roughly 3 weeks) for Hastings and Hastings. The office group are nothing more than a bunch of 20-something years old's more concerned about spending their lunch breaks getting a Brazilian bikini wax than taking care of people!

I would strongly encourage you to find another attorney, HR Jennifer DeVault is the WORST, she's as back-stabby as the rest of them are. I've heard girls in the office talking in a very negative fashion about clients. I would also file a complaint with the BBB.

Unfortunately as long as people are around, this sorry excuse for a law group will continue to stay in business. Hope this helps

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crystal b Wqq
map-marker Phoenix, Arizona

Hastings and Hastings Corp. Chandler, AZ

This isn't a consumer complaint, rather a consumer warning about Hastings an Hastings Law Firm based in Chandler, Arizona. Having seen and heard about the un-professonalism that goes on behind the doors of Corporate, it's important to note that the Paralegals and Support Staff of the firm are as much as can be expected by a quick turn law firm. When Paralegals are on the phone with "clients" and once the phone conversation is completed, the paralegals are heard talking in a derogotory fashion about the same clients that pay their paychecks. Support staff who are in charge of having clints sign for their settlment checks are often spoken about in a very negative fashion. It should make no difference if a client is rude, upset, etc. the money they are owed is theirs and support staff should keep their mouths shut, again, the clients are paying for services and as a consumer I would expect nothing less than total professionalism, common courtesy and respect when dealing with a law firm regarding a personal accident or bankruptcy. Dont use Hastings and Hastings. Word of mouth and a negative review can do wonders to cause the owner of the law firm to (hopefully) take a closer look at who is running the show and perhaps hire some professional, ethical and morally responsible people than the young 20-something year olds who run amuk when the boss isn't looking.
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people get mad when they can't use you anymore then they turn to social media and the internet to destroy you very immature and vindictive if you ask me


sometimes you can really trust these reviews if someone gets mad they can become very vindictive and waste there time and energy trying to destroy the company all because they are unhappy people and most of the time they are people that the company has went out of there way to help


Steer Clear from this company. I was a client and I am a professional and my experience was unfortunate.

They are down right rude to their client's and offer no teaching, explanations, communication or empathy. Your attorney is the CEO and there is no chain of command he supports the office staffs rudeness and could care less about what it going on with your situation that will effect you and your family.

Is a firm that expects you to know what is going on and does not provide any support just sign here, don"t ask questions and I really don't care for an update on your accident injuries which is kinda scary cause in the long run you pay the price. They just want your car insurance money and know that after the check is cut that you are stuck with all the medical bills.

My Attorney advised me to not tell my health care providers about my lawsuit that I wanted my primary insurance company to pay for everything. This was very bad advice as your insurance company should not have to pay for your medical...The car insurance medical should ethically pay and once they cut that check and your insurance company catches on they come after you for the reimbursement and guess what in the long run you suffer.

I would not recommend them as your accident attorney steer clear and save yourself the stress and heartache. Find an ethical attorney that supports ethics and the best outcome for all parties.


Paralegals and support staff from here are rude and mindless. They have no clue how the process of different provider offices work, I hate dealing with these idiots, from all of their office locations.

If you need an itemized billing statement from your clients hospital visit, do not wait until the last minute to request one! I can't imagine how they treat their clients, but I'm sure it worse than how they treat doctors!


From reading what somebody at Hastings wrote in response to the consumer who is simply warning consumers as to what happens behind closed doors, what this person failed to comment on was the support staff and paralegals! They made it sound more like a commercial than that of a "Wow, we apologize for anything that happened".

No remorse, no admitting to fault? I am a single mother of 4 children who is actively looking for a bankruptcy attorney to handle my case and after reading what read as a complete commercial I will certainly never trust Hastings and Hastings! I see the commercials all the time and have been reviewing different law firms for my particular needs at the moment and I sure don't want that kind of un-professionalism going on with my case. Shame on Hastings and Hastings!

If some poor soul was let go from this place, I'm sure it was for the best for this person! I wouldn't want to deal with a bunch of unethical immature behavior either, discussing brazilian bikini waxes at work? Laughing at clients behind closed doors? That's completely rude and uncalled for.

The BBB will certainly be told about this! Kudos for the former employee for blowing on the whistle on this law firm!


This complaint is from a bitter former employee who was let go. No surprise they want to retaliate online. Take it with a grain of salt.

Attorney and owner David Hastings knows exactly what is going on in his law firm and holds all of his employees to the highest ethical standard. If you do not believe this, please go to the Arizona State Bar website to see that we do not have bar complaints. Try saying the same for Phillips and Associates. The supervising attorneys of each office also hold their employees to the highest standard. Mr. Hastings ensures that he hires the most ethical attorneys, because it is true: he cannot be at all 14 offices at once.

Hastings and Hastings has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has only received 2 complaints in the 30 years of being in business. What does this tell you?

What is truly a shame is that a disgruntled employee can go online and post whatever they please because they are mad they were fired.

Regarding the office environment and "client bashing," this is completely fabricated. The paralegals and support staff at the Chandler office want the best for their clients and work hard to ensure the best results for our clients.

It must also be understood that clients are not "paying" Hastings and Hastings until they are paid. The firm does not collect any fees until we have successfully settled your case and the client has received their settlement. If the case cannot be settled or a client drops the claim, then all the hours the paralegals and attorneys put into their case are lost and we are not paid. Pretty different scenario than what is being portrayed on this website.

Hastings and Hastings has recovered millions of dollars for its clients and does it at a discount fee, because we believe the client is the party that deserves the most money from accident. We pioneered this idea with the sole intention of maximally benefitting the client.

Additionally, unlike many Arizona personal injury law firms, our clients always meet with an attorney and never an assistant. We take the time to get to know you and your case so that we can get you the best settlement possible. This directly counters the claim that we are strictly looking for a quick buck. There is absolutely no doubt that Hastings and Hastings cares about its clients.

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Hey there AZnative! It's obvious you work for the firm, betcha I can guess your name as well...Jennifer DeVault.

Yes, a former employee posted the message, bitter? No, concerned about what goes on behind closed doors? Yes

Client bashing HAS happened, shoes are quickly put on, smiles are painted on and all discussion regarding brazilian bikini waxes are halted when David Hastings walks through the door. But it's okay, truly it is! Having known what goes on in that office don't think for one second that former employees (guaranteed more than 1) have blasted the truth and will continue to blast the truth. Being treated as poorly as some former employees had been, it's amazing that more complaints haven't been filed.

Suck it Jennifer DeVault!


I know complaints have been filed, usually ignored. David Hastings has no idea what is going on because his support staff (including bookkeeping managers, Human Resources and others make sure he DOESN'T know what's going on...I've seen it with my own two eyes..I KNOW!

Personally, if I owned a law firm, I would take considerable care to choose employees that are not only ethical, responsible and mature enough to do their work, keep their mouths shut and HELP people rather than verbally bash them the second a door is closed.


Wow! I've seen the commercials for that firm and it always looked on the up-and-up! It is unfortunate that a law firm should act the way this firm does, I wonder what the owner of the place thinks about what goes on?

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Funny I had a idea I would see something like this

While looking over different lawyers , I always felt

All of theseTV cowboys have a different agenda,

Other than taking care of business not to mention

The nauseating redundancies of there out of control

Egos,literally 100s of forced commercials :-(...

in short stay away from the wana be Hollywood JOs

Just think about the massive budget blown each week.

That's something you will wind up paying for in the long run.

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