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I will never again watch their shows or trust Dr.Oz or Ophrah again. They want more and more money for themselves and could care less about people. I ordered a sample and aI immediately sent an email to cancel my order. I support myself and my husband on my social security check and for the past 2 months I have been overdrawn at my bank by $250.00. I never authorized any of these charges. The sample did absolutely nothing to make my skin look...
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Anonymous Something needs to be done about this.
I ordered a sample product for 4.95 and I was charged 132.80 and 152.66 on August 22nd and then again the same amounts on Sept 4th an...

I was so disappointed in you on Trump's interview. I respected you; now I know your just in this for the $$$s. When all the Bible thumpers hated you. I took up for you. Now as a Muslim you entertained Trump for ratings. I now agree your only in this for $ & reviews.shame on you. I will never watch your show again nor defend you to the prejudice. You played into their hands. Pitiful you would sell your soul.
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