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This letter is to inform you that I am very disappointed in not only the quality of the furniture we purchased but the service, and information we were provided when we purchased it has been utterly incorrect. The Room Place has been around for a very long time so when we went to purchase our living room, dining room and bed we did not think twice. I was 5 ½ month pregnant which was apparent from my looks, and told the sales representative... Read more

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I bought my furniture with you guy 3 years ago, since the beginning had a problem with the china cabinet, my chairs are looking like old set, the wood is cracking. It is poor quality I think they send me an used set, I am the kind of person that I don't fight, but omg you guy are wrong, almost $5,000.00 for nothing because what you guys send me is garbage. Called costumer service and they are not able to do anything, paid for insurance and... Read more

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Frustrated with this company harlem furniture shame on you my furniture is a year old and its ripping and falling appart and all you cam say is there is nothing you can do. I will never spend my money therr ever again sandra k

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Don’t buy from Harlem Furniture / The Roomplace! They do not back up their policies. I have bought several pieces of furniture from them. Some have been delivered defective: a broken lamp; a table where a top came apart; and now a mattress. Each time was a hassle. The latest, the mattress, which now sinks in the middle after only three years, to resolve this issue they sent an inspector to evaluate. He gave us “approval”. We order a new... Read more

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when i had my furniture del on dec 5 th the delivery people broke my gate and never told me i even tipped them which made me even madder that they didnt tell me & then i contacted custmer service and they said they would take care of it well guess what it is dec 30 th and i am still waiting for them to repair they keep sending out phil who apperently is not a fence guy because hes been here at least 5 times and still not fixed jasmine only... Read more

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movers broke my gate and on dec 5th and i am still waiting for them to come and repair the guy they keep sending has no clue what the *** he is doing only time i get any answers is when i call to complain sad i love the room place furniture but know am ready to send back what i got and never go to them again what ever happened to customer service i am at the end of my patience and no one in the customer service dept doesnt seem to care i will... Read more

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TOTALLY RIDICULOUS. I ordered a $1,000 bed. Delivery set for today wed, 5pm. I received a call at 5pm stating 9 pm. I took a day off of work but NO bed. It s now 11 pm! I paid for delivery! I m out a days work, and very upset. Harlem furniture customer service closes at 8 pm wwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooowwwwww . By the way my purchase is non... Read more

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I always buy from the room place but this time I think the sales person has screwed me with the warranty the warranty I bought was for fabric and struckeral well the spring broke in the loveseat an I called to have it repaired that's when I was informed my warranty was only for fabric an I paid good money for this set 2211.23 I do they should fix or give me the warranty I payed for this not fair to me an by my pass purches with the room... Read more

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I have a warrant on this furniture and I had it replace three times and took your company to court and this furniture is doing the same thing again peeling I paided a lot of money for this furniture and it only been 3 years. This is around the same time before the furniture do not last long.My girlfriend has the same furniture and hers is doing the same thing!!!!! I am so angry I dont have money to waste or the time to go back and forth. Help!!!... Read more

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We purchased an entire 7 piece bedroom set and a sectional sofa living room set. We had it delivered in January 2009. In total we spect $4749.96. We purchased their Lifetime Warranty for Fabric for an additional $250. We were informed that this warranty no longer exists and the company Stainsafe was bankrupt. We should have seen the warning sign about the products, after less than a year, one of the sectional pieces from the sofa set had 2... Read more

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