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It seems that every time I go to Hardees they never get the order right. I am allergic to lettuce and always order my sandwich without lettuce and every time I get it with lettuce. I have to throw it away. I call to complain and all they can say is "Come back and we will correct it for you." They should get it right the first time. I am on my way to work when I go there and can not return to get it corrected. Fast food needs to take more care in...
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Visiting Hardee's last night was the worst customer service I've ever received.First off I was super excited to try the moon shine burger. It was all I thought about all day. I order it but requested the moon shine sauce o/s, and that "raw" onions be "added" to the burger. I even asked if there was a charge to add raw onion, as i was willing to pay. The employee running the drive thru told me, they couldn't put the sauce o/s. That was disturbing...
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I didn't like
  • Service
  • Waiting 25 minutes for the order