If you order online and need to return item, They will not refund shipping and you may have to pay a restocking fee. Also, every retail store offers free ship on occasion. I was giving an electronic gift card for Christmas present. However, the item I want to purchase is an in-store only purchase and the store will not take an electronic gift card code. So I can not make the purchase and use my gift card code. One another item I would like to...
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I had an extra tube of epoxy that I attempted to return but was unable to do so because the item is non-refundable according to the receipt. I would I know this without buying it first. Who looks at the receipt unless the charge is incorrect? There was no sign on the shelf stating that the items there are non-refundable. I complained to customer service who had a district manager call me. This person was condescending and rude, having me read...
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offconsumerpissed Look, if the district manager was involved, you were likely not Mr. Pleasant either. And, if it's non-refundable, it's non-refundable. Why waste their time and energy? It's no...

I didn't like
  • Customer service and quality
  • Customer sevice and quality
I bought a tool box from Harbor Freight Tools in late 2013 I'm a mechanic and I have my toolbox at my shop which someone tried to break into so in November 2016 I called and tried to order parts for the toolbox and they told me the parts I needed one back order and I wouldn't have them between now and January 16th about January 6 the part came in early now the other part was supposed to be here Monday the latest I waited till Tuesday before I...
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Harbor Freight Tools Customer Care Review

I had a horrible experience at HFT in tupelo today. A girl named Courtney checked me out and she was extremly rude. She was on her phone and also said a few choice words in my ear shot. She was not friendly and never said a word to me except the amount of money i owed. I hope she gets replaced its the 4th time i have been waited on by her and all 4 times she was very rude.

Harbor Freight Tools Coupon Review

Harbor freight 82nd foster didnt honor free coupon so why offer?

4000 W Predator Generator Review

At the time of purchased I was offered warranties, but was never told about a restocking fee. When I tried to return the piece of junk they sold me I was charge $68 for restocking

Short Review for October 08, 2016, Other

I just wanted ti make a statement ! The American flags that you sell are nice flags. Considering that they are manufactured in China.! However . personaly i dont think that the American flags that we have served our country for should be made anywhere other than in the USA. Loyal customer. But pissed
Recently went to your niagara falls store.i got emails for sales on a few items for 4.99 well you guys put in super small print you have tovspend 50 dollars to het savings .and thats on each item.i think its terible .anyways the woman working register knew why i was there and instead of informing me of fine print she let me waste a hour in your store gathering items .so once she informed nevi was upset but i went and picked a 150 dolkar item...
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I ordered and paid for a portable garage on 12/13/16 after checking stores within a 100 mile radius and waiting weeks with a raincheck. One of the stores suggested i call to order. I did and was told i would receive in 3 to 7 days. A shipping label was created. I have been calling daily to see why it was not being shipped. People in the Philippines don't know why. I don't care to speak with people in foreign lands that can only repeat what i see...
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Well These employee's are too NICE and I cant stand it. there always trying to help me find something, they always greet me when I come in the door, welcome me to there store. and to top it off, when I get up to the register and I forget my 20% coupon at home they have the nerve to offer me one of there's so I can save more money, can you believe that! Well I never go.....well I be back! Mike C Well These employee's are too NICE and I cant stand...
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I brought a bench drill press today as a Christmas gift at your Dothan store today and as I was getting into my vehicle to leave the parking lot my husband called and asked me what I just bought at harbor freight and I said nothing (because it is a gift) and he immediately knew I was lying because your Dothan store posted the receipt in an email immediately. Harbor freight and all other businesses should know that it is about Christmas time and...
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I am (was) a long time Harbor Freight customer. I recently received a flyer in the mail with a 8750 watt generator on sale. I also had a 25% off coupon. Since I live a considerable distance from The Amsterdam or Albany, NY stores, I called to check availability. Wonder of wonders, none in stock @ either location and no idea when new stock would arrive. I've been in business for 35+ years. If I didn't have a sale item, I'd give them away! Rude...
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I frequent the store on Broadway in Allentown,Pa and every time I go there the employees can not answer my questions or act like they don't have time to be bothered. The wait time is long at the registers because there is always a "problem" with something. You give them coupons and they never scan them and charge you full price so you have to ask for a refund for the difference. It seems the majority of people employed there are younger girls...
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I didn't like
  • Untrained and unknowledgeable employees

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I recently purchased from Harbor Freight a four foot by eight foot folding trailer item #62671. Unlike most commercially sold utility trailers which have welded together steel frames, in Harbor Freight’s “Haul Master Foldable Utility Trailer, item 62671” all the metal parts with which to build the trailer, become bolted together, and these parts have a powder coated finish, which when put together do not provide an adequate contiguous welded...
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Anonymous Harbor freight sent me a recall notice for the trailer light on a folding trailer I have. Might want to contact HF see if your lights are recalled. They said they would send r...