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Haralson Tire doesn't honor tire warranties

WHAT KIND OF TIRE COMPANY DOESN'T STAND BY THE PRODUCTS THEY SELL? Haralson Tire located at 955 N Main St. Snowflake, AZ 85937 I won't spend another dime in this place! I started using this location upon recommendation from a friend in early 2013 and the service from the manager - Steve - and the rest of his crew was excellent. For instance, I went in once and requested a radiator flush and after testing the coolant Steve told me I didn't need the flush at that time. As a matter of fact, I was good for another 30,000 miles. I became a fan, and trust was built. I've had 3 - 4 thousand dollars worth of work done on my truck at this Haralson's since. NO MORE! They've accumulated a lot of fleet contracts, as of late, and it seems the "average Joe customer," like me, has has been shoved aside for the bigger bucks. You call with a question and they say they'll call you back. You never hear from them again. You call and request a chat with Steve and they tell you they'll have him call you back and you never hear from him. TIRES ARE THEIR BUSINESS? On 3/19/2014 I decided to buy a whole set of tires from Steve at this Haralson location. I was told by him along with another employee behind the desk that their KUHMO KR21 tires were the best deal for me. They had an 80,000 mile warranty. I trusted Steve so I spent near $400 on the set of 4 for my truck. Yesterday - 15 months after I bought the tires and 19,798 miles into the warranty - I was hauling my boat home from a fishing excursion on Lyman Lake doing 65 MPH when the right rear KUHMO had a complete blowout through the entire side panel of the tire. When I got home, I called Steve who informed me that they no longer carried KUHMO tires, because KUHMO was no longer honoring their warranties. He then told me he could order a new KUHMO and replace the old one AT FULL PRICE, OR, he had 2 new Hankooks in the building he'd sell me AT FULL PRICE with the same void warranty as the KUHMOs. WHAT KIND OF TIRE COMPANY DOESN'T STAND BY THE PRODUCTS THEY SELL? Haralson Tire located at 955 N Main St. Snowflake, AZ 85937 I took pictures and sidewall measurements of the tire and sent them to a dear friend of mine who happens to be a polymer expert. He told me that the info I sent definitely indicates a manufacturer defect in sidewall of the tire. Today I went to Discount Tire and showed the salesman my blown out KUHMO. He meticulously examined it then turned to me and stated, "It's clearly a manufacturer's defect. I'm surprised you got as many miles out of it as you did!" So I bought the Hankooks from this young man and I got a 70,000 mile pro-rated warranty at no extra cost. While the young fellow was ringing up my sale, he said, "I am an authorized KUHMO distributor so I'm going to give you the pro-rated credit on that defective tire and apply it to the Hankooks, okay?" "ABSOLUTELY!" I replied while doing a happy dance in their lobby. Although they were very busy, I was in and out within an hour. Save yourself some heartache, time, money and stress by avoiding the likes of Steve at Haralson and travel about 30 miles up the road to Show Low's Discount Tire where you'll be treated with respect and dignity while getting a fair and honest deal.
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Warranty issue