I purchased my beautiful boy Black Jack from Happy Creek

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The home is lovely, no flying finches. Her cats were all beautiful. My B J is a wonderful boy and I would recommend Happy Creek to my friends. Having pets and breeding are totally different. Yes, every breeder I have ever dealt with has you sign a breeding agreement to protect their investment. I have never had a breeder spay or neuter the cat. First shots are the norm. This is not the ASPCA My boy is a tuxedo. I was buying the breed not showing him. He is 100% Ragdoll sweet and floppy.
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Thank you for the compliments Donna. Black Jack is such a handsome fellow and evidently has quite a few admirers as I've seen your picture of him posted on several other people's Facebook posts.

Kharis Ivd
map-marker Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Rebuttal from Happy Creek Farm Ragdolls Breeder

First of all if a complaint were legitimate the person should have the courage to personally address the person that the complaint is being directed at which never happened. They instead chose to list it as anonymous. This person obviously never visited my home and cattery as we have not had finches for several years and the information about that had to have been garnered from the introduction on the home page of my website which was never changed from the original posting of our site many years ago. I have been a ragdoll breeder for nearly twenty years and take great pride in our cattery and the kittens that we offer for adoption to loving, caring and responsible families who I feel will love and nurture them the way that we have. Kittens going to a new home at ten weeks of age will not have completed their full series of kitten vaccinations because the four way vaccine that is given cannot be administered until nine weeks of age and the next two vaccinations should be a month apart and then the rabies separately after that. No, I do not believe in early "speuter" (spay/neuter)in pedigreed kittens as I do not feel that a kitten at 6-10 weeks of age should have to be anesthetized at approximately 2 lbs. I prefer the surgery at 6 months when they have reached approximately 5-6 lbs. and have a more substantial size and body weight. Early speuter of shelter and feral cats is a different story in preventing the spread of rampant feline diseases in that particular community of cats which is totally necessary along with the increase of feral cats and kittens continuing to indiscriminately reproduce. I have a two year health guarantee and have always had a contract with a well-defined health guarantee and stand behind my cats and kittens. I am not a hoarder of cats and do not have cats running all over my home and in every corner. Our breeder cats have a specialized area but our spayed pet ragdolls and the kittens after weaning from the dam live and are socialized "underfoot" with us thus giving their new families a personable, and very much loved, handled and played with kitten that adjusts quickly to their new home because their only relationship with people is built on trust, love and lack of fear versus only knowing feline companionship. Yes, I do have a spay/neuter clause in my contract and their pedigree registration papers are released after proof of spay/neuter is received. I do not want "backyard breeders" who know nothing about breeding indiscriminately breeding my kittens to another cat that may be within the same lines and producing "inbred" kittens. My breeder cats are DNA tested to assure to the best of my ability the good health of the offspring produced by my cattery. If a "kink" in the tail that does not in any way affect the kitten's health is noted by my Vet during the full feline assessment and Vet Certification examination that will be noted on the kitten's paperwork from the Vet which all new owners receive a copy of attached to their contract along with a four generational pedigree lineage. One third to approximately half of Happy Creek Farm's customers are repeat customers or referrals from customers who have adopted my kittens and I do think that speaks well of our standards. All of our cats and kittens are guaranteed Felv and FIV free and I find it very sad that malicious people will anonymously malign and erroneously slander a competent and dedicated breeder who truly loves the cats and kittens that she raises and the joy that they bring to others.
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I have two fantastic kittens from this breeder, who is also a wonderful person. As for the prices being excessive, do you have any idea how much time and money goes into breeding these cats?

Her cats and kittens are extraordinarily well kept. Both cats and kittens are kept inside their house and walking in you'd never know that there was even a single cat in the house.

That right there will tell you something about this breeder. She breeds extremely high quality and loving animals, and if you're so concerned about price, get a shelter cat.


You should not be breeding animals anyway. ADOPT DON'T SHOP.

Breeding is a form of animal cruelty.

There are already thousands of homeless animals in the world. Please support your local shelter.

Kharis Ivd

Thank you so much Lydia. You and your husband are one of my favorite "Happy Creek Farm Fairy Tales" that I love to tell about.

You first came to me as a single Mom with your beautiful little 4 year old daughter who couldn't afford a kitten but promised that you would be back one day. One day the bell rang and you were with your "Prince Charming" and thought that I wouldn't remember you but I did because I was so touched by you and your little princess on that first visit. You just wanted to show your boyfriend at the time the kittens and then were on your way. Maybe an hour later the bell rang again and I was the first to see your beautiful engagement ring that the "Prince" had presented you with at the "Willows" down the street.

He bought you Bailey as an engagement present.

It is so gratifying to have 30% of my customers who are "repeat customers" and know that my little "angels in fur coats" give so much joy to those who adopt them and love them. Thank you again for taking the time to tell people what Happy Creek Farm Ragdolls are truly all about.

Leslie Kupstas, Owner/Breeder of Happy Creek Farm Ragdolls


I have been too happy Creek Farms in the past six months…and 14years before that to get our perfect bailey. This year We adopted one of the most gorgeous, special, precious beings in the world.

Our beloved ragdoll cat came to us socialized friendly and fully litter box trained. Yes, she was expensive but she was totally worth it. I will go back to happy creek for sure. Leslie,at happy creek, was nothing less than professional, friendly and helpful.

She has a beautiful clean house and is not a horder.

We were able to match with the perfect cat to fit our families personality.

I would recomend getting a rag doll from them for sure.

Lydia B wayne pa

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map-marker Chatham, New Jersey

Breeder over priced..

I took I ride to see a kitten for a 1,ooo at happy creek farm Ragdolls. She is more of a hoarder than a breeder. Animals are in this area and more in this corner. Her comedy hour is having finches fly in the home so her cats will let her know when there out. Eek. I left of course and purchased a wonderful Ragdoll kitten that was already spayed for $600 at a breeder that even shows her cats! They are out there! Don't be fooled. Please note that u can't show solid Ragdolls and tica doesn't let u show them in the ring.
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Just a comment on the non pointed cats and that they cannot be shown. The non pointed are commonly called "solids" by Ragdoll breeders.

They are able to be shown in the "New Traits" category in the TICA registry. The mink and sepia colored cats are also referred to as "solids" which they really aren't solid but a darker version of the pointed gene. There are many places on the internet that one can read up on this. The solids were used in the originators breeding program but when a number of breeders who bought their cats from Ann Baker for a number of different reasons broke away from their agreements with her formed a group that introduced the Ragdoll to the various cat associations as being of 4 pointed colors in the 3 color patterns.

The solids have been registered and sometimes shown in the New Traits since the mid 1980's and 1 time there was a vote to try and bring the colors to championship but because of not enough for it, they were voted down. There is now a current push to sometime in the short future to try and vote them to championship again.

Kamya Nrl

BUYER BEWARE! I purchased 2 cats from this woman.

And while I love them to death and wouldn't trade them for the world, I wouldn't recommend this woman or this place to anyone looking for a kitten. She's in it for the money and nothing else. She charges outrageous amounts of money for cats that you can get anywhere else for a fraction of the price. Plus, she doesn't spay or neuter them, and only gives them their first series of shots.

For what she charges, these cats should have all their shots and be spayed or neutered by them time you get them. In addition, she makes you sign a contract that you won't breed them! You also don't get their papers until you prove to her that they have been spayed or neutered. Who is she to tell you what you can do with your cats?!?!

She doesn't guarantee their health, either. Once I brought my cats home and had them to the vet to be 'fixed', I found out that my male cat had a broken tail! Like I said, it's all about the money with her. If it wasn't, she wouldn't care if you bred your cats or not.

If I hadn't fallen in love with my cats when I first saw them, I would've told her where to go.

You can get purebred ragdoll cats with papers, fully vaccinated, and "fixed" for so much less than this woman charges. Please, do your research before deciding on where to adopt.

Jamahl Fkv

Anonymous, I would like to dispute your comments regarding the Happy Creek Farm Ragdolls. We purchased 3 ragdolls from Happy Creek Farms.

One in 2010 and then we went back for 2 more in 2011. Never once saw any finches; nor felt the owner to be a hoarder. The owner was very pleasant and very knowledgeble about the history of the breed and caring for the breed. This was our first purchase from a breeder and the owner took the time to answer any and all questions we had.

The kittens came to us very socialized and are a joy. I would highly recommend this breeder to anyone looking for a ragdoll.

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This is a Backyard Variant Ragdoll Breeder who DOES NOT know the History of the Breed or her cats!!! LOL.

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