Hangar Trampoline Park - Sanitary Conditions Review

I was their A few weekends ago with my kids, we went to the snack bar and the food was so pricey. But that wasn't the problem they had these hot dogs that were huge and figured would satisfy my boys till dinner. I asked for 3 he said it take 15mins, so they finished jumping as I sat and waited. I saw the worker grab the hot dogs and put on the roatator. But he used his hands, and not tongues or gloves. I caught him doing so and told him to give me a refund or put in gloves and redo the dogs. He re did the dogs and I got a refund. But I didn't take them. Disgusting, they don't know proper cooking procedures. I thought all places needed to have food handlers card??? I know they don't serving food that way.
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Bad quality

Hangar Trampoline Park - Customer Care Review

I was their over the Christmas break and the cashier smelled like alcohol, let alone didn't look of age to drink. Told my husband he didn't believe me till he was with my kids jumping and he smelt it on the other co workers. We stayed away from the staff for our safety, never going back. Irresponsible to let staff drink alcohol and come to work especially underage. Safe to say we won't be going here ever again.
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Poor customer service

Fun but

I was at your park on Tuesday with my daughter. Amazing establishment my daughter had lots of fun just could not get a coupon because they only wanted instagram post, the only big concern I had was some older kid was walking around the whole park and going through employee areas as if he owned the place.It was unsettling to me that some random kid ,was walking around and I having my daughter there. I asked the people working there who the kid was in the superman shirt and they stated he was a supervisor. I was concerned about random people that didnt pay walking around my child.
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Place is awesome and clean.

down side was the cashier was way to handsy and smelled.

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Riverside, California
  • Great place
  • Unpaid people randomly going through employee areas

Last visit

I attended your park for the first and unfortunately last time on Friday of last week with my son. Upon coming in at 4 or so. Your cashiers were great they assisted very much. However, as my son is jumping and there are other kids in the park also. I see all the staff huddling up together talking. I didn’t care at first and didn’t say anything. Then kids got rough and the staff was still huddled and I didn’t want my son’s first experience to a park to be bad. I asked to speak to the manager about the situation. Some kid walks up to me in a assigned shirt,some faded jeans and a backwards hat and no name tag with an attitude. I simply state never mind. And took my son away from the rougher kids and let him enjoy his time. I could not take this place seriously, I seen other staff with a I would assume proper attire and I see this child come up stating he is in charge dressed as he was and behaving as rude as he did. He was very unprofessional looking and addressed me unprofessionally. Unclear as to how you allow that behavior and dress be the face of your park. I definitely won’t take my child back to this place.
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I am not sure whats going on with this place, but I always brought my kids here but the past week the park has been lacking.

It is really dirty and doesn't seem like it has been maintained.

The bathrooms smell like they are not cleaned and there are stains on the carpets that smells are forming from.

When you walk to the snack spot it is all sticky.

Not sure whats going on, but hope they fix the lack of care they currently have. Or I will be taking my kids elsewhere.

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Riverside, California
  • Unprofessional manager
Reason of review
Poor customer service

Hung up on

So i called the other day about a party and the party person spoke to me very rude and abrasive. and she hung up on me. i called back and another girl answered and she said the call disconnected, total lies. i was hung up on. thats horrible way to handle business. I chose not to have my party at your establishment. i can not believe that is how you treat people you want business from. I hope know one else goes to your business with a rude staff like that. I will tell all my friends to go somewhere else.
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I was their with my family last tuesday.

And does anyone even work there?

I saw employees briefly but they were all on the hover boards rather than watching the park. Great you guys have those, but your employees should be working not riding them their whole time we are there.

on top of that, I didnt know whom was working or jumping till employees turned around.

They wore sweaters covering their shirt.

Why should I listen to you when you are not wearing proper visible work clothes. Not sure if a manager was there, but if they were and the way they were working is how they run things, thats truly sad.


On Saturday around 11am, my family went to your park.

When we walked in we were greeted by I would say a door greeter you would see at hotels.

So we are enjoying are time, then we had a little problem with kids playing too rough with our kids.

We asked to speak to the manager in charge and the door greeter came to us.

Not only were we shocked it was the door greeter, but this kid whom is in charge didn’t know what to do or handle what was happening.

My husband and I were disappointed how this so called manager address things, My son looks older than him and he is 15. Not sure if this kid was on a trial position or not, but he is very unprofessional.


That must be the same kid we dealt with yesterday.

We went in and he said we don’t open till 3pm. Yet he had people jumping prior to 3pm.

It was 240ish.

I think his name was angelo or something

So we could not jump early but the people that walked in few seconds.

Before us could jump. That kid was very unprofessional.


Last Monday I was at the park and I had my son jumping.

as he jumped I asked about parties and a little girl came out, I do not recall her name. I got my info.

and walked away, as I noticed the other staff I asked another girl working and I asked if it was dress code to not wear a bra while at work? because this is a family environment and that is unacceptable.

She looked at me shocked and apologized for the mishap, If was not for my son liking the park I would not be there. I know to not ask about parties from her though.

But you need to get tell workers that bras are needed at this family park.


my son had his party here on saturday and had some problems.

so the girl had the manager come over and speak to us.

here comes some kid with jeans and a black shirt on saying he is the manager.

I look around and see the workers in an outfit.

I dont know if this kid was really management.

He had nothing to show he was. none the less my wife handled things and i walked away. Very unprofessional.


If you do a party here ask for the guy ryan.

Cause of him I got a party for almost fully free.

just dont have him be your host, he was horrible.

could not get anything that was promised for the party.

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Moreno Valley, California
  • There bad service
Reason of review
Poor customer service

Hangar Trampoline Park - Staff Review from Acton, California

I visited this place for the first time today I was here for not even 10 minutes and a whistle was blown by a crew member that was standing no more than 3 feet away from me. he told me I cannot stand in the same square as my 1 year old daughter. so I said okay and then i sat down on one of the islands in the middle. I begin to watch these crew members that are kids themselves and they're just laughing and playing and singing songs. in the same instance an adult had to jump from square to square and then jumped onto the island right next to the crew member that had blown his whistle at me. this person did not receive a whistle and it clearly states in the rules not to jump from square to square to island because you can get a sprained or broken bone. when I look around some more I see kids jumping in the same squares, my kids included. none of the crew members seem to care about them no correction or whistle was blown at them.as I'm sitting there watching my one year old daughter not even jumping just sitting another crew member comes up to me and tells me I cannot sit then put his whistle in his mouth as if he was going to blow it. at this point I feel like I am being singled out. I asked for a manager and there was none here just a supervisor that was playing with the other kid crew members. I asked for a refund because I wasn't even here for 15 minutes and I was being harassed.the supervisor told me he cannot give a refund so I asked for a corporate number and he couldn't give me one. 10 minutes later he approaches me and apologizes for his crew members and told me they are going to back off. I feel there should be more responsible more professional crew members supervising the children that are playing here. not little kids worrying about me standing watching my daughter or even sitting. I will never attend this place again.
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Acton, California
Reason of review
Poor customer service

Hangar Trampoline Park - Birthday Party Review from Perris, California

Called the lady to schedule my sons birthday horrible service left a message got back to be like the day before the party she had the worst attitude ordered the pizzas wrong and had a mean face the whole time I was paying she had an I hate my life attitude like really?? well I spent my 300 and just tried to ignore her! over all the park was amazing! clean! Friendly staff really young great vibe just don't schedule parties the short dark chubby Mexican lady that helped me is horrible!!
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I saw these reviews and I had to give one myself.

I went to the park yesterday prior to arriving, I looked online and called stating the park opened at noon. However upon arrival you guys weren't open.

But a gentleman named Daniel assisted me, he informed me that the hours were in the process of being changed and that you opened at 3pm.

I was about to cry, it was my sons birthday and he wanted to come here and we are from redlands.

Daniel informed me the correct time and how to go about attending.

He is a lifesaver and a gentleman,he saved my sons birthday.

Plus, once I came with my kids to jump, I noticed he was the most professional employee I have ever met and he made your park the better experience than the park in redlands. I wish he had been working still to thank him for all his help.


They told me cupcakes come in the package, though i do not want cupcakes i want to bring a cake like i did with my childs soccer teams party.

the packages now are so overpriced and they went back to single drinks again instead of liters. they keep changing things, I would not be surprised if they lose business cause of what they are doing.


So yesterday I went to book a party because the online settings were not working properly (could not even do a waiver online for my youngest son) and the number they gave online was not the same as the last time I had called about their hours.

So I went in to book a Hangar 13 for my kids birthday and the lady said we do not do it anymore.

Though they have papers stating they have Hangar 13 in the facility and it also states online the Hangar 13 package.

I also come to find out this morning from a friend that tried booking her god daughters party online, that the prices changed from the package paper to online information so that is very misleading, not sure whats going on now but whomever does your work needs to get on the same page with what you have.

I do not know why this occurred but it was very misleading and I am not coming back here ever again.

I was basically lied to with your false advertising.


so my friend had her party there over the weekend and it was horrible.

the front desk was horrible. they took forever to check us in and they did it wrong.

the person in charge she was so rude.

that we did not want to deal with her for the rest of the day.

their was a rude court monitor also, that decided to tell others what management said would be allowed.

and the manager, not sure how he is a manager.

apparently they put a new person that did not now what to do, to do our party and well she did her best. we asked to speak to the manager on countless occasions and he never once showed. instead another coordinator came and tried his best to smooth things over but only so much he could do, since the manager chose to ignore us. the manager and the girl coordinator promised us so much and did not deliver.

and the place was a hot box, no ac, it was hotter inside than outside. if your letting kids run this place this is what you get, only 2 people there that actually tried to fix these mistakes, though they could not do much. they did try.

I give them that. I hope they fix these problems, your business is two minutes from my home but I will travel to take my kids somewhere else, if that is the case.

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Perris, California
Reason of review
Poor customer service
New Reviewer

Horrible place