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I had Handyman hardware of Florissant, MO replace my 2 entry doors to my home. They took measurements for my new doors (prehungs) plus storm doors. They mis-measured one of the doors and I lost 1" of height. The installers did a below average job installing. Installer broke a piece of the floor molding next to the door when he tried to remove the whole section.(it is old molding, not made any more.) The front door dead bolt would not ingauge all the way into the door frame when in the locked position. I can see light when the door is closed between the frame and door in one area. Installer did not caulk all 3 sides of the new doors interior molding. Installer smeared caulk on to the flooring in front of the door. The front storm door was a poor install. Missing at least 10 screws. The door handle lined-up poorly with the hole in the door frame (almost missed the hole completely.) When the back storm door was assembled a piece was missing. I called them back and told them about the dead bolt problem. Sent one of the installers back to fix it, he repaired it and the dead bolt worked. Do to a one bad storm door it was replaced under warranty (not their fault) They sent a different man out this time his name was Jim. He did a great job, he assembled the new storm door the right way using all the pieces that were supposed to be used (unlike the first installer.) He checked the front storm door and couldn't believe how poorly it was installed. He installed the rest of the screws that should have been there. He pulled apart the frame and reassembled and lined it up the right way so it would close correctly. I also had them (the first 2 installers) build a 2x4 and dry wall partition about 6' tall and 3' out from the wall. The guy that did the dry wall mud was a joke! (this is the same guy who did the front storm door the first time...I'm not surprised!) In the 3 days he took to apply and sand the mud he NEVER cleaned up, dust EVERYWERE! the floor, table and counter tops. In fact this wall was so wavy I knew it would never be straight after the 3rd coat so, I took about 1-2 gals. of the mud he left overnight and when he left after he sanded the 3rd coat the final day I reapplyed another coat and sanded the next day to fix his wavy mess. It came across to me as the 2 installers that came to work on my house the first time just didn't give a ***! BTW, The installer Jim, he installed a water heater for me a few months earlier and did an outstanding job. Went the extra mile and put a few extra screws in the duct work so nothing would pull apart. If you have work done by Handyman True Value Hardware in Florissant, MO ask for JIM!
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The problem is they pay poorly. They can't get people with many years of experience to stay or even start.

Now the door knobs and dead bolts on the doors they installed are loose.

I had to disassemble them and use blue Lock Tite on all the screws, something they should have done when first installed. Bunch of dumb A$$'s!


tru value emolyees are dumb

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