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Horrifyingly Slow Deposit Refund and Other Payment

Never EVER do business with this company. Sleezy, lying, crapheads with no reason to be in business. After about 3 months I finally go tmy deposit refund and even after 5 months I still am waiting for a check for the washer & dryer I sold them. Complaint: Rented property from Hall Associates and hav enot received refund of desposit. Without full detail: informed Hall Associates of desired vanacy of property and release from contract as prescribed in contract. Contract states 60 day notice of intended vacancy. September 8th 2012 designated and scheduled as "check-out" date and followed prescribed 60-day vacancy notice. Inspection occured and satisfactory (see signed document if necessary on file with Hall Associates). In the contract (and state law as I am sure you are aware), a rental property manager/owner must refund desposit, less deductions, within 45 days of vacancy. As of November 1st, 2012 no refund received. This date exceeds 45 days by more than a 7-day grace period. Business Response: Mr. *******: I just received notice of your complaint regarding the return of your security deposit (the person listed with the BBB is no longer employed by Hall Associates). We are in the process this morning of updating our contact information with the Better Business Bureau [BULL CRAP!]. I sincerely apologize for the delay and assure you that a check will go in the mail to you today [NEVER HAPPENED]. Sincerely, ***** *****, Managing Partner ###-###-#### relkin@***.com Consumer Response: Mr. ***** left a message on Monday November the 12th. He promised a "check in the e-mail by the end of the business day." He did leave a return phone number but I did not return an answer as I wanted to wait for the check instead of continuously engaging in meaningless conversation and empty apology.No check is received as of November 17, 2012. I am sincerely disgruntled and feel the company is inept and incapable of resolving the issue. They have held my money since September 8th, the original (and signatured by a Hall Associates representative) checkout date. This far exceeds the 45 day mandate to return a deposit. At this point I am desiring legal recourse or significant alternative recourse such as public complaint with the city or chamber of commerce if payment is not received by November 23rd, 2012. This is a showing of extraordinarily poor business practice, poor top management, lack of coordination, insincerity, and inability to execute among many other items. I am a professional businessperson with management experience and find this company abysmally worthless. I am more than dismayed at the service of this company.
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Ty Wilde
Ty Wilde

Ty Wilde is the Utah Realtor and New Home Construction Specialist with over 15 years of experience. He helps people to go through the process of buying or selling a home.