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Don't get me wrong the bundles were thick and I have installed the hair 6 times and it has not thin out but it gets so tangled in a matter of seconds that you would have to keep it in a frizzes up and doesn't take heat very well. The shipping took over 3 weeks *** to the point I forgot I ordered it. I asked for a refund and the man wouldn't let me he claimed the *** hair was going to arrive soon. The hair texture is dry and the ends...
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This is the worst hair I have EVER purchased!220 dollars gone down the drain! The video is the day after having it sown in. I was instructed to send a video to a 310 number and the guy who respond ask why I was sending it to him. After attempting to speak with him on the phone I discovered he just wanted to argue. If you are looking for good or exceptional customer service NEVER ORDER HERE! he told me my mom, who has been doing hair 24 years was...
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Anonymous You obviously have no idea how to brush long hair. You never yank on it - you start by holding a lock at bottom 4 inches and gently brushing to the ends. Move hand up and brus...

Hair Everywhere Peruvian Hair Extension Review

I ordered Peruvian body wave and this hair is horrible ....although they have bundle deals, it's definitely not worth it...had I known what I know now & I also should have read the reviews I wouldn't have spent my money on this dry tangled nappy hair. I'll stick to she's happy hair!!! (Do Not Buy Any Hair From This Company)