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Hair Club in Los Angeles, California - Hail club is a rip off

i went to hair club in ontario california after some showing me some vidios they berformed some test on my scalp the said I will have hair growing with in thee months they wanted to sing me up for a one year I chose 6 months my hair keep falling off a i had a lot of irritation from the treatment they said it was normal after the 6 months was up i was in worst shape than when I started the manager said I NEED TO INPLANTS AFTER THEY GARANTEED THE THEATMENTMENT WAS GOING TO WORK I asked to speak to the manager Romina Ballini sevral times she would return my calls
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This is a respond to DANI75. girl is not all about hair lost.

is about lies they say on their ads and things they don't not even on their initial consultations. now let me tell you what they don't. they attach your hair piece with liquid glue and taps which is messy,dirty,melts all the times. once complain they push for upgrades which clients are being strong armed to pay way more to get more services in turn don't even fix ones constant about charging $2000 for a WIG which only cost $200 on line.

weekly visits will cost clients hundreds per month which hair club never tells clients before contract. is about constant lies,deceptions begins with jumps from plane,swims all that lies. in fact it holds lightly and will comes off with little lift up. is about contract worth thousands and don't even hold on their initial obligations to provide care.

is scam. so with all do respect lady go on line take a good look of what this club is all about and why they lost millions,$42 millions in the 2011 alone?

remember overwhelmed majority of this clubs clients are their for WIG at the cost of thousands where one can easily purchase on line for only few hundreds and save thousands per year. GLAD TO BE HELP


I can't tell who is real on here and who isn't. I just signed with HC last week.

And while I noticed alot of angry men on here....who say it's scam. Guess what!? There is no known cure for hairloss. You ain't getting your hair back and neither am I!

So either man-up and pay up or shave it. MEN have that option. As a single "YOUNG" women..I don't! And not many of you men would be interested in dating a bald girl.

So though everyone is entitled to their opinions....don't hate because you feel like it. I'm not an HC employee or anything like that. I'm very real girl dealing with hairloss since I was 21 yo. I don't even have my hair yet...but I got to imagine anything is better than what I'm going thru.

I've done the cheap wig thing and it's not for me. My brother did this for 5 years before he decided to just shave it. But I know it worked for him. Yes.

It's expensive but Hairloss unfortunately like everything else in this world....has an expensive fix.

So for all you who just post just to post....Shave your hair off and quit your ***. Us women...don't have that option


This is comment is for Dani75, these forums are here to help others understand what to expect when you do go to the HC, yes they will sell you a lace wig but the problem comes when it's wrong to rob you blind while doing it!!! Lace wigs don't cost a car payment every month, and you can get them anywhere on the internet.If the HC just plain told the truth and say we offer LACE wigs/ Toupees and didn't pretend in their commercials that it was something else, then all would end well,but thst's not the case.

Remember you just signed with them and still new to the game, come back after the first 6 months and tell me if you still thik the same when they will start hounding you to upgrade!! You now have first hand information from the inside,what you do with it is on you!


hi, i red your review and i liked it. yes hair club is indeed a scam and rip off nationwide.

i hope you have already left this fraudulent scam club.!

good luck. I'm planning class action lawsuit against this scam can join if you like.

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