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I am having a very bad experience with HC I started my proces in Jan 2017 it has been nothing but dishonesty and deceit I went in for a xtrand and ending up with cheap wigs and adhesive I payed 4,445.oo dollars they so call accidentally took what others hair I had and said oops that was not suppose to happen it was terrible the hair shed like a dog and ugly they kept lying saying the water i use to shampoo is whats making the hair so bad like I... Read more

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If you are considering the Hair Club I advise you not to use it. They are very expensive. Their products is full lace wig that is glue on with Acrylic adhesive. I'm very oily person the adhesive would nor stay on. The hair clud manager stated l was not doing something right at home.How can l be doing something wrong when l using you're product's. They order the wrong hair, glue wouldn't sticks most of the time or it trun white on my forhead just... Read more

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Dishonest, scam for a $6000 wig that is litteraly glued to your head. They don't tell you the truth before you sign the contract in that it lasts a few months before shedding because they know less people would sign. You would need to purchase another $6000 glued on wig after a few months to keep up the cycle.

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My total payment would be 3500. Consultant told me that I can pay as low as $25 a month but when I got my bill, my minimum payment is $584. I don't know why they do this otherwise I won't signed up

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Very bad experience, they charge super expensive and that's not true. Are pure lies, I could never get my hair back. I just got ripped off with lots of money. Read more

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Horrible people and very dishonest. Once contract signed..hard to get calls returned. Am considering legal actions .. Townson. Md branch.. Read more

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Hair club for women is dishonest. They never told me about the x strand plus.It wasn't until I came for the procedure that I found out x strand plus, is nothing more than a wig that is glued to your scalp . The option of getting into different program was never given to me . The Fort Lauderdale *** artist who interviewed me just put me into a program where I get three wigs for $4,500.00 when I realized that its just a wig i told her that I... Read more

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I went to Hair Club in Ohio and I was told I could pick the hair color and style. First of all, it took about 5 months to get the hair and it was AWFUL. I ended up just taking it after the second failed attempt on their part. Long story short, they are nothing but a very expensive SCAM. They withhold information and you will end up paying for a shaved head with gluef on hair and you have to go back to them every 4-6 weeks. When i quit after... Read more

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I have been a client of Hair Club for a number of year, not knowing the situation that would occur. When you first go to Hair Club they shave down your hair and apply polyfuse (glue) to your scalp so the matrix system can be applied. Now to take the matrix system off, the clinician uses a liquid and pulls the matrix from your scalp, they might also buzz and pull the matrix system off, by prolong use of gluing and pulling this will create what is... Read more

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I am currently a member of Hair Club in Canada. The commercials tricked me into thinking that this company would be able to help me with my hair loss at the top of my head, and give me my confidence back. :(( They told me my hair would not grow back and shaved it further so the glue would stick better for the cap they had to put on my head (so they said, found out later not true)> There are so many new products available for hair loss that I am... Read more

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