Companies that Offer Hair Butter

African Pride
94 reviews
Carols Daughter
87 reviews

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African Pride - Hair fell out


Perhaps you inadvertently bought the "Masai" version of the product. The women of that African tribe usually shave their heads once they reach adulthood for cultural reasons. ...

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African Pride - Hair loss and thining


I just used relaxing system and realized i forgot to put step 2A in the mixture after i already applied it to my head. Will that cause any problems or anything


Carols Daughter - Worst product I have ever used.

African Pride - My curly pudding looks like curdled milk and it smells .

African Pride - Curl styling cluster and texurizer

Carols Daughter - No response to damaged product


I made a purchase 2 wks ago and still have not received it, I called customer service and was told it was taken back the the post office due to the package being undeliverable...

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Carols Daughter - Sadden