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They take whatever they want out of your account!

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Haifa Wholesale LLC - They take whatever they want out of your account!
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Original review Oct 01, 2023

This company is the most disgraceful company I have ever come in contact with. They stole $1282.34 out of my account.

They sale faulty electronics. I did a return on a PS5, gave it to a Wal-Mart associate that okayed everything and gave me my refund receipt. The store ships item back, they issue my refund. 1 week later, I have a charge on my card for $641.17.

I call and speak with a manager and they said that sometimes their systems miscodes returns and reassured me that my money will be returned. I check my account 2 days later and they had not retirned my money BUT INSTEAD TOOK ANOTHER $641.17!!! I called to speak with a manager again and she was so rude. She stated that the company said that the PS5 was damaged so they charged me twice for 2 PS5s that I do not have.

How is this even possible? Why give me my money back, just to take it twice 1 week later? I asked where the PS5s were. She stated that the seller has them and they are keeping them and not refunding my money because thats Wal-Marts policy.

I am livid!!! They warned "us" about shopping at Wal-Mart.

Never again!!! Be careful and beware.

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  • Liars
  • Theives
  • Sale faulty electronics then refuse refunds

Preferred solution: Full refund

User's recommendation: There are so many other companies that sale electronics. Avoid this one at all cost!