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Fraud Company stay away. I bought $30 and 30 days monthly plan for Unlimited Talk, Text and MMS. They are charging me per minutes use charges and sending me the text messages with the remaining balance. which is totally wrong. My plan suppose to be for 30 days unlimited. Called the customer service this morning and person over the phone yes it is unlimited plan. But still getting messages after each use charges. i went online and chat with the... Read more

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H20 claims they don't throttle your data usage which is a lie. Bad service

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I called H2O for technical help I had no message pictures nor could I send them. I had no internet. I asked the represenative to help me. She spoke with a very pronounced foreign accent. She told me you need data? I said yes and messages. She proceeded to give me instructions to go to settings what to type in. She started with the letter..p or t or m or lord knows. I said do you mean P as in Paul she said the letter again with the word and I... Read more

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H20 contacted via email. Refused to issue a credit or refund. Said they considered the issue resolved. Only thing resolved was they kept my $50.00 for 6 days of service. Grade F minus.

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I called because my baby put the forward calling on and I cant turn it off and they said to dial a number and I did so and it doesn't work so after 30 min of waiting and he said it would be solved it didn't do I had to call back for another 30 min

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This is a hoax. H2O never respond to email and phone call correctly. They will either take weeks to answer an email or put you on wait for hours on the phone until your battery is out. Don't enroll in their automatic recharge or they will keep charging you until you sick of them and decide to spend half a day to get rid of them. This is a hoax. H2O never respond to email and phone call correctly. They will either take weeks to answer an email or... Read more

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Had taken the H2O SIM while in USA. Though it reads 4G internet I could barely get 2G speed. You have to dial the number again manually every time you call international. Does not pick the number you dialed from contacts on your phone. PLEASE DONT CHOOSE AUTOPAY... you CANNOT STOP IT ONCE STARTED. No customer support. Keep dealing customer support ... you will be on hold for 15 mins and then it disconnects. No response to emails either. Been 2... Read more

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Im h20 customer but why such a *** customer service peoples the spanish lady picked my phone started in spanish When i said no spanish she hungup on me. Im trying to reach customer service it taking forever. All i want to change my account for auto re fill. Please call me at 703-839-0589

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I paid my bill on Oct. 23 my phone was never turned back on so I called CS back and was told I never paid my bill. I had to wait until the following morning and then be told 500 different stories such as payment was declined, payment was processed but no amount was enter to they did receive payment but have refunded. I switched service providers (best thing ever) but have yet to be refunded. I email bank statements and proof of payment made but... Read more

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H20 stated they would send me another phone that would migrate with their system since my wouldn't as of January 1. I tried several times from October to December to get a phone. They stated they sent it to me but I never got it. In January my phone service and texting stopped working on my phone. I contacted H20 daily and got the ring-a-round. "We need to fill out a form and get this expedited for you." "Sorry you feel this way." When asked how... Read more

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