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We purchase Helena from guarden Rottweiler in 08. Best family dog around newborns to grown ups. Will go into work mode at a command. Very Smart dog ,she was unlocking her puppy cage at 9 month, opening latched door at 14 months. Never bit anyone. Not once. But she was a great guard dog. Alice breeds some great dogs. Helena was on paper work, But we new and love her as ROXIE. There dogs are some of the best. I have had American Rottweilers before.
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I will be leaving in a couple of weeks for the ADRK KLUBSIEGER, the world's most prestigious Rottweiler Specialty show. Only the absolute best of the best breeders compete with some of the most magnificent Rottweilers ever to grace the earth. The amount of breeders here in the US that can compete at that level are slim to none. And not only am I going to KS, but I will be competing with YOUR DOG's MOM and 2 of her siblings!! Out of all the...
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Jenna, I obviously do not have transcripts from our phone conversations, but I do have the emails. Even when I was frustrated by your insinuations, I tried my absolute best to be patient and professional. Now, everyone can read the unbiased version for themselves and pass their own judgement. *NOTE* this is all copy/pasted from all of the emails I have archived and I am very happy to send screen shots, etc. to anyone in the event that the...
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Anonymous Sorry- it will only post so much at a time- here is part 2
jenna jones
to alice
Alice, we just received registration papers in the mail to fill out and p...