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GTeam is shady

I found this very interesting article -****-mnc-employees-sad-moment-of-truth.html GTeam is part of Trilogy, which in turn is a subsidiary of Versata, which is owned by ESW capital. Versata was delisted from Nasdaq after it failed to comply to some rules. In the article they explain how ESW took over a software company in India and sold of it's intellectual property. I don't know about taxes, but I think that GTeam hires and fires so many people only to grab a hold of software patents - people are hired for a week in the so-called " trail period". During this time, the employee is given certain task and strives to deliver the best results. The company then pretends the results were not satisfactory and fires the employee without payment. Basically GTeam has the patent for whatever the employess produce and do not pay anything. These companies also make lots of money by buying off companies in difficult financial situations and selling them afterward piece by piece.
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Bucharest, Bucharest
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Not as described/ advertised

Stay away from gdev_ankurjain

They pay less than offered. They offer $30 per hour, then only pay you $20 (claiming that $10 is withheld for taxes). However, they never pay the taxes with that money. The $30 offer is really bait. Their jobs actually pay the $20 per hour. They poach on people on Elance and oDesk. Stay Away. If offered an invitation, don't accept it. All the money goes to a company outside the US. It's not a real job. is their elance listing. This company is committing fraud. They offer $30 per hour, then say they need $10 per hour as withholding taxes. But this is not legal unless the contractor is a W2 employee. In fact, such behavior is illegal.
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Ypsilanti, Michigan
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Not as described/ advertised
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leave the US

Lack of Integrity and incompetence of managers and officers

This company is the same as DevFactory, gDev FZ LLC, Versata, Trilogy. Please google all the reviews for these companies. Most of the negative comments/reviews have truth in it, those people who wrote "very" positive reviews just haven't experienced it yet. I know, because I've been with them for a year. Initially it was okay, but as I'm gaining momentum in the team, so is the boss/manager's weaknesses/incompetence being exposed too. That's when my experience with them started to be flipped upside down. First move they did is isolation, they excluded me from meetings, and never gave me updates about what's going on internally in the team. Second move they did is they tried to make me quit, by disputing a lot of my time-cards so that my payment will be significantly reduced, this have no valid basis of course, as my work/output is well documented. Third move they did is they tried to make me look bad to the external client that I am working for. Lastly, they fired me without any due process, no talk, no explanation, no valid reasons. It's like, it just happened in one second. Don't waste your time on companies like this, Most of their management is a bunch of incompetent and unskilled Indians. The kind of people who just like to talk and show off to the clients, but doesn't posses the substance and integrity to back up their words. Heck, I did several business with DevFactory's CEO(Rahul Subramaniam) and he makes promises and words that he never intend to fulfill. These hordes of officers that sprung up from 3rd world India are very good at things like this, the rampantness of deception is heavily ingrained in the culture of their business.
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Posting a bad review about a company or Person who fired you is a normal response but this shows how scared you are from Indians who can really work hard and fire people who does not.


Company is a piece of *** as its run by the slumdog millionaire who stole the local americans job and exploiting our country by infiltrating his own kind from 3rd world to America.When will we ever get rid of these cheaters..


Thanks pall, Your English is better than theirs. If I had known they were Indians I wouldn't have applied in the first place.


There is no harm in firing such immature person who write about others in public, You are saying your version and your view, but no one know what you delivered and what is the view of company on you, right?




if that is so company has to lets us know what is right, I may apply for job I need to know what is your companies credibility.

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Refused Payment

I was hired by gTeam FZ LLC for recruiter specialist.I have done 24 conversions.Even this was not a condition. Now they are not paying me anything. They took all my 24 conversions and now they are not replying. gTeam FZ LLC is totally denying any payment.I have worked for 2 weeks for this company. It is all my hard work for which I am asking hem to pay. I was hired through which is freelance hiring platform. I even cannot get any support from odesk as they do not support fixed pay jobs Please help to get my worth pay. Abrar
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Dude,You are screwed.Same *** happened to me too.So i stopped doing that.

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New Reviewer

GTeam FZ LLC , gDev FZ LLC

**gTeam FZ LLC is a sister concern of Versata, Trilogy. Formally they were active on oDesk by the name of devFactory / gDev. Now a days they have changed their name to gTeam FZ LLC.** In short, all of these are just another name!!! Please find a very crisp review about this gTeam, gDev, devFactroy primarily active as a biggest employer on freelancing sites like oDesk, eLance etc. I want to write a lot about this DevFactory / gDev FZ LLC / gTeam FZ LLC (,, but due to time constraint, I m trying to tell maximum in few lines.... Their intention is to save US government taxes, by routing their income from US to Dubai (a tax free zone!) And as IRS (Internal revenue services) wants a detail of every penny flows outside US by US firm, they have to legitimately show that they have hired people and paid them and that is how their Dubai firm had made a lot of profit!!! And this is why they hire people on oDesk and eLance. i.e. Just to show US authority (IRS), and Not to get any genuine work done!!!! And while achieving this(enforced payment to show IRS), they have done a mutual benefit contract with oDesk or eLance that while achieving their goal of saving tax, they will promote this freelancing culture and their sites. So for that, they will send invites to mostly all oDesk or eLance users, luring them with an extra ordinary payment offer (starting from 15$ per hour, 40hr/week), and lure them to apply for an interview and test. Then they will try to engage you maximum in the process using a highly un-predictable course of actions (in other words, you will be never informed in advance about what will happen when (exact in time)), and most importantly once you gave online test and a brief skype interview, you will never know from when your contract will start. **So they will try maximum to detach you from your ongoing work/job!!!!** Once offered a contract, their immediate goal is to annoy/irritate/frustrate you to terminate your contract (there are thousands of ways to do this, you will get to know once you get a contract). If you won't get annoyed enough to terminate your contract by yourself, they will kick you out siting a performance reason!!! **So, once they offered you a contract, their immediate goal will be to kick you out as soon as possible.** So that they can cover maximum number of freelancers in their budget! (of Course they don't have a money plant to pay you 10$ to 30$ per hour, 40hr/week!!!).They need to pay in proportion of book amount/profit they want to transfer from US to Dubai! So please don't get trapped!!! Don't leave your full time job looking at their luring offer! **They don't want to pay you for a long time at all, in fact they will try to get rid of you as early as possible after taking you on board!** And Finally, don't ever think that they have some serious/genuine work for you to get it done!!! It is the worst time pass in IT ever!!! Disclaimer: This is a personal views of a writer and do not constitutes any legal claims.
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I have just been interviewed by this company after giving the online test previously.The interview was quite good/ok, and they asked me to work at-least 8 hours delicately towards their work as I said that I wont leave my current full time job. And they said you have to be open to not just particular kind of work but any work.

I gave the interview for experience only but now I want an honest opinion on this...I would really appreciate that.

Thanks in advance.


very true


I've been doing an "assignment" as a test for the last couple of days, thank you for sharing this info, you saved my family's well-being :)


1) I don't understand how can make a financial vehicle. You must prove also pays not only hiring people.

2) You must have a reserve from start, so the ideea is to have extra income (freelancer).

3) 15$ per hour is not an extra ordinary payment offer.

I'm from Romania, a poor country. Here a programmer is payed with 1000 euro (800 has a beginer as C++ or Java programmer), if he has over 3 years experience in can achive 1500 euro. For 1000 euro the firm and employer pay 80% taxes. A rent for a floor (80 - 100 persons slimmed) from buiding is 10000 euro maybe more in center of Bucharest.

Of course you pay electrical power, water, medical insurance, life insurance,etc so for 1000 euro net the budget is 3000 euro for a person.

So if you pay 15 $ and you monitor every minute, is ok for them. Here in Romania come firms from Austria, Belgia, Italy, Spain open offices because is chip to buy a programmer from Romania (in Norway as example a programmer can have 10 000 euro plus taxes if is very good and has experience ). So is ok to come in Romania 3000 or more for a programmer competitive.

I think there is some advantages for GTeam from this schema:

1. Budged is fixed: 15 $ to 30 per hour.

No bonuses, no motivation, no team buiding, no rent buiding medical insurance, equipment for employer etc., Of course they have virtual enviroment budgeded also. 2. Results. If you don't have it you are kick out.

Also, if you are not competitive or come somebody to work for less than 15 $ or crises appear etc It's a jungle.

3. Is possible that managers could be incompetent, so if the project goes down probably you will be fired.


it is not true odes k can never make a fraud million of people are working in o desk .


For all the detail explanations of what happened with me and the real time wrestling between me and representatives of gTeam/devFactory is available in comment section of this review...


I want to work with gDev...Please help me what can i do?


This is true


I am working for gdev now gteam, been with them for more than 2 years, my pay is good and very stable...I dont know why you were released, havent you asked yourself that?


Please search "devfactory review on mouthshut" on Google and find the review on mouthshut. Go through all comments written over there and you will get your answer. I can paste links here, so little hard-work will be needed :)

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