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do not use Groupon getaways. They use third parties and do not send merchants your Groupon in a timely manner. Groupon will not admit to being slow is sending information and due to this I was left without any recourse but to have my credit card company dispute the...
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I didn't like
  • Groupon does not take responsibility for their mistake
  • Scam
  • Horrible customer service
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Ordered a necklace for my girlfriend, and never received it. The company gave a bogus tracking number, kept my money, and of course groupon is the hardest company to contact through phone or email. They seem to purposely hide an info to contact them or their...
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I liked
  • Prices
I didn't like
  • Losing money
  • Rude not responsive
  • Getting screwed over
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have 2 unexpired Groupons that I tried to use to register for classes. First, the location I purchased yoga classes for was not available and my redemption code was no good. I tried the next Groupon for kickboxing classes and his redemption code was not good for...
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Other Product Review

Same issue as previous Groupon customer. Ordered three items, so far two were wrong. Wrong color and the other was wrong size. But at less than 15.00 each I'm not going through the headache of trying to return. Just irritated and probably won't order again.

Return Label Review

Can not retrieve a return Shipping Label FROM My computer! I have left 2 separate "virtual holds" with no call backs and I have emailed 3 times needing help with getting a return shipping label! My time is running out for a return and a refund!!!!!!

Bought a $100 deal for $50. I could never reach the business after trying to contact them for over a month. I contacted Groupon and they asked me to be patient. They said that they would contact the business and all would be straightened out. After several back and...
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