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Groupon is so disappointing!!!! I simply need to return a groupon I have purchased. First of all, groupon processed my purchase as two separate order, which means I was sold for the same groupon twice, and get charged twice, unwillingly, and unknowingly, until I check...
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I requested a refund for two groupons within the 7 days of purchase and customer service emailed me saying that they refunded the total amount in "GROUPON BUCKS" credited to my groupon account!!! I emailed back and clarified that I needed the money refunded into my...
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I bought two coupons from on November 4, 2012. The confirmation email I received from Groupon the same day stated that there was no expiration date for either coupon. On February 25, 2013, I received an email from Groupon "reminding" me to use my coupons...
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An investigation by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has resulted in Groupon being told it has to seriously clean up its act. They were informed that they had broken a number of consumer regulations and were given just three months to get their act together or face...
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My wife paid $39.00 for a Groupon which promised $150.00 towards a pair of eyeglasses. When she when to the store she was showed frames that would have been better sold in a 99 cents store. The bait and switch routine was than applied and a decent pair glasses was...
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Groupon lures consumers with "half price" offers and a very "simple" money back guarantee. I bought a half-price offer not realizing that I had less than sixty days to take advantage of the offer or I would lose the promotional value (not my original investment) I...
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