I joined Groupon in 2010, getting coupons for restaurants, a few deal on travel. Seemed to work out okay. But, in the last few years I have noticed that the website has more merchandise, and really, they are not "deals", usually junk and seconds from a jobbers lot. But, I kept my account, in case a restaurant came up or something... Then, my account was hacked. Someone had ordered 5 Apple TV's, and Ray Ban sunglasses on my account. $700.00 in...
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Groupon advertises a 24 week subscription to the Boston Herald Sunday edition only that retails for $136.00 for $70.00 (49% off). The problem is that the cost of home delivery of the Sunday edition is $66.00 - nowhere near the $136. This is a rip-off! Without thinking I purchased it thinking I was getting a deal. I called the Boston Herald to activate the Groupon and they were the ones who told me that the cost was $66 which I confirmed on...
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I ordered two sets of color ink cartridges through Groupon at a cost of $44. I received the cartridges (1/8/15) and put them beneath my printer so when I ran out I would have them available. I ran out on 2/25/15 and tried to change out the cartridges but the digital readout stated not OEM and this product is not the correct cartridge. At that point I looked at the mating side of the new cartridge and the original one and in fact it was not...
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I liked
  • Discounts
I didn't like
  • Cheap and nasty items
  • Customer service
  • No honor to me for there mistake


I bought a weekend getaway to Niagara Falls. Scheduled my visit for 11/21/14. In the few days leading up to that Friday, the Buffalo area got hit with eight FEET of snow. The New York State Thruway was closed. No way to get through Buffalo (we were coming from Rochester), I had to cancel my reservation. My fiance and I are both 60 yr. olds; not smart for us to be trying to navigate through snow covered roads that the NY State Police say not to...
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