I placed and order of 2 sets of diamond earrings and I had an appraisal done on both sets, one set claimed to be 3/4 carat and a VS1 and VS2 (good clarity) clarity, the appraisal came back and the carats was 0.64 and the clarity was I1 (bad clarity). The other set of Diamonds is supposed to be 1.5 carats and the appraisal came back at 1.30 carats. I have the receipts from groupon and appraisal with me if needed to be provided. If I would have...
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I didn't like
  • Groupon does not take responsibility for their mistake
Purchased 4 from Groupon last year as a Christmas present for grandchildren ages 4-9 years of age.Three encountered cracked screens within a week.The last turns on to start up screen but does not turn off. Children were disappointed as they looked forward to having their very first "kid friendly" tablets that resembles a Samsung tablet. The product came with a case of different colors, a stylus, and a carrying case. The $200 dollars loss has...
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Anonymous I also purchased one of these. It came in the wrong color decided to just keep it. I then turned it on to charge for my grand daughter and it did not work. I sent it back k...

I recently bought a Pro-Form 225 CSE Elliptical. Once we try it we noticed how much the machine rocks. We try different surfaces, adjusting the feet and tighten up the screws, but the problem persisted. After using it like that for a month I started developing a pain on my left knee because of the rocking motion. Also the console seems not to turn off after the machine is stopped and batteries have to be change every two weeks. So after spending...
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I didn't like
  • Lack of response
  • Cheap made products sales
  • False advertizing

Used toy purchase Review

Groupon - Review about Used Item Purchase from Mesa, Arizona
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I bought a personal item from Groupon. The We Vibe 2. It was USED! The toy and bag it came with had fluids on it!!

100% full

I ordered an LG tablet through Groupon. It never arrived. The information I provided Groupon was disregarded. I contacted them several times. The one email response I did get clearly demonstrated they had no intention of helping resolve the problem. The response simply repeated back to me the information I provided them. Subsequent communications with them have not been responded to. I did find a phone number and attempted to call Groupon. So...
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I liked
  • Ability to disregard customer concerns
I didn't like
  • Lack of response to delivery problem
I purchased play tickets on Aug 3 for a show on Sept 17. I purchased early so I could get a good seat but I was never able to print out my ticket. By the end of August I started to email and call to find out why, that's when I was informed that I would not be able to print my ticket until the day of the show. I asked for a refund since it had been a month and I still did not have the product that I purchased. I wanted to just go to the...
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I didn't like
  • Trick customers and dont deliver product
Excellent prices and quality. Got a nice one carat diamond ring for 439!!! Zales charged my husband for a total weight set that was less than a carat total 2500!! I had lost my ring and always wanted a Solitare and got a notification that the carat was 439. I didn't believe it but I got an awesome 1ct stone that is better quality than what is offered at Zales for 3999. It was better than the original one he paid so much for that was small and...
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Anonymous It's cubic zirconion.... does it cut glass.


100% full

Our daughter's tablet has been a hunk of junk since she we bought it! We have not ordered anything from Groupon since purchasing the bad tablet. It stopped working in less than two months. She set it on our dining room table… NOW, the battery has swollen to 5 times the size, which has caused the tablet to SPLIT IN TWO! We are going to be handing it over to our local Fire Department for proper disposal AND to have this tablet (FIRE HAZARD) on...
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I didn't like
  • Being sold shoddy equipment
Made a order for a shoe cabinet. It was stated fainal sale unless defected. Guess what it came damaged. The box has been dropped. Big crushed Mack and hole. For two weeks very day I e-mail them. No answer!!! Now I have turned to my bank. WELL NEVER USE AGAIN!
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I purchased an engagment ring set advertising 1 cttw. When I received it, of course I was a little sceptical since I got the engagement set for so cheap and got it appraised. So glad I did!! Turned out to be about half the weight. 5/8 cttw to exact. See for yourself : item number ENGS50906EW Other sites are truthful and say it's only 5/8 cttw, while Groupon claims its a full 1CT. I called for a refund and they agreed to take it back. Waiting...
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I was browsing through groupon looking to score a good deal when I found a huge scam. First of all they are trying to pass off a cheaply made generic bag for $179 bucks as retail, and is now only $19.99. See those kinds of generic purses all the time, there is no way that anyone is *** enough to believe that costed nearly 180 bucks for a generic piece of ***. Saw all the other groupon reviews, which were mostly terrible. They can count me out...
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Ani0087 Judging by these pics, I'm sure there are many other products that they overprice the retail. They're claiming you get 80% or more discount on already cheap items. What liars....