Greg Jones from HIALEAH, FLORIDA is a CROOK THAT STOLE MY BELONGING FROM THE WEREHOUSE I RENTED FROM HIM WHILE THE CASE IS IN THE COURTS. GREGG TOOL AND DIE IN HIALEAH IS A DIRTY *** OF A MAN. I AM GOING TO CLOSE HIS PATHETIC DIRTY BUSINESS and recover all of my things he stole from me. I am going to sue him personally and run him out of business. Greg Jones from Hialeal is all lies and he will steal your money and belongings from you. I...
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one nut jones Just another example of the 1% folks like Greg Jones holding the 99% down. You go Luis. Maybe an occupy Hialeah event would help your cause.


Parrot I love Greg Jones. He is my fav boy toy. XOXOXO Greg love.

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