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Mr Brennan criminal lawyer for husband

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Mr Brennan was very easy to work with, he makes himself available anytime you need to speak with him. He fights hard for his clients and have won a lot of cases on his clients behalf. Mr Brennan thank you for helping us, and fighting for my husbands freedom. I will highly recommend you to others.
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User's recommendation: Hire Mr Brennan you won’t go wrong.

map-marker Naples, Florida

Gregg Brennan is an EXCELLENT attorney

The original poster must have some serious mental issues as I have dealt with attorney Brennan for years. He has been helping me with an on-going family law matter and has always been courteous and professional and has always demonstrated a firm understanding of the law. Contrary to the initial posting, attorney Brennan does not have a dirty house, even though he does work out of his home I don't see anything wrong with it. I wish I could work out of mine, and would actually rather work out of his as it is very nice. Attorney Brennan is not an inexpensive lawyer, but he's not the most expensive one I've ever dealt with by a long shot, and he has earned every dollar I've paid him so far. I'm in business myself, and I know you can't please all of your customers or clients all the time. You're always at risk of getting one crank who will never be satisfied with your services even if you do a good job for them. Always consider the source, as attorney Brennan has pointed out this Brady fellow seems to have some serious issues of his own.
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I noticed that the poster did not use his name which tells anyone smart enough to read that he Lawyer posted this on himself!

map-marker Naples, Florida

We have been slandered by Gregg Brennan

It was just brought to our attention here at The National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards, (NBPES) that a Lawyer named Gregg Brennan of Summerfield, FL has been slandering our good name by making false and misleading claims to a third party not involved with our organization. The slander was in the form of emails that this so called Lawyer sent to a third party. I am also told that he is using an alias name of AKA Paul Graff of Lessburg and filing false complaints all over the internet involving us and a distinguished doctor by the name of Dr. Brady. Although the AKA cannot be proven at this time, we will be able to establish the connection, very soon. It should be mentioned we have only had one complaint , no court actions of any kind and no fines in 20 years of operation here in Central Florida with more than 10,000 happy students to date, so our reputation is almost impeccable and we are more than willing to compare ours with any educational organization in the country. This one complaint involved a crazy man in Indonesia who we refused to certify due to his being crazy. He filed more than one dozen complaints, (told you he was crazy) including several with the State of Florida, all were closed out in our favor within 6 months. The State of Florida in the end commended us for not doing business with this crazy man. So you see our reputation is very important to us here at the National Board… and we are VERY protective of it. It should be said that we have not done any business with him or as far as we know anybody he knows. There is NO truth to any of his allegations in his emails or blogs that he has presented as facts. We have been told by former clients of his that this lying/slandering man who holds himself out as a cheap Lawyer is a very bad lawyer to say the least, to the point that he is scamming people of their hard earned money with improper representation. Yes we have been told he is that bad of a Lawyer. It should be noted he works from his dirty house as he must not be able to afford an office. He lists himself out as a PA, Professional Association except he is a one man band. We have this day filed a Bar Association complaint against this Lawyer for his actions. We have also been informed that others have filed recent Bar Complaints and other complaints as well.
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Just so you know, slander is verbal! Libel is written. Truth is an absolute defense to any claims of slander / libel.

Sade Ukh

The only bar complaint that was ever filed was by Mr. Brady.

In a letter to Mr. Brady from the Florida Bar dated July 28, 2014, they advised him that there was no basis to his complaint and it was dismissed.

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This complaint is still open and active, check for yourself before doing any business with this lying crook!

Sade Ukh
reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-869665

Sure. You can go and call Ms.

Maura Canter, who is the author of the July 28, 2014 letter which stated that Mr. Brady's complaint was without merit. She is with the Attorney Consumer Assistance Program with the Florida Bar and their number is 800-651-****.

You can decide for yourself whether or not "Customer", who did not even have the courage to post using his own name, is being truthful or just blowing hot air.

Sade Ukh

Also, regarding Mr. Brady's claim that he has had no court actions filed against him, please go to the Marion County, Florida Clerk of Court website at: and click on the "case search" link under Courts and type in Dennis Brady's name.

You will find Mr. Brady listed as the defendant in multiple civil actions:





42-2005-SC-218-A Also if you go to www.alachuacountyus/depts/clerk to the Alachua County Clerk of Courts site and enter a case search for Dennis A. Brady, DOB 5/26/1950, you will find a misdemeanor case number for a worthless check case in which Mr. Brady was the listed defendant: 01-2008-MM-3129-A So take Mr.

Brady and this "National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards" which is so supportive of him that they filed the initial complaint under the handle of "anonymous" claims with a huge grain of salt.

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Dennis Brady is a scammer. He's also involved in something called the American Association for Higher Education and Accreditation, which is apparently a scam to try and get people to buy "accreditation" for their diploma mills.

It doesn't look like anyone's falling for it, as the AAHEA isn't accredited to do any accrediting of their own. LOL. Irony huh? Like this previous poster stated, Brady's got a history of failing to pay his bills and has been sued by at least one credit card company after running up almost ten thousand bucks on the cards that were issued to people involved with the AAHEA, one of whom was Brady's own wife.

Guess you didn't get many takers on that 1 million dollar honorary president scholarship huh Dennis? Oh, and get this, this "National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards" has received accreditation from....AAHEA. Brady is using one scam to try and lend legitimacy to his other scams.

He's a joke, you'll see by doing a search online for him and you'll come across his lovely mug shot from when he was arrested for impersonating a cop.

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One only needs to check to find out there is no such person as a "Denny Doda" of Daytona Beach, FL. don't take my word check for yourself.

Now lets check the truth on all of his phony rant.

When you call AAHEA you will find out that Dr. Brady has not been there in many years and that he is NOT involved in anyway. You will also see that he severed with distinction as Vice President for 6 years before he stepped down to pursue other endeavors. NOTE: I was told this was a non paid position and that Dr.

Brady received NO compensation of any kind.

Now as far as there phony accreditation work, I found with a little research that this very distinguished 145 year old Higher education organization known as AAHEA not only set the standards for all colleges to follow since, but they also set the accreditation standards for The US Department of Education. Now if they are not qualified to accredit, I would like to ask, who is exactly?

Now according to Dr. Brady's LinkedIn profile he has been retired from NBPES for many years now so I am not sure what this *** is referring to or why other then trying to run him down with a whole lot of lies.

Now for the big one, this so called arrest.

Well if you bothered to check the official record you would see that this case never went to court but in fact was dropped and a public apology to Dr. Brady was given for the "false arrest" from the Alachua county D.A. who dropped the charges and wiped the record clean, no trace of the arrest remains except for the newspaper which did a retraction. As for the Lt.

who made the false arrest he was found negligent by internal affairs and demoted back to the street as a street deputy. How do I know all these facts? I represented Dr. Brady.

The Lt. was later found guilty of molesting an underage girl, so much for his credibility!

As for Mr. Brennan, I would strongly suggest that you get your facts straight and stop bad mouthing a very good man.

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You represented this clown Brady there "*** Lynch"? Are you a licensed attorney, or another pretender like Dave Chesson and Brady himself?

Only attorney in Florida listed with a name similar to yours is a Paul Richard Lynch out of Tampa. Is that you? If so, why would an attorney who practices in business and transactions take a small time criminal case in a county that is over a hundred miles away?

You're a fraud "*** Lynch" as I've seen that pseudonym on other boards defending this stubborn old clown Brady before. I think you're Brady or Dave Chesson and you're trying to make it look like there are other people out there who give a *** about defending Brady.

Sade Ukh

Dennis A. Brady (a/k/a D.A.

Brady, a/k/a "Doc" Brady) is a former client of mine who retained my office to represent him in a small claims action. Despite the fact that we prevailed in the small claims action, to the amount of $2,600.00, Mr. Brady became irate when I requested that he pay a contractually owed amount of $115.00 to cover the cost of having the process server serve his witnesses so they would appear at trial on his behalf. Mr.

Brady then claimed dissatisfaction with my work, claiming that the matter could have been settled before trial despite the fact Mr. Brady was present at the mediation with the defendant who did not want to settle.

Mr. Brady was reminded via e-mail on October 25, 2013 to provide me with all documents he wanted to introduce into evidence at trial and failed to do so until the day of trial, which was well after the court deadline to file those documents. Mr.

Brady then accused me of failing to pursue further damages after failing to produce those documents to me in a timely manner and stated that he was not going to pay the $115.00 and made various threats to attempt to ruin my business which he is now apparently following up on.

As much as Mr. Brady would like it to be true, any complaints from "Paul Graff of Leesburg, FL" did not come from my office. Mr. Brady apparently received a complaint regarding his business and wants to place blame on my office.

Mr. Brady's statements regarding bar complaints being filed are lies as this office maintains a clean record with the Florida Bar, as well as an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau.

The fact that Mr. Brady has no concept of what a "professional association" means or is is yet another indicator that he has no idea what he is talking about.

A professional association is a structured corporate entity under the laws of the State of Florida and it is entirely appropriate for a sole professional to incorporate as a professional association. Our website clearly states that Gregg Brennan is the sole practicing attorney in the firm, so for Mr.

Brady to claim that this office is misleading anyone is laughable.


Please note that The National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards has to do with hypnotherapy in the United Kingdom ( England, Wales, Scotland ). This is only one of several bizarre internet complaints against this "attorney".

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