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2 hours waitin in Heatrhow Holiday Inn Hotel for.Finally get one car with lower specs that the one originally booked. The car has no fuel and is in pretty bad condition (multiple scratches all over the place, alloy wheels damaged, etc). I am still waiting for my deposit (£400) one month after returning the car. Sent GreenMotion mails and tried to reach by phone, but lines always busy. GreenMotion, thank you very much for ruin my Christmast Trip...
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I didn't like
  • Waiting time
  • Didnt get my deposit back
  • Difficulty to contact customer service
I do not think I was responsible for the damage and having read reviews from other customers complaining of the exact same thing it would appear that it is fairly common practice. A year previously my partner rented a car from the Gatwick branch and the guy checking the car accused her of causing damage to the wheel but would ´let her off´ if she gave him a good review on the website! My advice - avoid Green Motion like the plague and if you...
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We rented a car in Glasgow two months in advance traveling from Germany. When we returned the car after two weeks the Green Motion employee told me the company that we booked the car with (Atlasoption) went bankrupt so they have the authority to charge us with the amount that we initially payed because they didn't receice the money from Atlasoption. We tried to argue that this was not our fault and requested explanation why we are supposed to...
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I didn't like
  • Theft
  • Fraud
  • Unfair charges
I rented from them after I read the reviews.Buyer beware for sure. My last day with the car I scratched the front left rim and put a small cut in the rubber of the tire. I paid for that Ok my fault. But 3 weeks after I get home they try to charge my credit card again for a bogus 103.68 charge. My CC company contacted me immediately about this. They cancelled the charge and are issuing me a new card ASAP. So like the rest of the people who...
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When I returned car there was ( according to attendant) a minute dent. He spotted this on the second inspection trip around car. . I honestly couldn't see it. I have photos taken and can't see a dent or anything. We were charged £156 for this and because time was pressing we decided to pay and fight on line. It really ruined our holiday. My wife is apoplectic with rage and unfair tretament. BEWARE. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Just wondering if any one had same issue with this car Peugeot...
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JustSaying22 We have spoken to others who have hired from this outfit with the same problem. If you hire again, I can recommend Enterprise. They have a card with a hole a little larger tha...

I liked
  • Check in
I didn't like
  • Charged for false damage
Dear reader, After reading your article regarding customer complaints with Green Motion I felt compelled to share my experience. We had to wait in line for 3 hours to pick up the car. The employee handing over the car had a ten second walk around the vehicle and when I asked if there was any damage he pointed out scratches on the nearside wheel rims. When we returned the car 3 days later the receiving employee went over the car like a forensic...
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2400€ was a big hole to your holiday budget! The car itself was perfectly new, Peugeot 208, lazy as donkey but that was about we were ordered. When we finally left there were about 30 unlycky families on the line still waiting for they car. PS. Somethin happened during this two weeks because the return of the car took only about 10 minutes and after few days (after the holiday!) I have got the 2400€ money back to my account. Unfortunately when...
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I didn't like
  • Long wait