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Got in the car which was a jeep renegade, drove nicely, over halfway to our destination in Reykjavik the oil warning light showed up and the dial had a big oil waring light (and I do mean big) in the center, very distracting. I called the office and was reassured that it didn't need oil and in fact they just needed to service it, this was something that should have taken place 1,000km ago but hadn't, no apology just said keep driving you will...
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We rented an old beat up Jeep Grand Cherokee at Keflavik Intl Airport on March 16, 2016 and returned it on March 29, 2016. When we returned it, the guy directly walked towards the hood and looked very carefully and said it had 3 scratches (see attached photo). He then charged me 290,000ISK (US$2360). A week later they refunded US$1435. In the US, it could have been fixed for $100. The scratches might have been there even we picked the car up....
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Lisa We just had the exact same experience with Green Motion. They are a total rip off. Avoid them at all cost. Or if you rent from them, make sure you video the car before you ...


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I didn't like
  • Unfair charges
  • Inflated charges for damage