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Hired a car from Luton UK. the story is long, but the bottom line is the same for all the previous stories you have heard. this is the Worst ever Car Hire Company you should really do yourself a favor and stay clear. staff is unfriendly, they overcharge you on ridiculous things, this is not a one time incident, it's their policy as i have witness with several customers. thier Luton office is well hidden. i have heard many complaints about hat...
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Anonymous can we chat by email, I am preparing an action against them

I didn't like
  • Customer treatment
  • Unfair charges
  • False accusations of damage
Shocking customer service.Booked a car for 10pm, they don't mention an out of office fee after that time of course. Paid 36 pounds for that. Dropped the car off at 7am but the guy wasn't there to receive it til 715am and didn't offer to take us to the terminal. No apology for being late either.Not sure if they will screw me over for fictitious damage as yet but I hear it is common practice for these shysters.
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We were quickly waved on our way in a citroen C1, which had no power at all, not much use in Siciily, in fact I think I rarely got out of second gear. We had a puncture, went to change the wheel and found the spare was exceedingly bald, but had to use it as we were in a remote location. Got tyre mended and replaced on car. Returning to the depot, the office assistant found a very small scuff on the lower part of the front bumper. He wanted to...
Read more Hi, we have set up a Facebook page to collate people's experiences and sending in photographs to warn people of this scam. Some of them have successfully got back their money ...

I didn't like
  • Damage charging policy
  • Extra charges
  • Distance from airport