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Bought & paid for a Jitterbug 2 for my dad whose 89 from BestBuy. BestBuy will not help to set up the service or transfer any data to new phone from old phone! Turn on, port his phone over to new "Jitterbug2", & pay for all services required from GreatCall. Also set up...
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GreatCall - Not being upfront with charges

Thing is I trusted this company be cause John Walsh endorsed it. I gave this company access to my checking account that I can no longer trust nor believe they have the elderly as a means to rip them off. One of the biggest thing is when they rip off customers it is the store reputation that takes the fall "sample BestBuy" takes the fall

GreatCall - How can i get in my account

hi my name is Jackie godwin I need some help can yall help how set one
Customer service
I liked
  • Phones simple use

GreatCall - Someone walked away with my cell phone while I was in the hospital

while I was in the hospital for a hip replacement. someone walked away with my cell phone and pen. I did have the coverage protection for theft or damage but am not interested in getting a new one just yet, instead I rather have a money compensation if possible.

GreatCall - Activation

Bought a GreatCall phone trying to activate

GreatCall - Activation issue

I kept trying to make the user's address the shipping address and it kept defaulting to my address. It's being shipped to FL, but I tried 3 times to change it and couldn't.

GreatCall - Nightmare

Four calls and I still cannot activate new phone. One rep said to charge it and I have been charging it for two hours and it is still in "finishing activation" mode. I went on line to activate and the process stops at "do you want to keep your old number?" I type yes and there is another number to call which is BUSY!!!!!
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I didn't like
  • Got disconnected twice

GreatCall - Voice mail delay

sometimes if someone calls and leaves me a message it doesn't show up on my phone until the next day. Too Late!!!!! called the company and tried to have them fix it with no resolve!

GreatCall - Terrible experience to activate ONLINE

I have bn trying to login to signup for my activation of my new jitterbug and I keep getting th Sad is site to write comments. Sad Sad

GreatCall - Who are these people?

I get a bill for a monthly service - never heard of this company. They ask for my account number - which I give them the account number listed on the invoice. Then they try to pose questions (while they are recording) that make me give them information to sign me up. What a scam. When I ask who they are, they say it is "proprietary information" that they can't give me. Oh okay - I can give YOU information (which I didn't) that you can record and claim I signed up...but you won't tell ME who you are as a company. Sorry not going to happen. Don't trust this company!!!

GreatCall - No $10 off first bill as phone2 ,

bought phone, received first bill, paying with card each month, supposed to take$10 off first bill, did not!!!