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I have worked with Dave on one or two projects. I felt it necessary to state my input, especially with how colorful the last few reviews have been. Dave tries hard. He's a pretty nice guy once you get to know him. HOWEVER, Dave has a lot to work on. His product is not where it needs to be, and his attitude is horribly prideful, and honestly just short of vile, especially when he does not want to respect you. Dave does not respect a lot of his fellow artists, and instead of trying to take what he needs to from everyone he works with, he refuses to learn and grow as he goes along. His application is also sub par, and in my opinion you can find someone who does a much better job. Dave as an artist would be my second to last choice. Combine that with his attitude he drops to dead last. For future reference, a lot of Hollywood artists had black listed him, and he has been known to make threats to those who dare give him any type of constructive criticism. Dave, work on your application, your actual effects, and your attitude. Maybe one of us will ask you to work with us... don't count on it though.
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I'll believe that this wasn't written by an internet troll who's never met me let alone worked with me on not one, but two projects when you identify yourself by name, since that seems to be the most common theme here. *** talking by people who don't actually know me is a very old and widely played game.

If your word is legit, I have no intention of ever working with you anyway, because you come to a page like this to start drama rather than coming to me.

Your message was obviously designed for me to find, as you address me directly.

So... why address me here, rather than directly? Rhetorical question.

Only one answer anyway. You're a troll looking for a place to start drama.

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Los Angeles, California
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Bad quality
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Let the company propose a solution

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Special Operations in the 82nd Airborne? Who you trying to kid? Special operations doesnt exist in the 82nd
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Redding, California
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I've seen this young mans work and cant wait to work with him in the future.He is an artist first and for most.When we discussed what I needed he was personable and very polite and had a lot of wonderful ideals. I think this project will be outstanding.A Halloween to remember.I was impressed by his energy and quickness to understand my needs.His portfolio was a thing of beauty.I know Ill be totally happy with the work and Ill be sure to write a shining review when it is finished.I'm all smiles to get this done.
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Louisville, Kentucky
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Good customer service

Great Undead FX is great!

I went to school with Dave. I believe I was a two semesters ahead of him at the time. Watching how quickly he gained skills in effects before I graduated was truly amazing to watch. The industry was certainly his calling, and he loves what he does! He was and is a kind person who gives open arms and a chance to anyone. He is multi talented and proficient in his trade, and also has shown that he adds personality and fun to it like no one else does. I highly recommend him and guarantee that he will impress. - Cat
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Monessen, Pennsylvania
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Good quality

GREAT Undead FX - The clue is in the name.

There is little I can put about Great Undead FX or the genius that is David Broido that anyone who has the pleasure of knowing him or working with him could also say. I can however express that the quality and consistent high standard of the work he produces is up there with the greats in this world. His originality and overall thought process and progression is astounding, couple that with the fact that David himself has a wonderful personality and you know you're onto a winner. You will not, and could not be disappointed with this company. Like the title says, the clue is in the name, they're not called "Rubbish Undead FX" are they? NO! They're great for a reason! *****
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Did he write this review for himself? Anyone who's interacted with this dude knows that his personality is far from wonderful. Get help dude.

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Reason of review
Good customer service

Great Undead Fx - Review in Professional Services category from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dave definitely knows his stuff. Not only is he incredibly talented, but he is also hilarious. I look forward to seeing his posts on Facebook and seeing what wild, hilarious ideas and opinions he has every single day. He is one of the coolest, most intriguing people I have had the pleasure of knowing. Even though I don't think I know him personally, I feel as though I do. He always takes the time to comment back and look out. Thanks David! Ryan...
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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


My name's Jack, I've never needed to hire Mr, broido for any professional services although I feel I know his work well, as I've seen his work up front and personal I've seen the way he keeps the tools of his trade and keeps his work area very neat clean guy as messy as the trade is. As for the alligations he's a bit rough around the edges he'll tell youu his thoughts and stick to his guns on his beliefs, but never not once has he ever given me reason to believe the kind of verbal *** spewed by this woman below. Hes a vet an animal lover not molester, he's the kind of guy that would be starving with only a piece of food left and still hand over half so you wouldn't starve. Yes deserves more than what this troll ex of his has to say and I'll be punctually attempting to flag this woman's craps once I hit submit.
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David Broido-unprofessional and immature

It looks like this individual doesn't have many friends from the looks of it, all the negative reviews about him and his business. I'd have to say my experience with him is quite the same. David Broido is a very mentally unstable individual. I hope you get the help you desperatlely need. Watch out folks, if you have the slightest argument with him, this individual will try his hardest to destroy you, and seems to have an obsession with telling people to kill themselves. David, just because you claim to have PTSD and seem to be butt hurt about life in general, doesn't give you the right to speak to people this way. Come on now, one day its going to *** you in the ***. I wouldn't do business with this individual for the plain fact that he may end up verbally or even physically attacking you. He's unwell. Good luck to those who have to deal with this very miserable human being.
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LOLOL. Thanks for the heads up, Dennis.

Evidently, writing this review once with only slightly different wording wasn't enough. Hahahahaha


Wow. Hahahahahahaha.

Writing one review with almost the exact same contact wasn't enough?

LOL. You are a sad, sad woman or man.

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New Reviewer

David Broido(great undead fx studio)- immature and unprofessional

I've noticed a few reviews about this guy online, and I can say they are very similar to my experience. This individual seems to be very emotionally unstable and I really hope that you get the help you desperately need. You see, David claims to have PTSD from overseas, which is basically just an excuse to be able to harass customers and get away with it. If you have the slightest disagreement with him, he will do everything in his power to destroy you. More often than not, he will threaten you and then tell you to kill yourself. Come on folks, is this really the kind of individual you want to do business with? I wouldn't risk it personally.
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Yeah, guy, sorry, I have never harassed a single one of my customers, or they wouldn't continue to come back. I do business mostly with repeat customers.

I harass plenty of *** daily though. And now I have one more to add to my list. What's that? I was mean to you?

Want a tissue? Need me to call a whambulance for your hurt little hiney? Shut the *** up, you whiny little ***. If I talked *** to you chances are you deserved it.

And you certainly weren't a customer of mine. I treat my customers, and MOST PEOPLE, with the utmost respect, and the benefit of the doubt. Your benefit of the doubt went right out the *** window when you wrote this review. And twice at that.

Hahahahaha, as Dennis said on your other post, once, wasn't enough? LOL


Your accusations are completely baseless, and not corroborated very solidly by anyone. I am his roommate.

I have to live with this dude. And he's a standup fellow who produces insanely good work, and has unfortunately fallen victim to someone who clearly cannot separate business from pleasure. I believe him when he says he's never met that woman or done business with her. I believe him when he says she is psychotic.

And even if I didn't believe him, her reviews certainly already point to her psychosis. I just met this dude when he moved in with us, and it hasn't been that long, but it's been long enough to see his true colors, and they aren't like what is being described. You are probably just butthurt because you had one argument with him on his YouTube channel or some ***, and it resulted him instructing you to commit suicide. Deal with it.

Again, a personal matter, not reflecting upon his business. When are you whiny people going to learn how to properly utilize this site?

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
New Reviewer

David Broido is a *** and stalker

Sorry folks, I was never David's ex-gf, although he'd like to beleive it so. I never even met him. I turned him down on the okcupid website, and ever since he has been stalking me and even now threatening me. yeah, thats right. He found me on facebook and is now threatening to kill me and my family. This guy is a total nutcase. If you're reading this David, if you ever threaten me again, It will be the last thing you ever do. Get a life loser and move on. I have better things to do than to deal with physchopaths like you.
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This maniac threatened me and my family only because I questioned his prices for his work. A total psycho, avoid at all costs.


Dude. This review isn't even believable, because it's so ridiculously over the top.

If you want to attempt to convince people I'm such an *** with your fake *** reviews, at least make them somewhat palatable.

Same *** reviewer as the next two comments. No one by the name of Scott Place has ever contacted my business.


This guy threatened my life and I don't even know him. He is clearly mentally unstable.

He threatens to have his army friends harm me.

I am taking this to the authorities and having them deal with this. I refuse to allow this man to threaten me and my family because of a post from someone else.


Same troll as above and below with bogus reviews. If you went to the police with a credible threat, I would have been arrested, or at the very least had contact made with me by a detective, NONE OF WHICH OCCURED. You are grasping at straws making these fake reviews.


I had found Mr. Broido online, and was considering him for a commission related to a short film I am writing. Unfortunately, his conduct here has changed my mind about using Great Undead FX as a supplier.


Tricholith Productions doesn't exist. This, and the two completely bogus reviews above it were likely written by the same troll, who's name I won't mention here, for legal reasons.


I dated this *** briefly. He is very talented.

B. He was verbally and emotionally abusive. You was terried he would even hit me he was so insane. I also saw meds for schizophrenia on his night stand.

He's very sick. It's best not to waste time on him.


Jesus. How did I miss this one?

Um, thanks for your horribly backhanded compliment? We never dated, psycho, unless of course every dude who you con into *** you becomes your boyfriend instantly in your mind. Remember that time you came to my loft in the middle of the night, and then you cried & wailed because I wouldn't sleep with you, and when I told you to leave, you then physically assaulted me. Look honey, all of the male population of Philadelphia has been inside you, and I'm sorry I ever was, even once, let alone twice.

Also, you didn't see any meds, because I keep them in my bathroom mirror, not on my nightstand (Also, I don't take any schizophrenia medication and never have).

Nice try on the reversal, Tara, but YOU are the nutbag here. Also, learn how to type with proper English and grammar.


Broido is mentally unbalanced. He needs to seek help.


LOL. You're the same internet troll that wrote the other stuff, too. You're sad, dude.

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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