I am a property manager and I have used great floors for over 10 years. The last 3 years I have tried to get them to give me bids on flooring and they seem to never get to them and in turn makes me look bad to my owners. I have called and called and they never call me back. I will no longer use them and or recommend them to anyone. When Seth worked there everything seemed to be perfect and awesome service. But since he has left it has gone to...
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Sethy You have got to be kidding. This company is alway on time, responsive, and always the lowest price. I have never once had a problem even when I asked them to start a whole h...

This is a horrible place. Do not do business with them you will be disappointed. We had them to our kitchen and bathroom so we can sell it and they destroyed the house. We had painted to house and did so much to sell it and they destroyed it. They ruined the paint destroyed the floor that we just put in. They chipped the wall, and didn't even finish the floor. There was bubbles in the floor and when we tried to talk to them they refused to...
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Canceled medical insurance after employee gave notice to quit. Employee's check was charged for half a month of insurance on the 5th of the month, Great Floors canceled employees insurance on the 31st of the previous month, even though employee's last day of work was on the 4th of the following month. Employee gave notice one week in advance to have last day of employment on Feb 6th, Great Floors stated last day as the 4th, because...
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Poor customer service, didn't call when my order arrived, got my order wrong I am very unhappy with Great Floors in Lacey, Washington. I placed an order for sheet vinyl on Monday, September 17th, 2011. The sales representative did a good job, processed my order and told me they would call me when the order arrived (estimated two working days). The following week I contacted Great Floors in Lacey and was told the order had been in for days along...
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