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yeah same thing happen to me, I send some pictures of my son. and he was chosen to enter to win a $25,000.00 saving bond . free gift if when you enter your baby's photo in the fame and $ 25.00 Dollars gift card .never got it ? my Question is how do we get our $$$$$$money back from this people. What are this people doing with our baby's pictures? Is someone doing something about this company Great American Photo Contest or they going to be... Read more

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Sent a few pictures of my granddaughter in and have been getting a crappie load of emails that she's picked. All they want is eighty dollars from you. They pick All babies if you're willing to pay!

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I got and email sayin my baby girl ky-lynn musgrove was choosing to be in cutest baby in America book paid over $80 and have yet to get my book what do I do???? I can't find any info on them or how to contact them and find out what's going on it was a lot of money and I wAs excited that my little girl made it in the book I have been wait for over 3 months for my book and have yet to receive it can anyone please help get my no my back or at least... Read more

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My grandson was in this contest in may 2014 he received 530 votes and the winner was never even in the contest. It took me two days to go through all the contestants and not one was close to him.

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I know I did the same thing and they took my money too.Plus I didn't recive my book at all

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The Great American baby photo contest is fake website and they are all cheats and thugs. They will let ur baby at top for last days and then in last hours they will make there own winner .nthey are number1 cheats. When I contacted about this forgery and cheating they started giving reasons that were completely weird. They a make a fool out of u asking $60 for photo book with ur baby's photo and will send the book with very small photo. they are... Read more

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I entered my daughter into this contest and she won the november spot. Many people keep talking of how they spent money on entering their children and buying book. Many people did NOT read the rules and should have sent CS questions like I did. You DO NOT need to purchase anything and you DO NOT need to buy books. Because this is a free contest, the advertisements are there because the contest is being sponsored and this is the only way to... Read more

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My daughter did this contest I paid 153.90 for 2 book never got the books call the number to see what was going on the number has been disconnected so needless to say im out my money. They should aleast put a current number so people can contact them in cases like this if they are going to run stuff like this online. Really do hate websites that lure people in like this not fair to people. Must be some more we the people can do to *** out this... Read more

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I had been told by everyone how gorgeous my baby was and I should send his picture in. I decided to do so a few months later. I found this contest and chose it because it was free and I saw the verisecure seal on their page. After I sent the picture in they sent several emails saying they wanted to enter him in the Fame and Fortune contest to win a $25,000. savings bond with an entrance fee of $19.99 and that the judges saw his picture and... Read more

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I have been getting votes for months now and the last winner had less votes than i did.They make you fill out *** just to get you excited and someone else wins with less votes than you really ticks me off.i dont think that it is fair that people canget away with lying to people and waistinh their time.Someone needs to close there sight down so others wont get involved and wish for something that they will never recieve.I am not the only one who... Read more

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