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I totally agree with your statement. The company prays on the elderly. My father passed away and they sold a 30 year policy to my 77 year old mother. She has early stage Alzheimer's and a number of other serious health issue. She should not have been making this decision on her own. They never recommended she have an attorney or family member present to look out for her best interest. The money would be better spent on ensuring she is in the... Read more

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BEWARE OF the (NOT SO) Great American Insurance Group. I rented a storage unit in Rocky Mount, NC and was required to purchase insurance which happened to be with this company. Less than 2 weeks later Hurricane Matthew came thru and my storage unit had water inside which ruined some very valuable items. I was told I would hear from the adjuster within 24 hours. I did receive a phone call saying that they would get back to me the following day... Read more

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my mother passed away and I have made several attempts to determine the value of her annuities and even though I have policy number social security number dead death certificate for them I still have not been given the details of the policy after reading the other comment on great American it doesn't surprise meand would also recommend not purchasing their products Read more

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My life insurance policy was apparently termed out after 15 years. The Great American Life Insurnace (GALIC), without my having received notice from them, just debited $610 from my bank account. They assert that they sent a letter advising me of that change, but I got nothing. I am confident a letter increasing my premium to that degree would have caught my eye. One would assume that in order to debit such a higher amount and re-up the... Read more

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yo tuve una mala experiencia *** la aseguradora (great american ins) esa conpania asugura (cubesmart storage en santa ana cal) mi storage fue robado y ise el reporte nesesario *** la polecia local y cubesmart que me dijeron que me dirijiera *** dicha aseguradora la cual tengo 4 meses y no he recivido ninguna respuesta sobre lo q se robaron la aseguradora no quiso pagar nada!!! asi que de nada sirve que esta conpania cobre mes a mes si cuando... Read more

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These banker should be jailed for their incompetence / possible all out fraud against old and elderly people, we have been trying to liquidate our fathers annuities as we need the money for his care, we have filled out countless forms and asked for the same thing over and over, we are getting the run around and it is not like it is a lot of money. We started this process in November 2013 still no definitive answers from them just more run... Read more

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My attorney gave false information and let my father murder go and never to be heard by a jury. That is all I have to say... how can I continue to fill up the rest of the space necessary just to re submit my complaint? I have been saying the same facts over and over and over again, for about 3 years since about January 2010 but keep getting the silent treatment. However that will never ever and I mean never ever stop my... Read more

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I got hurt on the job in 2011 was off work they paid as was expected for a while then CHRIS started trying to get me released, they hired a I.M.E. the dr said that I was able to go back to work with limitations, that no company would hire me. my dr. said I was not able to return to work. CHRIS went with the I.M.E. report and cut my benefits. I still could not return to work because of the I.M.E. report. so I called him with out seeing him again... Read more

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I had insurance with them when I started my semi trucking business in 2010 My policy was expired 06/15/2012 and I changed insurance companies After I went to anther company they are stil trying to bill me to renew my policy with them They have even sent the bill to a collection angency called Caine & Weiner Im not paying it because I have proof from my bank that I made all payments and then it expired Basiclly they are trying to force me to pay... Read more

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Great American Warranty Co. Congress Ave, Suite 250 Boco Raton, Florida. Sold me a warranty, said mine had expired. I am still am under warranty till 3/5/10 with my current warranty. I have called 866-386-9040 each day since the transaction of $1665.00 to cancel. Answering service only. Left message each day since 9/6/08 till present. They are ripoff artists and I want them stopped. I can not reach them at all. Only answering service. I have had... Read more

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