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Grand Paws Place - Dog Boarding Review from Chaska, Minnesota

If you love your dog, don't bring it here!!! The owner is only in it for the money! She does not care about the dogs whatsoever! I offered her more money is she could walk across her yard to let my elderly dog out one more time before bed, but no, she said her get told her it was ok to keep them kenneled for 12 hours! She didn't give a rats behind that my dog was 12 and couldn't do that! Not to mention they list someone's dog who then got hit by a truck!! Don't believe the good reviews. They are fake!
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Bad quality
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Grand Paws Place Monticello MN let my dog loose then called the cops on me!

I was going on a week vacation and took my dogs to visit Grand Paws Place for the day so they could get aquainted with the place. I had a hard time getting anyone on the phone so left a message as to when I would bring them. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE ONCE I GOT THERE EITHER. I left them ther for 4hrs then when I went to get them a younger girl brought my dogs into the room and they were not on their leashes- just walking around free. She asked me to fill out the paperwork and she was holding the leashes. Just then another customer walked in and had the door open. My dog immediately went over to check her dog out and the lady let my dog out. My dog took off running and I followed her but she ran into the corn field and was gone. I COULDN'T BELIEVE what just happened. I ask the owner, who just now came out from who knows where, if she had a number to call for animal control so we could get people to start looking for her before she runs into the nearby highway. Her response was; "NO I've never had this happen" I asked why she didn't have a double gate at her entrance like most kennels, so this couldn't happen. She went on to blame me for letting her go out. I explained that she wasn't in my possession and was NOT brought out on a leash. She started yelling at me that she had no responsibility for what happened. I was shocked that she didn't offer to help in anyway, she did not acknowledge any sympathy or concern that my dog was running loose!!! She THEN told me to leave her property because I was upset that my dog was in danger. I told her I would not leave in case my dog came back. She called the police because I wouldn't leave. She called me names and made up that I was harassing HER! DO NOT BRING YOUR DOGS TO THIS PLACE. This woman has no idea how to care for dogs and wouldn't lift a finger to help when one was in danger. She has no idea how to interact with people either- a real hothead with no common sense.
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In response to your 'story'. I'm sorry that is your perspective on of what happened.

I was there. Lauren a very experienced dog handler took your dogs in. As you said they were there for daycare, generally daycare parents are in a rush to get to work. So she tried to be polite, take the dogs, and let you be on your way.

At the time of pick up.

I was standing right there. She brought your dogs in. Handed the leashes to you asking if you wanted to leash them. You knodded and said no they should be fine.

When the door opened and your dog ran out. I immediately did what an experienced dog handler should do. Grabbed a leash, and went after them. I tried numerous times to ask you to stop chasing her and yelling her name.

I tried explaining to you that by chasing, and yelling, you're scaring her. I continued following til you chased her into the cornfield.

When you came back, of course you were upset. I tried talking with you. All you were doing is screaming and pointing blame.

The leashes were offered to you, and Lauren asked if you wanted them leashed. You said no.

I was forced to call 911 when you started to threaten me, and were waving your fists in front of my face. I asked you at that point to step back out of the building because quite frankly I was very scared of you, and my staff was too. You continued screaming and threatening to hurt me, waving your fists in my face.

So I called 911.

Within all of the chasing and screaming I was able to catch up to you to suggest, don't chase, talk calm, kneel down to her level. Holding the leash and ask her if she wants to go for a walk. When she came back around the corner, you did do exactly as I suggested, and she walked right up to you. You got her leashed, and turned and continued screaming and threatening me.

A new customer showed up, you turned and started yelling at them. Scaring them to the point she turned and walked back to her car. Sat quietly til you left. That customer still boards with us.

And yes I called the police, as you were threatening to hurt me with your waving fists. If I had seen this 'story' you posted back when you did, I Definately would have responded, and also would have followed through with the restraining order that the officer suggested I file for. He suggested I file to protect me, the business, and the staff that was working that day. I remember the day like it was last week.

That was a very upsetting day for me as well. I run a very successful business. And still don't have double doors. Crazy.

We're celebrating 10 years this summer. And for every 1,000 happy customers, there is one not so happy. I do my best. We are not perfect.

But we certainly try. The 'story' you posted is simply your vision of what you thought happened.

And I'm sorry you feel that way. GrandPaws Place Owner

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HaHa your story is a total fabrication but good try covering your ineptness. Lying seems to go along with your incompetence.

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Or maybe this happened to another customer too as I posted this almost 6 years ago!!! Maybe this happens all the time???


I agree! She is the nastiest, most inhumane, unresponsible dog kennel owner I have ever seen!

as well as her employees! The dog kennel owner is only in it for the money, she does not give ONE IOTA about the dogs and their welfare! Someone just had their dog run off her property again a couple weeks ago, he got hit be a truck and is still missing 3 weeks later!

I would sue her sorry *** off! Hello, put up a second fence, especially since you live by a busy county road.

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Seems she does not care to learn from her mistakes. My friend had her dog there and said the dog could jump over the fence in a certain spot and they never fixed that either.

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