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I bought a hero 4 December of 2015, have tried many times to use this piece of junk!Every time I go to use this camera, I must charge the camera, you cannot shut all the power off! I have yet to actually use this pile! I thought it was just me! I think not! Go pro struck out with this pile of junk! ......... Very very very very disappointed!This go pro is junk!
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martin also have to charge camera each time before using. still unable to pair my iPhone with the camera.and may have to change plans for use. very disappointed. Very complex system ...

Called GoPro from their website info and it took 55 minutes for a lady in the Philippines to complete the order for a camera and helmet mount??? GoPro needs to go train at Amazon! Why do I have to submit at least 100 words. I have told you what you need to know??? This is crazy!!! Let's see... I'm in Florida and it's very warm. Some people in the world don't know how easy life can be when you try to get along instead of being contrary! Is...
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go pro does not work with apple products.Their help is useless and a waste of time. I spent hours on the phone explaining logic to them of what it could not be like the cable they would agree and then go back to the cable like a broken record. I updated my op system still does not work. the worst thing is that i wasted hours on the phone with their uneducated help for nothing. if you have an apple product do not buy go pro it is no designed to...
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