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So I transferred the money to my husband to deposit to our checking via Google Wallett. I transferred $500 and it hung out as unverified so I contacted then and they said it could take up to 10 days for it to fund to my husband's account, which it never did and it was never returned to my school account or my google wallet account. I have spent countless hours on the chat with google and have gotten nowhere. I filed a dispute with my school...
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Anonymous I tried transferring 550.00 from my wallet to my checking account. It's missing and I can't get any where. This happened on 12/31/2016. It's 1/17/2017 and I'm still waiting....

I didn't like
  • Being told my problem is being dealt with when it is not
I have received money through Google Wallet. The website states that the transaction can take up to 24h to complete. After 24h of seeing the received money as "pending", I contact costumer support. They say it may take up to 2 days. I wait two days. Nothing. I contact costumer support again and am asked to wait a little longer. Fine. I wait till next morning and to my surprise, I can see the balance available on my Wallet app. I thought it...
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