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I went in for a simple oil change and 4 HOURS later they had my bill up to $480 and told me pretty much everything on my car needed to be replaced. I already knew I needed 2 tires replaced and was planning on going to Costco right after I left here but they told me they would match and even beat any competitors price. So they quoted me $244 dollars for 2 Michellin Defender XTs which was $20 bucks cheaper so I told them go ahead and do it. THANK...
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My Son who is local University had his car towed into a facility on 4/22/16, and he picked it up on 4/25/16. INVOICE TOTAL $581.48 the only thing they told him was that they were not able to align the car that well.... Really? Upon taking possession of the car my son said it didnt feel right but felt that it was ok to drive based on the opinion the experts at this facility..... For the last month the car really hasn't been used due to the...
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