All these Positive reviews posted here must be written by GOODORIENT everywhere I search i see horrible reviews all with the same issue which is either they ship extremely late or not at all!! How they are getting away with stealing peoples money is beyond my thoughts. DONT BUY FROM THEM!!!!!! They made our wedding day a near disaster !! Luckily we found another seller which is reputable and buyer beware check the reviews first before you...
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Ordered $200 worth of fabric Feb 16th, 2016. It's now May 2nd and I still don't have it. They gave me a tracking # a month after I ordered, which did not work. I emailed them a month after that asking why the tracking wasn't working (it should have been working after 2-3 days after getting it). They said they would resend the order and avoided my question about the tracking # completely. April 28th the tracking finally works. Today I check...
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I have close to $300 tied up with this incompetent company and this has been going on since Oct. They made me pay for my own return and now are refusing to issue my refund. The only reason I had to ship it back was because of their mistake; which they acknowledged. They keep passing me back and forth from "Chris" to "Miranda" and both continue to claim their "english" isn't very good. I call BS on the whole thing. Do not shop here they are...
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Anonymous too funny I am getting emails from Chris and Miranda as well and they have provided ZERO HELP

I liked
  • Selection
I didn't like
  • Lack of integrity
  • No return label
  • Customer service

Goodorient Refund Review

Hi I have order a dress on GoodOrient but it was delivered 2 weeks after and i have paid for express delivery so i had to return the dress but now it been 2 months since i have not received my refund , i have been writing to Chris but now his post responding to my email... My name is Dallyla Uwase Email:
A few days ago, I received my last order, which included a pair of professional Tai Chi leather competition sneakers. Of course, I had to try them out immediately. So I wore them to my Wushu practice. And I am very much pleased. The sneakers are marvelously light to wear, the sole is brilliantly moving (not too sticky or too slippery), and the shoes give you excellent response on the positioning of your foot/ankle/knee and hip. They make you...
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I recently ordered the Sexy Black Gorgette Blouse from your website/company. I absolutely LOVE it! I wore it to work and everyone thought it was stunning. When they asked where I bought this gorgeous blouse, I told them your website. I'm absolutely thrilled with my purchase!!!!! Thank you for having such unique and beautiful clothing. It certainly gives me something different to wear and stand out, and I really love that!!!Your product is...
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Thank you for sending the email to let your customers know that you are all okay and what efforts you are making to help the victims.I forgot to let you know I received my fabric order and all the samples. Thank you again. I love the fabric and am getting ready to make another order.I wanted to ask you, is it possible to order in meters and fractions of meters. For example can you order 1.372 meters which would be 54 inches? Or can you only...
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My goods have finally arrived. I am extremely pleased with this fabric and I thank you for your promptness! Here in Brazil ,Chinese fabrics are not to be found for sale per meter/yard.There are only ready garments in stores,you know,cheongsam dresses and things like that.Eventually I had to buy one of those and dismantle it for re-working the fabrics in a different use....Just wanted to let you know we've got everything. They are lovely!...
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Thank you for your email and for getting back to me so soon. That is such wonderful news... and I knew I would be getting some good news from you soon :) Thank you for helping out with this matter and it's been worth the wait... I don't mind being patient, as long as the matter is resolved, which it seems to be :) Thank you so much. My sister will be so happy when she finally gets her package. Again, thank you SO much for all your help and for...
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I referred my friend to Good Orient because the service I received was to my satisfaction. I will do again with other friends that are interested in the chinese culture. I recently visited the new website and it looks nice. For the chinese chops section it would be good to have a link to generate a chinese name based on american names. Also, it would be good to have a link to show how the seal would look like with the chinese name.Once again...
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Due to the spring festival.We wait for this order for a looong time from China to USA...Maybe feel a little frustrated... When we received this parcel from the postoffice.I open it and found a card together with the parcel.It is reaaly cute.Really exciting...One more things should be metion,The quality, cut, style are superb for adding such beautiful pieces to my wardrobe.They offer me the free shipping for the delay.It is acceptable. They make...
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