While they were on time, both picking up my items in Seattle and dropping them off in Minnesota, BUT I should have been more careful when they brought items in. For some reason, boxes of my great grandmother' china dolls, never made it into my new apartment. Neither did at lease 50 DVDs, a framed autographed picture, and many other items. I called several times and the only responses I received were, "Sometimes that happens" (!) and "Perhaps the...
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I liked
  • Timliness
I didn't like
  • Lost items
  • Theft
I have moved 17 times in the past 22 years. Multi state trips and never had any missing items or damage, until Golden Valley Van Lines came along! Started with a phone call from Eddy who told us about being a family owned business, not like “the other guys”. The move was from Cheyenne WY to Seattle. We were told that our household goods would be stored in Seattle as they had a facility there. On to the move, pick-up day came and went before we...
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I had the worst move ever. First, the guys who loaded were really nice. The guy tim who booked it was nice but then it happened. A week late with my stuff. There were broken boxes, stolen items, my lamp shades were all crused, a set of crystal was shattered, i am missing an apple computer and my husbands camera was smashed. The men who unloaded laughed at us when we were complaing they were throwing things off the truck. They complained that we...
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Short Review for December 18, 2016, pc_service

So once again they lied to us we got an email saying that they're gonna send us hundred and $50 never received it they are liars!!
Do not use this company! You get what you pay for--in this case, little. Pick up was 1 day late on interstate move. Truck to pickup was too small, which I noted upon arrival. It was not the "18 wheeler" Christine promised the day before. They loaded it anyways. The foreman lied to my face and said it was big enough and a 21000 cu. ft. truck. Christine from co. told me later it was truly only an 18000 cu. ft. truck. She then got angry at me...
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Golden valley van lines was my greatest find in terms of moving comfort. They made my move just effortless! When I found them through a website, I was not sure if they would click for us. But they were very detailed oriented for my move. The sales manager scoped my total belongings and gave an exact price. The boys were very fast while packing. I think they have plenty of experience in this area. They did everything properly. All boxes were...
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I just wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation to Golden valley van lines. They made my life much easier from the beginning (booking) to packing all my belongings and delivering them timely in great condition to my new house. No hassle, no issues, just well organized, top notch services from these guys. I strongly recommend this company. I just wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation to Golden valley van lines. They made my life...
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Worst moving company ever!! We had our furniture picked up October 28 they had told us that we would receive our furniture on the second of November we were moving from Denver to Arizona so we were thinking we didn't need a lot of stuff so we just took a couple days worth of clothes with us. Well we made it to Arizona tried calling them nobody would answer the phone and then we did get through voicemail was full and one time I actually got a...
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I understand that the movers have experience at this job but I wasn’t going to let them do things their own way. I had a set of rules that the movers from golden valley van lines had to follow. It was the only way I was ever going to let strangers touch my valuables. The crew of four men arrived on time. They started packing everything up. I was giving them very clear and precise instructions as how to pack each different thing. They actually...
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Actually their marvelous behavior influenced me to write for them. It’s also true that I couldn't ask for any better service. They have been very careful with all my belongings. They carried my furniture and other household items up a narrow flight of stairs. But they went out their way to ensure everything was in good shape and perfect place. Because of their hard work and honesty, I would not hesitate to recommend Golden valley van lines to...
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Golden valley van lines reasonably priced- no surcharges and offered a fair quote. The workers moved our all household items. The young movers from this company were courteous, competent and supportive. They moved our furniture as well as antique artworks without any scratch or dent! It was a great job and their crew handled everything with exceptional strategy. They had no complaint for moving our extra items that was added at the last minute....
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