National general auto insurance company failed to properly update coverage on my policy after someone hit my car even though i called personally a week after the accident to have it changed. Therefore resulting in them not renewing my policy creating a gap in coverage for 30 days now they want to re write my policy at $206 more per month! Its been over a week now and I have talked to a number of people at the company who admit they made a...
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gmac have just launched a new dealer website which is completely useless when told of the faults on the system they tell the dealers ie car dealers example vauxhall well they will have to get the customers back in to resign even though it is thier fault surely there must be some form of compensation for the customers of recompense for fuel usage or taking time off work even though the deaers have done the correct figures on finance docs they...
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I bought a new 2011 Chevy Suburban from Sharon Chevrolet in Phoenix, NY. At the time of purchase, the salesman, Tyler Zinsmeyer asked if I was interested in an extended warranty. I said I'd be interested if I could finance it with the vehicle loan and that I would only want it if it went into service when the factory warranty ended,(36K miles). He said "sure we can make that work"! Well, he should have said "We're gonna F--k this guy over...
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2002 malibu Review

Wi was told 7 yrs ago that my 2002 malibu was paid off never recieved the title couldn't figure out and was told by the dmv that there is not a clear title for the car would like to know what the heck is going on
The Riverdale City Hall GA, is where I walk daily. Upon arriving there I attempted to park into a parking spot. My car jump (accelerated) forward, jumping the curve and stopping short of hitting a tree. Cost to repair is $6721.68. I know that there are a lot going on with GMAC cars. I am more than thankful to GOD that I suffered only minor injuries, just some starches on my leg and arm from climbing out of the car. I really like my car but...
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ransom I just want to see some pictures of the 'starches' on your leg and arm.


cubby Of course the car jumped forward, they all do when you depress the gas pedal and the car is in drive.

GMAC finance/crooks I had a 3 year lease in 1999 I lost everything after my girlfriends son died. We broke up and I stopped working . Car was impounded and GMAC still had tittle. That was 1999 on a 34,000 dollar vehicle with 2 years of pYemenys. It's not their fault I defaulted but I don't see HOW THEY CAN CLAIM BANKRUPT ON TAXPAYERS DIME AND NOW TRY AND GARNISH MY WAGES FOR TJE SUM OF $62,000 dollars. WTF . Did they get a lisence to...
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2006 H2 leased by my boss in 2005 and drove around for several weeks to a month then one day they pick me up and I'm at a dealership that has run my info and put the orginal lease in my name because the prior agreement was eventually denied by gmac, but nothing in the agreement was made clear to me and info on the paperwork was the orginal info from the prior month. Maybe under duress I signed this to get 3 people off my case in a small room,...
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My mom was run through the ringer and this companies customer service reps did nothing but play games when my mom tried to get her home that became underwater after the crash in 2007, my father had died, his medical bills were huge, my mom in her 70s was still working full time, she is fighting to keep her home and GMACs people just played games! Mom finally forced to file bankruptcy when she was laid off. Now she is trying to short sell the...
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I just received a phone call from GMAC, very rude telling me my house payment is LATE and what is the check number etc. I told him to freaken bug off and I NEVER give ANY personal info over the phone when they call me! I told him we made the payment on the 3APR and its not late until after the 15APR!!!! He said he isn't calling about a late fee, but rudely said I"M LATE. I told the Butt-Wipe, this is total harrasment and my credit score is...
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We bought our 2004 Trailblazer in June 2007. Had a 5 yr. loan thru GMAC. It's now Feb. of 2013 and the payments keep going autopay out of our bank acct. Tried to get on new Ally site to check our account out and it doesn't have a record of our vehicle! I am so angry that we have been paying 8 more months than we were supposed to. I am calling them tomorrow, Monday, and I Will get this taken care of and stop payment from our bank. I am very...
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firestrmsp we have a loan that's 60 months started in May '07 and they say we still owe $4272 on the statement but we called for pay off and they say $4400 no negotation. How do we fight...

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I paid off my jeep over four years ago. Never received my title, regardless of how many times I called asking for it. Last year I received a notice that I owed over $400 for a final payment. My payments weren't even that before paying them off. Finally after my health suffered from undue stress I was told my title would be sent within 30 days. The vehicle doesn't run, cost $150. a month for insurance to keep a tag on it and I can't sell it...
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sicky Every case here is a class action lawsuit waiting to happen. Do it!!