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Sold fake stock

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Pj Abbott was arrested for 3 felony’s in Tomball Tx for aggravated theft and securities fraud. Pj Abbott scams American families and uses his retarded son to scam charities and receive handouts. Pj Abbott will then create fake pages about you and slander your reputation. He claims to be a x bad car driver and top 10 in the world in his profession. He claims to be on team Trump and have special military access. Pj Abbott is a compulsive lier and a fraud. Google Pj Abbott arrests and look at his Facebook fan page today to see this career criminal.
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  • Only con here is pj
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Poor customer service

Preferred solution: Full refund


Pj Abbott fraud scams fake stock

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I worked for PJ Abbott and his fraudulent company Royalty Mobile Detailing.When I started working PJ claimed he was this multi millon dollar buisness man with lies that he invented hand soap, mothers car wax, magiuers wax, that he was the president of trump enterprises, and that he sold sand bags to his close friend John Kelley, and was on the payroll for the department of homeland security. He clamied that I was the future of this company that I would be an owner showed me a marketing pack like shown above, and asked if I had money to Invest. I respectfully said no, and continued to work. When payday arrived he made excuses that the bank was closed, then he would leave before the shift ended to avoid talking to me about my pay. Finally when i did get a chance to speak with PJ abbott he said he was using my pay towards investment. I respectfully told him no I wanted no part of the company other than being an employee. He then started throwing a fit like a 2 year old, started yelling , and cussing at me , then he fired me without pay. And said I forfited my pay. I currently have the Texas workforce working my case and leared a valuable lesson in the process. I ask that if you value yourself, and your money please stay away from this con artist.God bless you all.
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Work Experience or Job Application
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Please feel free to visit our site @*** and witness a near 30 year history of stellar business backed up by home page testimonials and reviews. We have never serviced, nor interacted with this individual and even in the face of asking for documentation to support the claim, this site refuses to remove the complaint.


Pj Abbott harassing families selling fake stock

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Pj Abbott is a thief. He uses companies like PURE and Global marketing to scam families and then pJ begins harassing and threatening them. Pj Abbott is a complete psychopath. PURE is one of many fake companies he uses to sell fake stock all over Texas
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Please feel free to visit our site @*** and witness a near 30 year history of stellar business backed up by home page testimonials and reviews. We have never serviced this individual and even in the face of asking for documentation to support the claim, this site refuses to remove the complaint.


Hi PJ fans! You should see this page and share and review it!****679023/Sorry you got PJ’d, let’s get the word out!!!


Everything they say about Pj Abbott is 100% true. His time has come and now has a date with the judge.

In Harris county criminal court 174. Judge Hazel B.

Jones. If you have been scamed by Pj Abbott please call the Harris county court room at (832)927-**** thank you.


Pj Abbott tried scamming my family for thousands. We googled him to find out he is a fraud.

When we told pj no to the investment he bagan slandering g is and threatening is horribly. Beware of this man


Patrick Abbott and his wife Lindsey use companies like this to sell fake marketing. We have recipes that PJ Abbott has used to sell fake marketing.

He and his family are thief’s. They will rob you blind.

He lives in a run down home in Tomball Texas. Beware of PJ Abbott

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Patrick J Cie
map-marker Las Vegas, Nevada

Making the WRONG: RIGHT! Global Marketing Empire Solutions Llc

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There are times when really good companies with decades of history, are attacked with false claims, fabrication and rumor/hearsay/opinion for a nefarious agenda. is one of those that has come under attack by a group, moving to disparage and destroy Veteran owned businesses. Take a look at the site and this video and you will find that the 4-5 selfish postings, among the decades and hundreds of other positive postings, by the members of this domestic terror cell, seeking payments to stop harassment on oblivious sights such as this, is absolutely inaccurate. Check out this video:
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Reason of review:
All the Above

Just watch the video, it is difficult to make all of that up. The only fake news here is the fake and fabricated narratives being used to attack my family.


As you have been posting daily, we would also like to post an update. Life is good and it supports my last comment about integrity and allowing time to prove us right.

We have been informed through official channels that on April 30th, a KEY individual in your little plan has asked to have statements made several months previous to be retracted and new statements submitted. We assume that from the seven official documents received, that this individual is seeking immunity for the previous false statements and willing to offer details as to your encouragement of the activities such as false filings, false statements, harassment, intimidation, use of the HCDA as your personal attack dog, show of DA incompetency in not following up with statements, exaggerations, and complete mis representations of all the accounts of our interactions from our meetings, to your pursuit of opportunity, to the use of false insurance documents, to the actual deal we are discussing here. This defection is key and as we have assumed all along, as this case draws closer, those people you enlisted into the "FUN" of harassing me and my family, have now realized that this is "REAL" and that any statements made will be called to question under oath. I truly believe that it was the fact and as stated in the new documents that your accounts and facts are not lining up with the possible scenarios, and that what initially began as a "FREE TEXAS from PJ" campaign on your part, is now being seen for what it is, your mentally unstable and deranged quest for personal power satisfaction.

I also believe that it is your own confidence and continuous harassment with statements such as this being posted or sent to into my social media channels daily, that contain exaggerated and blatantly false claims ( "Update. PJ Abbott was arrested April 4 in Harris County, Tx for felony fraud. His name and cause is found on the Harris county public inquiry. He is on bond for 50,000 and is required to wear an ankle monitor.

His next court day is May 23 in district court 174 judge Hazel b Jones") that caught the attention of this person, helped them realize that they were not going to put their future in harms way, and realized that this was simply a business deal you misrepresented and that there is a solid company functioning, even in the face of your hysterics, essentially you are busted. This is extremely revealing and with, and we look forward to beginning the trial. With the information we plan to provide, and the witnesses we have lined up, I would assume at minimum you will face significant charges from USHA, and unfortunately face a divorce and significant financial counter suit. You brought this on to yourself 100% and in the words of people who have worked for you "...we always thought he would be so delusional that one day it would come back to be his downfall..." which is exactly what your personality profile states.

We also assume that as we draw closer, others such as this person will begin to adjust or retract statements, versus facing extreme penalty just to serve your own selfish initiatives. The best part of this for us is that there is nothing you can do to stop this process now, and you have over reached your own talents and abilities. People have realized that there is no validity to any of your claims outside of the twisted and completely mis-represented position on your own personal business dealings, and that with the amounts stated and the items listed, this has become all about you, and quite frankly they are seeing that you have manipulated information, data, and them into a web of deceptive strategies and lies to service your own selfish needs and cover up your long term infidelities, scams & schemes. These people are legitimately scared of you and have watched as even after your ability to "rope" the DA into your completely delusional views, you have continued the harassment of our family and enlistment of nefarious actors to intimidate my family.

They have also witnessed the loss of innocent bystander jobs, and the decline of our charities, which they did not sign on for and again seeing that this is all about you. There is nothing you can do to stop this, and we are looking forward to the testimony of those who will share how we have made multiple attempts to professionally and civilly resolve this matter and how you have fabricated information and created and hysteria that does not exist, and enlisted them to "buy" into your completely false narrative. People are realizing this is very real and that now they will be held accountable for the accuracy and validity of statements. If I could add photos to this post, I would add in the official documents.

When people see comments you have made to lead the HCDA down an incompetent path such as the unconfirmed fact that we have moved 10 times in 2 years, with no notification to anyone, and they know for a fact that is not true, and the reasons for the moves we did incur, they begin to look at all of your statements and realize that behind the scenes and without their awareness, you have used them, as you have the HCDA and weaponized the process for your own personal gain. As they become aware of your emails and the full story of our connections and interactions, they are seeing a very different dynamic than you have presented. Why do you think that after over three weeks, we have still not been presented with any charges, or discovery or information? I believe it is because the DA is beginning to realize your fabrications and lies to mis-lead them, and beginning to understand we have a legitimate, functioning, and world respected business.

Unlike the third rate, multi-level, unaccepted, not-commisioned, and no government approved fraudulent Insurance program you are peddling. The truth is coming out and all of those that abandoned us based on your false claims and mentally unstable, personal motives, will feel horrible and find themselves left wondering how after a life of over 50 years of community service, solid business, zero business complaints, and top life accomplishments, I could all of a sudden become this become this fabricated individual your false narrative has promoted. These people have also seen the destruction of innocent bystander lives and processes that have nothing to do with your idiotic business decisions, and are not willing to risk their future to perpetuate your lies. It never had to be this way, and you are 100% responsible for the outcome.

You and your crew have done a fantastic job at using the HCDA, fabricating /exaggerating fact, and posting to questionable sites.

When the people around you see the facts and the items you have not disclosed to them, you will be left standing alone to fight with no one but yourself. People are realizing that they will be held accountable and this is merely the first of many defections from your little group to come.


I believe the vulgarity and uneducated structure of the language int he comments below will easily support the fact that all of this is fabricated and will definitely have its day in court with these individuals.


Pj Abbott was arrested April 4th for fraud by Harris county detectives. His court information and his arrest are posted online at Harris county Tx district clerk.

Pj Abbot is in criminal court 174. Judge Hazel B. Jones. Pj Abbott is a scam artist and rips off families.

The court phone for PJ Abbots case is 832-927-****. Call now to find about all the details in Pj Abbots huge crime case for scamming hard working American families

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Absolutely untrue. This is about one person, who has fabricated a situation, and will soon be revealed.

We look forward to having this person under oath.No issues here at all, finally you become exposed, but I guess the other 257 negative reports on this same page are all wrong as well.The bottom line is that you made poor business and life decisions, you spent your girlfriend's money and were caught, and know you have ruined people's lives, business, charities doing so much good, and more all to serve your own ego and pride.Soon the truth will be revealed and so will your interaction with groups like the domestic terror cell and MS-13, which was confirmed by a witness statement yesterday, so we are completely opposite of scared... You falsified Insurance policy documents, electronically forged signatures and had false licensing tests taken to register policies that we have confirmed and informed the clients...I look forward to seeing your face when all the information is revealed. Let's also remember that at no time did you attempt to contacts us or even file a civil claim, because no one would touch it. You always believe you are the smartest guy in the room, or that you can intimidate people into your submission when in reality there are people who still believe in what is right and are willing to come forward to confirm your actions and behavior, including coercion with a group to Kill me and hurt my family.And you want people to buy Life insurance?

Why so you can "off" them as well. You got busted being a "wanna be" player, period and now instead of manning up, you are doubling down and fighting, taking good people and organizations down with you. Most hilarious is the fact that your own actions created the negative impact to a company you had interest..that is funny, talk about "shooting" yourself in the foot, and the other companies are doing very well, no matter your blatant lies and actions.We are glad we have the opportunity to put you on the stand and under oath everyone will see how you have exhibited the polar opposite of professionalism and presented fabrication and lies to a Government agency. Like you mentioned once before in one of your midnight drunken calls.."..I have done this to four other people and I can do it to you.." We have several former employees of yours that will testify to the way you manipulate documents and situations, lie and steal to accomplish your goals at any costs.

Keep the harassment coming, still 100-150 messages a day, death threat VMs and all of these postings under fake names, just like all the information you offer. Not scared at all, just sad that so many good things such as the 70% drop in charity support because of your internet rants, and other good such as the delay (bend but not break) of the project to help those of physical disabilities, which was sabotaged by you in efforts to boost your insurance position (yes it will all come out), have all been negatively impacted by your own pride and failure to be accountable.At least we finally understand that you are literally a NOBODY without throwing around your Girlfriend's (no wife) money behind her back.Now I know what you meant by.."...I will be coming into a lot of money and want to put it someplace...." We have all the emails where you represent all your deals as USHA and we have the emails where you specifically request keeping our conversations confidential and away from (what we now know) are the people you were actually stealing from.It will all come out, so keep blasting away in your uneducated rants.


Pj abbott used this company to invest thousands of dollars. He then took off with my money and said it was a bad investment .

after months of research it come to find out im not the only one he did this to.

Pleas stay away from this dangerours man. He is currently wanted for fraud by harris county and has been investegated for murder for hire

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If this is true, then why would they be afraid to use names?


All lies. Pj Abbott is a known con Artist in the Houston/ woodlands area.

He uses companies like this to scam hard working American families. He is currently wanted for fraud.

And has been investigated for murder for hire. Please stay away from this man and his fraudulent companies

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-1465030

Murder for hire? Sounds like the attacks of jealousy.

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