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RUN as Far away as you can From Global Management

I Am complaining about a A Company called Affordable Rentals Northwest Inc. I responded to a Craigslist Ad about this company and i was told and under the impression that with my Bad credit and a felony Conviction they would find me a Suitable house for rent and get me into the house with very little hassle. So i went to the Company's Office Located at 2300 Eastlake Ave E, Suite 105, Seattle, Wa, 98102. I Spoke with a Gentleman Named Terrance who promptly Sat down and handed me some paperwork to fill out and told me that if i was looking for something as simple as a 3 bedroom house to fit just my kids and i didn't need anything special in the house he could get me into a House the next Day. He required me to pay $250 for a List of Homes and Said that he works with Landlords that accept people with less then perfect credit and whatnot. i told him i didn't have the whole $250 i only had $195 In Cash he walked out of the room for a minute then came back and Said he could take the $195 as a special Deal. So he handed me a list of Homes with about 50 front and back Pages of Addresses that are suppose to be available for rent. So me and my Wife drove around for two hours that night and Not a Single house that we looked at on that List was available they were all occupied. we confronted terrance the next day and he says All the houses on the list he does not Solicit that all the landlords contact his company to be put on this list. well we eventually got ahold of a couple houses on the list and the landlords or owners Said they don't even know who this company is and have never contacted them to list their property. So this company is Falsely Advertising that they can Get bad credit folks into homes for rent. What they are doing is just scanning ads On Internet Websites and making a list of them and charging people $250 for the List. Affordable Rentals is Falsely Advertising that they are Affiliated with these landowners and the company is refusing a refund due to a contract being signed.
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Seattle, Washington
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Global Management One Great Service

I went to use their service and they got me a place right away I will use them again and I will recomend them to anyone. I needed a place for me and my two young children. We were homeless and had very limited amount of move in money and I spoke with Kim and she was a sweet lady and told me that she would work with me and my bad credit. I was ready to cry when she told me that she would help me. So to all the other people who read the bad things other people have said they are lying the staff explains everything very clearly and they don't rush you at all. Like I said before it is a good company and good people that work there.
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Stop spamming on craigs list!

Global Management One routinely posts ads on craigs list incorrectly. They post under multiple cities and suburbs, advertising they have apartments for rent in those areas. You need to post under services because that is what you are offering. For those of us looking for a place to live, your ads are nothing more than nisance spam. Yes, I am one of the people out there flagging your ads. Please do the right thing. (now i'm just typing to get my word count to 100 so that the posting will be accepted. I didn't know what else to add. Everyone have a great weekend and let's hope the weather holds out.
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You are so right about Global Management One!!! I unfortunatly fell for their spam, and like any spam, they are a lie.

I say, to all of you that have had a bad experience with GMO, Post it here, make youtube videos (I am in the process of making one) we got to uncover the dishonest people who degrade this country, Matthew Johnson says he is willing to sit down and work an agreement?

What kind of agreement? My hardworking $195 back??? Matthew Johnson, you can shove it up your ***, because I AM GOING TO MAKE SURE, THAT I MAKE THAT MONEY WORTH YOU TAKING IT FROM ME.

(Who is going to eat your cookie now? Uh?)

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Los Angeles, California
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Global Management One (Seattle)

DO NOT GO FOR THEIR SERVICES!!!! THEY PUT ON ADDS SUCH AS IN CRAIGSLIST.COM AND CLAIM TO HAVE A LIST OF "UNPUBLISHED APARTMENTS" IN THE SEATTLE AREA, Leading you to believe those apartments can not be found anywhere else but through them, then they charge you $$$195!!!!!!! FOR A SERVICE THATS A LIE, MISLEADING AND DISHONORABLE BASED ON THEIR ADDS. They Promisse you a refund if you do not find an apartment through them, have you sign a 2 page contract that they rush you through it so you dont have time to think all the "tricky wording" they use in it.... They have an awfull reputation on Better Business Bureau, when you bring it to their attention they say that is only because they choose not to be members of BBB so BBB puts out all bad claims and does not expose their good side of "helping thousands of people find a home in a week" Well, I went to and found the most amazing affordable apartment, which by the way, was not in their list of rubish apartments. I called and requested a refund, and I received the most disgusting and apoling service ever.... if you want the details read bellow the complaint I filed at BBB. was searching for an apartment in Seattle Area, found Global Management One in Craigslist, went over there and had an appointment w/ Justin. Being that I had searched for several apartments on line, Justin showed me a list of "Unlisted apartments" which immediately I identified some that were listed everywhere on the Internet. I pointed that out to him, and he assured me that If I found an apartment that was not listed on Global Management Services, They would give me a $150 refund, I asked him how would they know I found it through other source, he said that they would verify my address where I moved into and check their list, and based on that they could determine whether I got it through their services or not. I signed up for the service as I was told by Justin the refund process was simple, If I found an apartment on my own that was not listed on their catalog, I could just apply for the refund, and would get it with no hassle. I found my apartment through that same week I signed up with G.M.O. The Process of signing of the contract is confusing and uses tricky Grammar, it does not help that there is commotion of people back in forward through the office giving you little time to comprehend this useless service. The Refund Contract states that: I understand I will NOT be entitled for a refund unless: (Note the "Unless" which changes the concept of a clear contract) A) I obtain weekly updates from Global at least twice a week in Person, (I am obligated to continue going there twice a week in person, even if I get an apartment waste of my time?!?) AND; (notice this AND, making a refund virtually impossible by combining A and B section. B)Sixty (60) Days have elapsed and I have not located a suitable rental property. On the 6Th Feb 2008 I called to inquire on a refund, I spoke to Matt (Matthew Johnson he claims to be the supervisor) I spoke to him that I wanted to know how to go about my refund, He said I would not get one because I did not go there at least twice a week. Told me to read my contract, which I did, I told him what Justin had told me and he begin to act aggressive towards me, saying that I will not get a refund end of story, I told him that i discussed with Justin the bad reputation his company has with BBB and I was reluctant to sign such contract as most complaints applied were regarding their refund policy, and I said I would file another complaint, he then offered me a "store credit" where in the future I could get the same listings, I told him I did not want or need that, because after all the listings he provides are no different the the ones found for free on the Internet, He then told me OHHHH, James, Do you want a cookie??? (What kind of service is this?!?) I ended the call advising him that I would make sure people would know about their scam. My basic complaints are A)Unfounded claims that those apartments are listings that are not available elsewhere on the Internet. B)Misleading information by its employee's by stating something untrue (hassle free refund) C)Unprofessional and unethical attitude towards customers when they are not satisfied with the service.
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Man,I have so many opportunities to buy or find a place to live but I just can't find one. Maybe I'm not interested in going through a service, or taking the time I need to find a place for myself?

What should I do? Well licking our balls is always a process and well appreciated when stuck in some sort of "moving jam." *** our face and suck our *** all at the same! Hows that sound? Were here EVERY *** DAY!! meet your *** *** needs!

so *** yourself and you moms face too. GlOBAL!


the company has worked their way down to arizona. as a lic.

locator for many yrs. i knew immediately something was amiss and called. many things they said on the phone where quite appalling as apparently they have never heard of any fair housing guidelines. i asked to speak with his broker and he stated we didnt need one.

that was a big red flag. i dont know about other states but in arizona if you are dealing with 100's of properties you need to be lice and work for a brokerage. the arizona dept. of real estate is currently investigating them.

use a proffessional service, for one thing at least in arizona the service is always free. you should never get charged a fee for a list


The person that wrote this complaint is 120% right in what he said , I wished if I read that before I sign up for the contract .

Those people in global management are liars , not honest , use tricky words to let you just sign the contract inorder to take your money $195 , & every time I go to pick the new update , see it is the same .

I want to say that this person how wrote this complaint realy expressed everything that I exprienced with the global mangment .

I feel really pissed because I lost this money for nothing , I feel pissed because the lady that let sign the contract she used tricky words with me to let me just go & sign .

I hope if anybody can close their bussiness , because they are sucking our blood & they give very bad example for the bussiness in USA .

I wish if I can suit them in the court to let them pay millions as penalty for their fraud bussiness !!!


"Lets make it happen"


Just wanted to pop in and remind anyone with any concerns or comments that my schedule is still the same (10am-7pm tues-sat) and if you want to try to work out some of the problems you say you had I would be more than happy to sit down and come to some kind of agreement. I'm all about moving forward. Or you can sit here and bad mouth me.

Matt Johnson

Global Management One

"We keep America moving."

P.S. I really don't think this is the proper place for mud slinging. Insult my spelling/education if it makes you feel better I guess but this is supposed to be a place for mature people to voice their opinion. Or maybe you just don't have any valid points to make? I don't know...


Global Management is a total piece of ***. They lie and make up openings that they have and then they tell you that they will do a credit check but the sytems stays down forever.

There is no boss in that *** hod place. None of the employees are experinced and they have bad customer service skill. There service is a total rip off.

I could of saved $195 by staying at home and looking on the internet for an apartment. Something needs to be done about all these scams there pulling


You sound like a really nice person, who did one year at community college at best, and is too lazy to use spell check.

It's reiterate, concerns not concernes, You're not your.

Your customer service skills blow and I can't wait for karma to come around and *** you in the ***. I've read a lot about you the past few days and this guy that wrote the review about you, is not the only one that's unhappy around you.

-A concerned citizen and neighbor


I used the service and found it very helpful. I didn't have the time to search and they did a wonderful job of helping me find a place.

I am sorry for the others who didn't.

I did however read the contract very thoroughly to understand what I was going into to. Good luck.


I had the same experience as Jamess. I felt sick the whole time I was in that stuffy office.

It felt odd, as my rep was writing on college ruled notebook paper... a little unprofessional if you ask me. And then the Rep isn't able to answer questions properly or says "they will get back to you" when they never do. While you are reading the contract someone interupts to get a chair, then makes a "cute" little comment...


It was so annoying, but I was *** and still payed the cash and signed the contract. If you feel something is wrong than definitely don't do it, especially when they ask you to pay cash up front!


I was just getting ready to use GMO services. I thought I would go to the internet to see what I could find on them.

I am glad I did. I will not be using their services.

Thank you for this information and sorry what happened to all of you. I wish you well.

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Seattle, Washington

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