Global Car Rental will left me stranded after midnight with my child

Global Car Rental will left me stranded after midnight with my child
Global Car Rental will left me stranded after midnight with my child
Global Car Rental will left me stranded after midnight with my child
Global Car Rental will left me stranded after midnight with my child
Global Car Rental will left me stranded after midnight with my child
Global Car Rental will left me stranded after midnight with my child
After leaving work, I arrived at Global Auto Rental on Monday, April 17, 2017 around 4:30pm. I requested a spacious vehicle and was informed about and directed to a Town and Country Van and an Envoy. I chose the Town and Country, and during the process of completing the paperwork saw that it stated the fuel level was full. I addressed this with Cristina, the Manager, and was told it was low, but they never have a problem with gas. She also said I could check it and let her know the actual status of the gas level. So I circled “E (empty)” on the form I signed and submitted even though “F (full)” had automatically been selected on the form Cristina signed and handed to me. I asked her if I would make it to the gas station to which she replied, “oh yeah”. At any rate, I completed the paperwork then paid the $245 weekly rate and $100 deposit totaling $345.00. I walked towards the vehicle and saw that it needed to be cleaned. I opened the door and saw that it needed to be cleaned thoroughly inside. I have rented an older vehicle before that ran perfectly fine, but have never rented a dirty vehicle before. Still, I assumed the van ran fine otherwise. I had to pick up my daughter so I decided we would clean the vehicle later that evening. I left Global Auto Rental around 5pm, picked up my daughter, filled the nearly empty gas tank with 15+ gallons of gas totaling $33.50 at 5:49 pm, relaxed for a couple hours, then picked up my oldest daughter to help us clean the van. We stopped by the store, bought cleaning supplies and air freshener, and afterwards went to the car wash. After driving the van through the car wash, we parked by the vacuum to vacuum it and begin cleaning the inside. After vacuuming and cleaning most of the inside I decided to move the vehicle in case someone else needed the vacuum. It was now after 10 pm. I put the key in the ignition, turned and the car made no sound. I tried again and again, but it made no sound. I called the office, spoke to the afterhours attendant and left my information to have the manager, Cristina, call me. Needless to say, I was more than perturbed by this incident especially since it had been only five hours since I had rented the van. Cristina asked if she could get us home that night then take care of us in the morning. I replied that would not work especially since we needed to leave by 7am to get to work and school not to mention the fact that I rented the vehicle to drive it not park it in their lot to be fixed. She said she would send a tow truck to pick my two young adult daughters and I up so we could go to the shop to swap vehicles. I asked her if all three of us would fit in the tow truck with the driver and she said we’d have to. I also told her I believed the problem was the battery and asked if they had a battery to replace it. She said they did not and that we don’t even know if that is the actual problem yet. After my conversation with her, we waited about thirty minutes to hear from the tow truck. I was tired, sore and frustrated. I had my daughter ask someone for a jump. One of the evening cashiers from Sheetz on West Broad Street agreed to give us a jump. Once we were able to start the vehicle, I called Cristina, told her we got a jump, dropped off my oldest daughter then continued to the lot to swap the vehicle. Upon arriving at the lot, I called Cristina while the van was still running to ask where the attendant was who was supposed to meet us. When she answered she immediately told me the white Impala was there for me. We parked the van, got into the Impala which was also dirty and on empty. In addition, this vehicle had a pink rag, stick and tied plastic bag left inside. At any rate, we headed to a well lit and busy gas station to get gas. At this point, it’s nearly midnight. We arrive at Wawa, my youngest daughter goes inside to pay for the gas, I drive up to a pump, and wait. When my daughter opened the gas tank, I turned the car off. She started pumping the gas, and I noticed the car was smoking under the hood. I tell her to stop pumping the gas because the car was smoking so she stopped at $4.55 and went back inside to get a refund. The refund receipt posted a time of 12:12am 4/18/17. I was already upset that the van I had just filled with gas and cleaned inside and out stopped running. Needless to say, I was extremely ticked off at this point. I called Cristina who wanted us to drive the car back to the lot to get another one. It was very late, we needed to get up early and leave early so I told her I would drive it home and they could pick it up from there. She snapped and replied, “blow it up then”. At that point I angrily said I am not driving this vehicle. You need to send a tow truck here to get it and someone to get us. We had an extremely heated exchange during which time I told her we were stranded twice with my children by their underserviced vehicles after I had put gas in both. She reminded me of how late it was and that she had children there in the bed to which I replied my daughter and I are stranded, and you’re at home in the bed. At some point, she directed me to call the overnight attendant, hung up on me, and refused to answer any more of my calls. I called the overnight attendant. He answered. I explained the situation, told him she said she had children there in the bed, and hung on and me. Still, he said he would message her to call me. She never replied. I left the car at the pump, went inside to explain what happened to the Wawa cashiers, found a place down the road where my daughter and I could sit, call around for a cab and wait for one to arrive. A cab finally arrived after 1:00 am. We arrived home around 2:00 am. I slept about 3 hours before I had to get up to request another cab so we could leave by 7:00am. During my break that morning, I called Global again. A male answered. I explained the situation and requested a refund. He stated only the manager could authorize that, and that he would leave her a message to call me between 3pm and 4pm after work and before I began preparing for my 6pm appointment. At 3:22pm, I called the office. I spoke with Cristina, and requested a refund. She stated they don’t do refunds. I asked, “ why is that?” She replied it was company policy. I asked if it was company policy to leave a client stranded after midnight with her daughter. She replied no to which I responded you broke the policy. I need my refund. In the end, she told me we chose to be out that late even though around 10pm for nearly 4 hours we had dealt with car issues with her company’s vehicles and a horrible attitude in response to it all from her. She said she would message the owner to have him call me. I thanked her and waited. After a few minutes, I called back to see if she had been able to reach him. She did not answer for more than twenty minutes. Finally, she answered and said she was waiting for him to call. She also stated the police had called her regarding the car left at the pump and informed me the owner wasn’t going to do anything until the car was returned. I asked, “you all haven’t towed that car yet?” She said they were not going to tow it. They were going to drive it. She said if I was going to drive the car home I could’ve driven back to Global (after midnight with my daughter) to swap for yet another vehicle. I told her once she said, “well blow it up then,” after I told her I would drive it home and they could tow it from there, I was not touching it again. She replied when she said, “well, blow it up then”, she was referring to herself that she was going to blow up because I was yelling at her at midnight. In addition, she informed me that I volunteered to clean the van because I didn’t have to. I told her the van was filthy. She asked why I didn’t say anything. I replied, “you didn’t know that van was dirty before you rented it to me?” At that point, she said, “you know what, I’m going to have to call you back.” I said, “ok”. At any rate, after my 6pm meeting, I called Global. No one answered, and I never heard from the owner. Not only am I requesting a full refund of the charges, but also the gas I spent which brings me to a total of roughly $400 (rental fee and deposit, gas for both vehicles, the car wash, cleaning supplies and vacuuming the car). The funds need to be paid in cash or deposited to my account asap as I need those funds immediately. ******************************************** UPDATE Tuesday, May 31, 2017 The return signature card I requested with the Warrant in Debt sent certified to GLOBAL CAR RENTAL LLC. via USPS on April 28, 2017 never made it back to my P. O. Box. May 16, 2017 when I checked on the status, according to the postal service employee, “sometimes they (the green signature verification cards) just fall off and sometimes that just happens.” Luckily, a USPS Customer Service Agent I called was able to email me a copy of the signature of the person who received the certified priority mail. The Warrant in Debt the sheriff tried to deliver was returned “NO SUCH PERSON KNOWN AT THIS BUSINESS.” However, the State Corporation Commission lists Farkhanda Ghafoori as the Registered Agent at Global Car Rental LLC, 2029 West Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia 23220. This morning for our scheduled court date, when I showed the judge this Certificate of Fact from the SCC regarding the registered agent, I was informed that the sheriff isn’t saying the address is incorrect, etc.; he is just saying he was unable to serve it to Farkhanda Ghafoori. A couple of weeks ago when I passed Global Car Rental, 2029 was posted on the building closest to Broad Street. This street number is also listed as the address for Global Car Rental. Today, on my way to court, I noticed that 2029 is NO LONGER posted on the building closest to the Broad Street. That building is now 2025. (smh) I had previously filed a complaint with BBB which was closed due to no answer from the business. Surprisingly, after I verified delivery and receipt by someone at the business of the Warrant in Debt I sent both priority and certified, the manager, Cristina, replied. Her reply was received a week and a half after it had been closed. Nevertheless, she decided to reply. To my surprise, in her reply, she responded to the information I ONLY listed on the Warrant in Debt. Her response was filled with lies, but she replied, nonetheless, on the SAME DAY I verified delivery & receipt. She ended her reply stating my account was unfair, etc. What was UNFAIR, is GLOBAL CAR RENTAL, taking people’s money and renting them an unmaintained BROKEN DOWN, DIRTY, vehicle with NO GAS. What is UNFAIR, is GLOBAL CAR RENTAL hanging up the phone and leaving a customer and her child STRANDED after midnight! What is UNFAIR is GLOBAL CAR RENTAL thinking it’s ok to TAKE people’s money and REFUSE to give it back. What is UNFAIR is GLOBAL CAR RENTAL saying they will have the owner call regarding my refund; NO ONE EVER CALLED. What is UNFAIR is GLOBAL CAR RENTAL sending me to an EMPTY CAR LOT AT ALMOST MIDNIGHT--where the manager said someone would meet me but didn’t-- to swap the van I rented, CLEANED & FILLED with gas with another DIRTY car that had a stick, a pink rag, and a tied up grocery bag with something in it left inside. What is UNFAIR is GLOBAL CAR RENTAL LYING about trying to “make it right and offer my refund but I refused”. What is UNFAIR is GLOBAL CAR RENTAL causing my daughter to have to miss THREE days of school and causing me to have lost wages because they kept my money and left us with NO VEHICLE. What is UNFAIR is me having to send my child VIA CAB to live with someone else so she wouldn’t miss anymore school days because GLOBAL CAR RENTAL kept my money AND REFUSED to GIVE IT BACK, COMMUNICATE with me OR attempt to CONTACT ME!!! What is UNFAIR is GLOBAL CAR RENTAL listing 200+ miles on the RENTAL FORM while a COMPLETELY different amount shows on the odometer. Yes, I have pictures. What is UNFAIR is GLOBAL CAR RENTAL automatically boxing “F” FOR FULL GAS TANK when the gas light was on for BOTH the van I rented and the car they “swapped” it with when the van broke down 5 hours later. What is UNFAIR is GLOBAL CAR RENTAL NOT LISTING A BUSINESS NAME or legible first and last name for a contact person—IF NO ONE KNOWS THEIR NAMES AND CAN NOT LOCATE THEM IT WOULD BE PRETTY DIFFICULT TO SERVE THEM. What is UNFAIR is GLOBAL CAR RENTAL taking hard earned money from citizens while they RUN from and DESPERATELY try to escape their RESPONSIBILITY. THAT is UNFAIR!
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