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Payment not received

Dear sir I am not able withdrewal my account,, how can Cont with you
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Jaipur, Rajasthan
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Owner very threatening

Owner Bryan Hickman of Dinjee Systems L.L.C. Glo Rails tm, is selling illegal blue lights to put on civilian vehicles and when I asked him about them, on line, he became very abusive and basically threatened to assault me. I gave Bryan information on the law and police officers he can call at Conroe Police Department but he just fired back at me what a dumb *** I am and again threatened me. I was civil in all my e-mails with him and he fired back very abusive and rude. I was interested in his other products but now I would never buy anything from this *** no mater the price.
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My attorney will be contacting MR Goody Soon


You just told first born triplet no crime was committed and the blue lights were legal according to the law as written yet you claim that in the review they were illegal. I would be pissed off too if you falsly accuse me of breking the law. You just wanted to cause trouble and could not take what you originally dished when they got angry at you,


Thanks anonymous

But I was the one he wrote the bad review about.

But I get the jist of it.....

thanks again


I was confused to, we hardly ever see people who are being reviewed over post replies, he is making you sound like some mafia hit man who is going after him just because he told you that blue lights are illegal, I would sue him since he posted your name online and your occupation and where you live online.


and here is the last email that I sent him:

I have been building these for 2 years now and have over 50,000 dollars invested. And the way you come off in the email is like you think I am an ***.

You dont think I did the research first? These rail are also intended to be used by the police and road construction crews to help make a truck more visible at night from the side angle in attempt to help save lives both police and civilian so I ask for you to stay out of my way.

here is an article you might find interesting


Thank you guys yes he thinks he know the Law but infact never took the time to check it himself and thanks for your support guys


As a person who works in the automotive aftermarket industry, this is my two cents... I don't know specifically what light you had or bought or whatever, many of these are legal to have installed, just illegal to have them turned on while on the road.

Most are required to clearly state on the packaging "for off - road use only." Be an informed consumer, do your own research and read the law for yourself. Blue light might look pretty under your car or whatever, but they've been outlawed on public roads (in TX at least) since the late 80s.


Sorry you are wrong ...

Texas law only states the following

Texas Law regarding Light on rear end of vehicle

Sec. 547.303.

COLOR REQUIREMENTS. (a) Unless expressly provided otherwise, a lighting device or reflector mounted on the rear of a vehicle must be or reflect red.

(b) A signaling device mounted on the rear of a vehicle may be red, amber, or yellow.

These Glo Rails are mounted on the sides of a vehicle and not the rear so this Sec. 574.303 does not apply ! Definition of rear end rear1 ri(ə)r/Submit noun 1.

the back part of something, especially a building or vehicle. "the kitchen door at the rear of the house" synonyms: back, back part, hind part, back end; More antonyms: front informal a person's buttocks. noun: rear end Texas Law regarding Lighting Sec. 547.305.

RESTRICTIONS ON USE OF LIGHTS. (a) A motor vehicle lamp or illuminating device, other than a headlamp, spotlamp, auxiliary lamp, turn signal lamp, or emergency vehicle, tow truck, or school bus warning lamp, that projects a beam with an intensity brighter than 300 candlepower shall be directed so that no part of the high-intensity portion of the beam strikes the roadway at a distance of more than 75 feet from the vehicle. (b) Except as expressly authorized by law, a person may not operate or move equipment or a vehicle, other than a police vehicle, with a lamp or device that displays a red light visible from directly in front of the center of the equipment or vehicle. (c) A person may not operate a motor vehicle equipped with a red, white, or blue beacon, flashing, or alternating light unless the equipment is: (1) used as specifically authorized by this chapter; or (2) a running lamp, headlamp, taillamp, backup lamp, or turn signal lamp that is used as authorized by law.

(d) A vehicle may be equipped with alternately flashing lighting equipment described by Section 547.701 or 547.702 only if the vehicle is: (1) a school bus; (2) an authorized emergency vehicle; (3) a church bus that has the words "church bus" printed on the front and rear of the bus so as to be clearly discernable to other vehicle operators; (4) a tow truck while under the direction of a law enforcement officer at the scene of an accident or while hooking up to a disabled vehicle on a roadway; or (5) a tow truck with a mounted light bar which has turn signals and stop lamps in addition to those required by Sections 547.322, 547.323, and 547.324, Transportation Code. (e) A person may not operate highway maintenance or service equipment, including snow-removal equipment, that is not equipped with lamps or that does not display lighted lamps as required by the standards and specifications adopted by the Texas Department of Transportation. (f) In this section "tow truck" means a motor vehicle or mechanical device that is adapted or used to tow, winch, or move a disabled vehicle. Acts 1995, 74th Leg., ch.

165, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1995.

Amended by Acts 1999, 76th Leg., ch. 380, Sec. 1, eff. July 1, 1999.

Amended by: Acts 2011, 82nd Leg., R.S., Ch. 229 (H.B. 378), Sec.

3, eff. September 1, 2011.


H bought nothing he just contacted me to try to school me


So why were you scolding him in the first place? It's none of your business what he sells.

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Conroe, Texas

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