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This company is trying to collect a debt for a car that was sold to me illegally that I didn't have for more than a month because it broke down three times in that time span. They've just put a second hold on my account without any notice. I wake up and try to pay my electric and I'm told my account is negative $4500. They have no regard for people's lives and laughed at me when I asked why they couldn't at least call me to say something before... Read more

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Very dissatisfied with Glasser and Glasser. They put two bank liens on me within one year. Now I'm trying to pay them off and they pretty much act like my money is no good to them. I have had a very *** experience with them and their phone service sucks. These people need to really learn what customer service is and understand that taking money out of people's accounts when we have other OBLIGATIONS (RENT, FOOD, GAS, CAR) to take care of is... Read more

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This amoral company froze our bank account THEN notified us about what was happening. We've been trying for over a week to remedy the situation. We aren't able to pay our bills, buy groceries, or gas for our vehicle. Thanks for taking smarmy and vengeful tactics to a new level.

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When Shakespeare wrote, "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers" in Henry VI, he must have had dealings with Glasser & Glasser. If you are owed money, these are just the low-life, bottom feeding, tricksters that you want on your side. However, if you owe money... well, be prepared to buy stock in Vaseline. These people operate with absolutely no moral compass - even to the point of levying a person's bank account so that they not... Read more

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Glasser and Glasser are a bunch of crooks. They would still the food out of children's mouths. They send summons through the mail with compete social security numbers on them in an unsealed envelopes and also by a process server out in the open also with complete social security number on it. They garnish people wages with no notification before the court date. They help their clients steal from people by garnishing more than once for the same... Read more

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I have an account with them after short sale. I have record of cancelled check showing that they made deposit just after one day after due date in order to make letter saying that they will attempt collect whole debt. I was sending out payment check week prior to due date and now I changed to two weeks prior to due date. Few days ago they called me saying that they will attempt collect whole debt again. I made 3 way phone call and find out that... Read more

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This law firm hires the best liars in the business. They represented Citibank (I know, thieves are thick) and together, these two agents of lying thieves....well, I didn't stand a chance. I had never been before a judge before and only half believed stories heard about lawyers ( don't get me started on how corrupt the judge was, smiling with them and all but sniffing their butts). I now know they are indeed amoral creatures and will... Read more

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